A/N- this was originally for a science test, but I was stuck with a partner, and couldn't use it. I thought it would sound good if I wrote it and put it here!
I may divide it into parts, or write another series adjoining to this one! ^.^

Adventures in Space Time: part one

The ship Plutonium 1 set out on its long inter-galaxy trip. The crew of three were exited and nervous. Their mission was to get as close to a black hole as they could, and see if time is faster or slower there.
"I can't believe we are actually doing this!" The pilot, Joanna said excitedly, "We could get sucked in, or be there for a minute and time has sped up for, like a million years!"
"Welcome to the Plutonium 1 girls," the computer program said, as the captain Kara booted up the main operating system." You know your mission, and now must fulfill it. We will reach the center of the Milky way on this date," the screen showed a diagram with the date of August 1st, 2098 on it. The crew of the three girls was exited. They were in the hold of the earth's gravity in a moment, but were about to kick on the boosters and set off.

"Kick on the boosters Joanna, and lets get this mission started!"Kara ordered. Kim, the girl at the controls, flipped on the holographic monitor.
"We're about to hit the asteroid belt," she said placidly, " then the fun begins."
The computer echoed "Asteroid belt approaching," in its cute squeaky voice.
"Set up on the Ryo-oh-Oki program!" Kim cried. The Ryo-oh-Oki program was a program designed after a character in a Japanese anime series from long ago. Ryo-oh-Oki helps find your destination with a cute little character which is a cross between an cat and a bunny.
"Loading Ryo-oh-Oki;" the computer drawled.
"Meow,meow!" Ryo-oh-Oki squealed, appearing on the screen and waving.
"Were are we now?" Kara asked. Ryo-oh-Oki brought up a map and pointed to a moon of Saturn.
"I could have told you that," Joanna and Kim said at the same time.
" But using Ryo-oh-Oki is much more fun!" Kara replied. She looked around the vast ship. It was a giant dome, with a spot for looking at the stars at the very top.
"Shutting Ryo-oh-Oki down," the computer said.
"Fine," Joanna said, "because we have problems up ahead. Computer, turn on the VR goggles." The blue goggles appeared on her face, giving her the ability to see what was going on outside the ship.
"What's going on?" Kara asked, looking worried.
"There's just a large field of rocks...and ice out there!" Kim exclaimed, checking the VR sensors on the control console. Ryo-oh-Oki flashed on again, pointing at Saturn's rings.
"You are heading into the rings of Saturn. Crash will proceed unless we turn back now!" the computer barked. Kara looked around and saw the VR readings at the controls. " Joanna, start the manual pilot. I hope you've played video games before!" Kara said, getting jittery.
" Because this is just like one. Tun on manual pilot and maneuver around. Kim, keep up on the readings. Just be happy out gravity emitter is working right now." Kara finished, and ran down to the control room, to make sure everything was in order.
"Here we go!" Joanna shouted, as she turned on the manual pilot and turned the ship to the right. "Kim, I need the afterburners to do this, kick them on!"
Kim hit the button but nothing happened. Kara broke through on Kim's radio headset.
"We have a slight problem, the afterburners don't work! The computer is analyzing the problem and we should be running in a minute..stay calm." Kara broke off.
"How can she expect us to stay calm?! There is a giant ice and rock clump about a mile ahead, and I need those afterburners!" Joanna shrieked, tuning the piloting stick left and right, up and down. The rock was right ahead.
"Afterburners are active and on!" The computer said, and the girls thanked anyone who could hear them.
"Joanna! The control stick!" Kim cried, pointing out that Joanna had let go of the giant rock was right in front of them. She pulled the stick back as far as it would go. The rock loomed in front of them, but was then suddenly under. There was no sign of rocks or ice, so they put autopilot on.

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