When I Said Goodbye

When I said goodbye

You thought it was true

Coz you made me cry

And there was nothing I could do

You thought I was poor

You thought I was down

But was it my money

That made your smile a frown

I should've refused you

You only wanted my money

I should've known

Coz you never called me 'honey'

When I said goodbye

Did you tears fall too?

But why would you care

You never even said 'I love you'

I thought you loved me

I thought you really cared

Whatever I have,

I really did shared

You should've known

That I was no fool

I am still that smart

Even though I'm not cool

When I said goodbye

Did I break your heart?

Or was it your coldness

That broke us apart?

You said I was stupid

And you said you were cool

Have you ever thought about it

That you were the fool?

You made me break

My heart into two

Well guess what?

I never loved you too!


Hey, guys! Sorry, I'm not that good at poetry. And also,

Autumn, if you are reading this... Thanx for the encouragement! It doesn't really matter what age you are in, as long as you have the inspiration to write.

And, once more, your poems are so cool!

If you don't know on who is the 'Autumn' I'm talking about, considering the fact that there are many people here, that have the same pen name, look at the review on my other poem:

"The queen of masks"

And please review! =)