Two is More Than One?

Here is a trick,
A trick that is trick.
It makes a problem
That is rather sticky!

First you take 'a'
And then you take 'b'
You then make them equal.
It's easy you see?

a = b

You then square both sides
And what do you get?
'a' squared and 'b' squared,
You got that I'll bet!

a^2 = b^2

But don't you remember
The first thing I said?
'a' equals 'b'
So I'll write this instead!

a^2 = ab

But we don't want to make
'b' squared feel unloved!
So we will subtract it
From both sides up above.

a^2 - b^2 = ab - b^2

Now the next step
That we must complete
Is to factor both sides,
It's really quite neat!

(a + b) (a - b) = b (a - b)

But don't you forget!
You must simplify.
Divide by 'a' minus 'b'
And wave it "bye-bye!"

(a + b) = b

Remember that rule
I made WAY back when?
Well now it is time
To use it again!

b + b = b

But don't you forget
To combine all like terms!
'b' plus 'b' is '2b'
It's just like you learned!

2b = b

Now divide through by 'b'
And what's left behind?
Why two equals one
Is what you will find!

2 = 1