Forgotten Memory

I'm sitting here in my chair

Writing this poem as I think of you

I wonder what are you doing right now

Are you thinking of me like I am to you?

...Probably not

I'm feeling down as I look at the calendar

Semester one has gone and joined the past

Do you know what that means?

That means I'm one step closer of losing you

What will become of me when you're gone?

I dare not to think...for it will crush me

What will happen when June comes around the corner?

I dare not to think...for it will only bring me painful images

I don't want to let you go...

...But there's nothing I can do

I guess we just weren't meant to be

Maybe it was a mistake for me to fall for you at first

If I didn't, I wouldn't have this problem now

The problem that I can't find a solution to

Perhaps all that I can do it tell you how I feel before you go

But I have not the guts to do that

Even though I'm sure you know what's in my mind

I can't seem to find the courage needed for that

Maybe you should just tell me that it's impossible

Stop bringing my hopes up

Because only then... will it be a piece of forgotten memory

And I won't have to ever worry that I'll get hurt again

Because it will never be brought up again


A/N: Yikes, I haven't written anything in 3 months, my skills really suck now . Please review and tell me how it is... I'm starting English next week, don't want to fail! . Thanks for reading though ^_^