Should You Care...

Should you care
or be aware
that you're ensnared
in a nation
of inflation
on probation
that's just waiting
and belating
over rating
the old days
you had your way
had a say
without delay
it was done
on the run
and was fun
under the sun
burnt your shoulders
smell them smoulder
you grow older
and grow colder
to your friends
who know when
you'll feel the bends
and you can
do your best
same as the rest
pass te test
that is life
have no strife
hands off the knife
that will suffice
another hour
then grow sour
feel the power
you'll devour
from the table
that's unstable
without sable
to go on
move along
without a throng
of Voltaires
who dare
to swear
the truth
the noose
is loose