The Slouch

When you say, "Sit up straight!"
I can't concentrate.
I truly cannot, not at all!
All the thoughts in my head
Aren't on work, but instead
They're saying, "Sit up straight and tall!"

But still she kept whining,
"Enough with reclining!
Good posture will help you to learn!"
"However," I vouch,
"Despite facts that I slouch
Just look at the grades that I earn!"

"I'll bet you ten bucks
It was purely luck!"
My teacher she snaps back at me.
I told her, "Just wait,
On the next test we take
I'll score least!"

The test day it came,
Teacher ready to blame
My hunch for a very poor grade.
But she was surprised
That my grade was so high
And at last her opinion was swayed!