The odd thing that lives dowmstairs,
Likes to have its music blare.
It likes to listen to rap and hip-hop,
But sometimes its music is so loud its speakers go pop!

It likes to eat really weird things,
Like chocolate dougnuts with banana rings!
Its favorite food is yellow yams,
And sometimes feeds them to it pet rams.

This thing has purple and blue hair,
And likes to have its blue jeans flair.
The heels on its shoes are so high,
It thinks that it can fly.

This odd thing thinks it is so cool,
But I just think it acts like a fool.
Don't get me wrong this thing has friends,
But they are just cartoons on my little sisters pens!

Its grades can drop really bad,
And they will make its parents steaming mad.
I mean sure it has trieed to improve,
But its grades just dont want to move.

When this thing comes out of its hole,
The light is so bright it acts like a mole.
It crawls arounf with its eye's shut,
And ends up looking like a big nut!

This odd thing never makes it to work,
Its job is (was) as a store clerk.
It gets paid minimum wage,
But it always shows up on its overdue page.

Don't get me wrong I love this thing dearly,
But I only see it once yearly.
I will miss this thing when it moves out of its home,
But for now it stays put like a colorful garden gnome!