Author's Notes: Hehehe…..Now we all know where Heero keeps his guns now that he's got a bit of extra space. ^Sweatdrop.^ Actually I can thank Miki Chaos for this fic (my X-mas present) Heheheh. This is what fics here turn out to be at 1:30A.M on Christmas Eve morning. Flames are accepted at forbidden_shadows Praise is accepted at green_eggs_nsplam Actually….ah hell with it. Send praise or flames to either address. Too tired to figure it out anymore. Read on and try not to let this keep you up at night.

Miki: We're kinda expecting flames so howsabout you screw the conformity and send us praise? A box of Almond Joys would be rather nice too. ^Looks hopeful.^

Oni: But I don't like almonds. ^Pouts^

Miki: Yeah well, just spit 'em out.

Oni: But there's too many of them.

Miki: One per bite sized and maybe three on a good day in the reg.

Oni: Mleh ^Runs^ Don't want to have to deal with almonds right now. Or incest.

Miki: Yeah, same here.

Oni: Guy hitting on his sister. Wanted her to make out with him

Miki: Make out and make it. Gawd damn those are gonna be some ugly babies.

Oni; Specially what with the guy looks like. Man, and he's supposed to be royalty and all

Miki: Plastic surgery wasn't invented, or at least practiced, soon enough.

People always say that Christmas is the time of giving. In the words of a great dying man in some Hollywood produced movie or other: "Don't blow smoke up my ass-it'll ruin my autopsy." Giving what you dumb shit? In this day and age of commercialized holidays the only thing that matters is the size of your pocketbook. Giving "gifts' is just as expected as getting one.

It's a bit like how Hollywood has created the idea that to be truly beautiful you must weigh 95 pounds and have tits you can suck on like a baby. Right, to prove to someone that you really love them, ya gotta fuck them. Of course there are the self-rightous people who say that they're not like like that; that is a horrible stereotype and harshly judged upon by an angry teenager who doesn't know the first thing about love. Yeah well, most people don't either. They just take a stab in the dark and hope to some greater being that what they stabbed wasn't themselves.

But back to Christmas and the whole gift giving. Where did it all start? Was it once an honest, celebrated day like that of all Hollows? Before those idiot marketers found another holiday they could make money off of? Mother fucking candy companies.

The United States has no tradition to call our own, besides the Super Bowl. We just steal from other cultures and corrupt and Americanize it. Leech is the first thing that comes to mind.

Oh man, I'm getting bitter again. It's the holiday season: I'm supposed to be grateful. I still question the motives behind propaganders and their definition of what it means to be grateful and all that pre-packaged mushy crap, but I think there is one thing I can be grateful for. Rather someone. He's my best friend in the world and he gave me one of the most sacred things anyone could ever give or receive.

He gave me one of his genitilia when I lost mine during a freak accident that I don't care to explain just yet. I even named it after him: Mark. Yes, indeed. That is something to be grateful for. My only problem is that my future children are gonna be a cross between my future wife, Jennifer Love-Hewitt (she just doesn't know it yet), and Mark. Eh, you take what you can and don't complain where it's not needed. I mean Jennifer?! Hell yeah!

Well, that's the end of that. Disclaimer: We don't own Jennifer Love-Hewitt nor do we claim to.

We're truly sorry about this, but it is a rant that had to be steamed off.

I'm off now to stuff myself with Top Ramen.

Oh, and Silver Wolf? Here's a posting. Not mine, but you didn't specify. ^_^