The beast that cackled

Hey guys. I'm finally putting up another poem. I know I usually don't write this kind of stuff, but I had a really bad day at school. More happy stuff coming soon! ~chibibaka

In the depths of night a cackle is heard.

A cackle filled with evil and hatred.

He tourments the souls of many, and brings tears to their eyes.

A cackle is heard in the dark night, as a shadow fills my room

He steps up to attack, with his whip in hand, as he secretly gets into stance.

But a cackle is heard in the dark dark night, so I put up my hands, ready to fight.

"A fight to the death," he proclaims, "and the victor will be me, but of course."

In the end only one stands, and only I know who it is!

Well what did you think? Review or e-mail me. I wrote this w/out thinking too much, I was really lost in thought that day. byeeeeeeeeeee