The wandering minstrel.

Oh the day was long and cold,

Uncomplementing to the bold,

But down the road there came a sound,

A wanderer minstrle so long abound,

He came and stayed at the local inn,

His journey had just began,

For at that time came down the rain,

And none at the inn had half a brain,

For long ago they were drunk with ale,

And the sound thay made could make an elf fail,

He sighed and was asked by the keeper to play,

"Ol' lement of the rainy day.",

"Very well." said he as he pulled out his lute.

Soon after that in joined a silver flute,

The music they played was sweet to the ear,

And chased away all traces of fear.

After the song they started to play,

"The legend of fearsay."

After all thier songs where done,

They started yet anouther one.

Once all the costomers left.

The rain had ended with improper theft.

He walked up to the flutist maid,

He asked her name so she would not fade.

She told him her name.

From lands the same.

So they travled together,

Birds of the same feather.

~Kat Reverie.

Mehoi, i like this one too, ^^ old one though, it can be set to music so it's a song as well as a poem.