Hah, today was shit.

Dans was out sick today, so I didn't feel like talking to much anyone.

This idiot girl (IG) from my homeroom kept hitting on me.

IG: Say.. are you busy this wee-

ME: Are you talking to me?

IG: Well, yeah! Are you doing anything on Satu-

ME: You're asking me out.

IG: Of course! So I was-

ME: I'm already married. Sorry.

IG: Really?! Wow!

And no, I'm not exaggerating.

After school I went to visit Dans at the infirmary. She looked like crap for the most part, but not that bad. She said it was just a 24 hour flu bug and she'd be out by tomorrow.

I'm glad. Seriously. She's my best friend, and someone I can really talk to.