You broke my heart

And I broke yours

So what's the deal?

You aren't a god, and aren't a lord

Instead of taking care of me

You saw me as your servant

And when you go to sleep

I'm the one who turns out your lamp

You broke my heart

By doing that

And I broke yours

By leaving you for a fact

Love is painful

Don't you see?

Love is tearful

Just let it be

Have you ever thought...

On how much you have missed?

Have you ever wondered...

If you were in Santa's list?


They try to break my heart

But they didn't succeed

They just ended up

With their hearts torn apart

Wonder why men cry?

Wonder why YOU cry?

I never thought that tears would fall from you

When I spoke the word goodbye...


Sorry. I know this poem doesn't makes sense but I didn't really know why I posted it. ^^;;

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