The Beginning

"Hello? Is this thing on?" asked Trina. The water was a dark blue, almost as dark as the night. She could see the outline of her trainer and mother standing in front of the clear glass window. Her compartment was muggy and cramped since she had grown over the last 2 years. Her hair stuck to her face as she wiped sweat off her chin.
"Prepare for power on," commanded Alisha, her trainer. A loud hum shook the tank as lights surrounded her. She could almost see through the mist, which was better than nothing. All of the lights in her mobile suit had turned on, giving off glowing colors of red and green. "Alright Trina, start going down slowly," ordered Alisha. The clamp and wires had been removed from her suit, letting her drop to the darkness below. Fear started to creep up on Trina. She never liked training because she had a fear of darkness. She quickly turned on more lights, calming herself. She breathed deeply, trying to keep focused. She quickly wiped sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.
"Trina, are you ready?" asked a warm soothing voice.
"Yes, mother," Trina replied, hiding the fear in her voice. She braced herself. This was it. Then a large creature appeared through the mist, making its way towards Trina.

The creature was a Treker, a large fish-like creature with a tracking device hooked to its head. It possessed powerful jaws and a sharp row of flesh-tearing teeth. Trina gasped as the Treker made its way towards her.
"INITIATING COMBAT FORM," said the robotic voice of her suit. Her suit began to change form. The humming and shaking from her suit stopped, signaling the change was over. Trina quickly turned on her radio and Seeker.
"Go for it Trina!" yelled Alisha through the radio. Trina looked at her Seeker and found the Treker. It was 45 degrees to her left. She turned her suit to face the creature.
"LOCKED ON TARGET," signaled the robotic voice. Trina found the missile button and pressed it as hard as she could. A red spark flew towards the Treker. The Treker moved out of the way and the missile had disappeared into the dark mist.
"Activate the machine gun!" cried Alisha. Trina looked to her right and found the machine gun activation button. She gripped her joystick and pressed the button. Millions of yellow sparks flew toward the Treker as a loud bang echoed through the darkness. Then all of the sudden the sparks stopped. Trina desperately pressed the button again. She looked at her main screen to find a blinking message on it. It read, "OUT OF AMMO."
"WHAT!" screamed Trina as she read the message. How could this be? She thought. Then she realized she forgot to reload after her last training session. Trina punched her head as she cursed under her breath. "I'll use the electric rod," decided Trina. She reached for the handle and firmly held it in her hand. She found the Treker once more and pressed the little red button on it. This time a blue bolt of electricity made its way toward the Treker. It hit the Treker, causing it to uncontrollably shake. She looked at her monitor to find the Treker's life level slowly going down. She continued pressing the button until it's life level was at zero. She let go of the handle and sighed with relief. She looked at the dead Treker; its eyes stared blankly into the darkness. It floated away until it was out of sight.
"Treker defeated," said Trina. I did it, she thought. But that was nothing compared to the horrible creature she was really supposed to kill. It was ten times harder to kill than a Treker. It red eyes struck fear into the bravest of all people, especially Trina. The thought of her having to go after such a creature in less that 3 months made her fear even worse. I have to train harder, she thought.
"Good job, Trina," said Alisha. "However, you know your real mission will be ten times more difficult. Don't start thinking you can defeat anything yet. The hard part of the training is yet to come. Okay Trina, you came come back know."
Trina had already turned her propeller on as Alisha talked. She started to rise above the darkness until it was a dark blue again and the outline of her mother and Alisha were visible. The loud hum signaled that her suit was being put into place by the clamp and wires. The compartment door swung open and she stepped out of the cramped space and into the bright light of the arrival room.

"Whew! It's really hot in there!" exclaimed Trina. She was soaked with sweat, due to the humidity of the compartment and fear. She brushed her wet hair out of her face and headed down to the locker room. Her mother was waiting for her there.
"Good job, Trina," said her mother, with a gentle smile on her wrinkled face.
Thanks, mother," replied Trina. Her mother reached for her and held her in her arms. Trina sighed from the feeling of comfort.
"You'll be fine Trina," whispered her mother. She slowly released Trina and walked back to the control room. Trina watched her old mother slowly disappear around the corner. She turned around and stepped into the locker room. She stripped off her soaking clothes and headed for the showers. The cool shower had relaxed her from the training session. She got out of the shower and wrapped a fluffy white towel around her. She walked to the mirror and started to comb her slightly curly hair. I won't be ready in time for the mission, she thought as she tugged at a knot. I'll let everyone down, especially my mother. She really believes I can do this.
She dried her hair and quickly dressed into clean clothes. She made her way towards the control room, knowing she was about to her Alisha point out every single thing she did wrong and make her train even harder. The door opened and she walked into the room. Alisha was standing next to the glass window, staring at the mobile suit.
"Alisha?" asked Trina as she walked closer to her. Alisha turned around and faced Trina.
"I see you forgot to reload after the last training session," stated Alisha. The bright lights of the control room made a bright glare on her glasses.
"Well, I was kinda busy and..." Trina trailed-off, thinking of a suitable excuse. Knowing Alisha wouldn't buy it Trina smiled innocently at Alisha.
"Trina, you're sixteen now. You forgot to do that stuff when you where ten," sighed Alisha.
"I know, it won't happen again."
"It better not. I don't think you'd want to find out you had no missiles while on your mission. Training is complete for today. You may go to bed."
"Thank God! I'm exhausted." Trina yawned and walked out of the room. She walked through the usual tunnel leading to her room. The tunnel was tinted a light crystal blue from the ocean outside. She looked through the window and stared at the little fish swimming around, not knowing the danger that lurked in the dark sea.
She reached her room and plopped on her ordinary bed. She was utterly exhausted. Without turning off the light she quickly fell into a long, dreamless sleep.

"Morning! I got you some breakfast!"
Trina gasped and fell of her bed with a loud thump. She squinted and looked around her room. The cheery voice had belonged to Todd, Trina's training partner. He was fifteen, a year younger than Trina. However, he looked no older than 12. His sandy hair and puppy dog eyes shined by the gleaming light of the ocean.
"Todd, why do you always bust through my door early in the morning? I'm still tired," Trina yawned. She slowly made her way back on her bed and covered herself with her blanket.
"I brought you breakfast! Besides, it's a beautiful day under the sea! Come on, Alisha will be mad if we're late," added Todd. To show Todd she wasn't listening, she covered her head with her pillow and closed her eyes once more.
"Get up Trina! We'll be late! Grrrr," Todd scowled and made his way towards her bed. With quickness he grabbed her blanket and yanked it away from her. "Ha! Now you have to get up," said Todd with a look of satisfaction on his face.
"Why you, urghh!" Todd gave a high-pitched scream and ran out of the room, with Trina running after him. She chased Todd all the way to the control room. Todd ducked under a desk and Trina walked towards him with a wicked smile on her face.
"Please don't hurt me! I bruise easily! ALISHA! HELP!" pleaded Todd with a look of total terror on his face.
"Stop screaming Todd! I'm not going to kill you," stated Trina with her arms folded.
Todd uncovered his face. "Really? You won't kill me?" asked Todd. He slowly began to crawl out under the desk.
"Of course not! I was just going to punch your face in," Trina slowly lifted her fist.
"AHHH!" screamed Todd.
"Will you two stop that! Both of you are late!" Alisha's voice had stopped both of them.
"Sorry," said Todd and Trina at the same time. They were used to getting in trouble.
"Hurry up and get your gear on. Both of you will train for an extra hour today." Alisha walked back to the main computer while Todd and Trina listened to the click of Alisha's shoes fad away.
"Let's go," commanded Trina. They walked to the locker rooms and departed. Trina swiftly put on her gear and tied her hair. She put her other clothes into her basket and walked out of the room. She saw Todd standing next to her room, waiting for her like he usually did.
"Ready?" asked Todd. He walked beside Trina all the way towards the training room.
"Definitely," answered Trina. Todd had always admired Trina because of her courage and fearlessness. He had been chosen to be in the mission from his excellent knowledge of the suits and survival skills. Her strength and boldness had chosen Trina.
They made their way to the little white room covered with wires and countless computers. Trina and Todd walked to their seats and sat down. Then, the door busted open and an annoying high-pitched voice echoed throughout the little room.
"Ugh! This is so stupid! Why do I have to get up so early? I'm a mess!" exclaimed Varla. Her long auburn hair was unusually messy and her face was bare of make-up. She stormed to her seat and crossed her arms and legs like she usually did.
"Hi, Varla. You look nice today," said Todd with a dreamy look on his young face. Varla rolled her eyes and looked away.
"Whatever," Varla sighed. Trina glared at Varla and at Todd. How could Todd like such a brat like her? Thought Trina. She hated Varla. Ever since the first day they met, they never really got along and both wondered how each other made it to the mission. The door creaked open and the familiar click of shoes was heard.
"Good morning, everyone," said Alisha. "I trust all of you slept well?"
Varla rolled her eyes again and looked at the wall. Todd vigorously shook his head and Trina nodded.
"Good, let's look over the plan. Wait, where's Tristan?" Just then a loud bang indicated his arrival.
"Am I late?" asked Tristan as his large figure stood in the doorway. His dark hair stood all over his head and a muffin was in his hand.
"Yes, you are. Now sit," ordered Alisha. Tristan merrily made his way to his seat and sat down.
"Hi, Tristan," said Varla with a hint of mischief in her voice. Trina knew she liked him.
"Hey," muffled Tristan as bits of muffins splattered all over the floor. Trina giggled at Varla's misfortune and looked at Todd. He was staring at Varla with his puppy eyes with an expression of sadness on his face. Trina stopped laughing.
"Attention, everyone. We have gone over the plan many times, but we must go over it again to ensure everything will go as planned. If it doesn't, there will be no hope for us all. Since all of you had the proper training and knowledge, you four are perfect for the job. If you don't succeed, we will perish," Alisha stopped and looked around the room. They're so young, thought Alisha. She shook her head and continued. "Anyway, the first thing is for all of you to be trained properly. Let's go over the plan. You will be separated into two teams, Trina with Todd and Varla with Tristan. Trina's team will enter the water at the east gate while Varla's team will enter through the west gate. Both teams will have their own supplies of light, oxygen tanks, food, water, missiles, weapons, and other tools. Both teams will scout the area and if one finds trouble, they can call the other team with the radio and they will come and help. Trina's team will head for the damaged oxygen tank and electrical box and will attempt to fix it. Varla's team will head for the damaged tunnel leading to the surface. Once you have completed these tasks, the risky part comes into play. Both teams will unite at the north gate and will initiate combat sequence. Then, you will look for the 'Water Demon' and attempt to destroy it. It is the reason why our tanks and our tunnel have been destroyed" Alisha looked around the room at the serious young faces staring back at her. "You will have 3 more months to prepare. Let's get going," Alisha turned around and walked out of the door.
"Man! I think this is a suicide mission!" exclaimed Tristan.
"C'mon, guys. Let's go," commanded Trina. She got up out of her seat and followed Alisha. The rest sighed and reluctantly followed. The group separated and headed for separate training rooms. Trina and Todd made their way to the dressing room and quickly prepared to enter their mobile suits. They headed to the arrival room and opened the door to their suits and got in.
Trina looked around the cramped dark room and quickly turned on the familiar green and red lights. She then turned on her radio and outer lights and looked around the dark ocean. Trina shuddered.
"Hey Trina! You ready?" asked Todd. The familiar cheery voice strangely comforted her.
"Let's go!" exclaimed Trina. She signaled for the control room operator to release the suits. The loud hum of the removal of clamps and wires seemed to shake the ocean. Trina and Todd began their descend down to the practice oxygen tank and electrical box.

"I can't believe I blew up the oxygen tank!" cried Todd. He was removing his mobile suit gear that was soaked from sweat. "I mean, what if that was the real mission? I would have killed everyone! Thank god it was only practice," added Todd. Trina smiled and removed her also soaking gear.
"Don't worry, Todd. We still have 3 months until we leave for the mission. You have plenty of time to destroy other oxygen tanks," said Trina.
"Hey!" exclaimed Todd. Before he could add anything else, Trina walked out of the arrival room and into the locker room. She took a quick shower and headed for the boy's locker room and waited for Todd. Todd came out of the locker room with a look of worry on his face. "I know Alisha will beat me for that," Todd sighed. Trina ruffled his sandy hair and led him to the control room.
"Todd, you now you blew up an oxygen tank, right?" asked Alisha. She had her back turned and facing the giant glass window. Reluctantly, Todd approached Alisha.
"Well, I couldn't really see 'cause it was dark so I kinda turned around and well, my suit banged against the tank and dented it and water started to pour inside and it kinda exploded," said Todd so fast not even Trina really understood him. Alisha took off her glasses and eyed Todd.
"I guess you should have been smart enough to turn on some back-up lights," said Alisha. She put her glasses back on and walked to a man who was having trouble with the computer. Todd sighed and lowered his head like a defeated bird. Then the door opened and two figures walked into the bright light of the control room. Varla swished her hair expertly and headed for Alisha. Tristan shook excess water from his hair, spraying everybody within 5 feet of him with water.
"Mission, completed," said Varla sophisticatedly. "And without any errors, unlike some people," added Varla, glaring at Trina and Todd. Todd looked away but Trina glared back.
"Good, your training session is complete. You may go to bed," said Alisha without looking at them. Varla smiled and swished her hair again and strolled out of the room. Trina let out an angry growl.
"Whoo-hoo!" yelled Tristan. He quickly followed Varla out of the room.
"I hope she gets eaten alive," growled Trina.
"Aw, c'mon Trina," said Todd. "What if that really happens? I don't think you'll feel too great then," added Todd.
"Trina, Todd. Both of you will clean the locker room because of your behavior," ordered Alisha. Trina and Todd sighed and slowly headed for the locker rooms. After what seemed like hours, both locker rooms were very clean and they both headed for bed exhausted.

Two months later

Todd and Trina headed for the control room with smiles on their faces. They both successfully repaired the oxygen and electrical tanks with no problems. Trina could now destroy a Treker with both hands behind her back. They were ready. They reported to Alisha and were both excused to go to bed. The next day all four of them will train to kill an even more powerful sea creature.

"Alright, your training is almost at a end. All four of you can successfully repair what you are to repair, and all of you can easily destroy a Treker. Today will be different. You will go against a Giant Squid." Instructed Alisha. All four of them gasped and stood in silence. How could they destroy a Giant Squid? People died trying...
"I'm ready," said Trina. The three looked at her as if she was crazy. Todd looked at her with envy.
"Everyone, get into your suits," ordered Alisha. Tristan gulped and the four headed for the arrival room. In silence they put their gear on and stepped inside their suits. Trina turned on her lights and closed her eyes. You can do this, thought Trina. She breathed in and slowly breathed out. She turned her radio on and looked through her glass window at many bright lights.
"Is anyone not ready for this?" asked Trina. Silence indicated all four were ready. Trina signaled for the wires and clamps to be removed and the suits drifted off into the darkness of the sea. She could hear Todd breathing loud and fast. All four of them nervously looked around for any hint of a Giant Squid. Suddenly a high-pitched scream rung in Trina's ears and a suit was pulled into the darkness.

"Varla!" yelled Todd. The lights from her suit faded into the dark mist. Without thinking, the rest turned on their propellers and jetted towards the slowly disappearing light. Varla's screams could still be heard from their radios, causing them to move faster. They finally came to the suit and to the squid. The squid had several of its legs wrapped around her suit, attempting to crush it. One by one more legs grasped the suit and tightened. More screams echoed inside Trina's suit. Suddenly Todd's suit rushed to the squid and pulled out his electrical rod.
"Todd, no! If you do that, it might affect Varla! We can't do anything because it is too close to her!" yelled Trina. Todd stopped and backed away. "Everyone, put on your scuba gear. We're going out." ordered Trina. Without hesitation, she got out of her seat and immediately put on her wet suit and gear. Taking a deep breath, she opened the chamber door and pushed the lid open and icy cold water jetted onto her body. Trina gasped. She pushed herself out of her suit and saw two other figures swimming towards her. She pulled out her smaller electric rod and a long knife. Todd was holding a rod and a dagger. Tristan carried a water pistol. They quickly made their way towards Varla. Trina nodded and all three attacked the squid with their different weapons. A blue spark lit up the dark mist while a loud bang came from Tristan's water pistol. Trina took her long knife and before she could stab the squid, one of its legs grabbed her waist and pulled her towards its large open mouth.

Trina screamed, but instead of a noise, bubbles appeared all around her. She had dropped her knife and was desperately trying to get the leg off her with no success. Then she saw a big hole in front of her and she closed her eyes. This is it, thought Trina. Suddenly the squid jerked back as if it was in pain and released her from its tight grip. A cloud of fluids spread around the action as Trina saw Tristan pull a long knife out of the squid's eye. Todd followed and stabbed one of its legs while Tristan continued to chop off the squid's legs. Slowly, the giant squid stopped jerking, and it was still. Varla quickly moved away from the creature and behind the three. Together they watched it drift off into the darkness.

The four got back into their suits and made their way back up. All four of them got out into the arrival room shaken, but not as shaken as Varla. Trina and Tristan helped Varla into a seat and the rest plopped down to the ground, exhausted. Varla barley squeaked, "Thanks" before Alisha appeared in front of them.
"Good teamwork," said Alisha. The four looked up at her and plopped back down. "I'm very proud off all of you, especially you, Trina."
Trina looked up at her with a look of confusion.
"I'm glad you took charge of everything and was willing to risk your own life and the boy's lives to help your teammate. That was really great," smiled Alisha. Trina smiled back and Todd patted her on the back. Varla said nothing but looked at the ground. "Well, you may go to bed now. I know all of you are exhausted." And with that the four slowly made their way to their beds and slept for a long time.

The Mission

Trina Lay awake in her plain bed and stared at the ceiling. The Mission was tomorrow. How could she sleep? She sighed and closed her eyes. I haven't even seen my mom for a long time because of the training, she thought. I hope she's okay. Trina went over the plan for the 100th time in her mind. What if something goes wrong? What if nobody will ever be able to reach the surface again? I never really thought about the possible outcomes for this mission, she thought. She turned on her side and thought until finally sleep came over her.

"Trina, wake up," ordered a familiar strict voice. Trina slowly opened her eyes and saw a hazy figure peering over her. It was Alisha. Then Trina remembered the mission and immediately opened her eyes and got up. "Get dressed and meet me in the control room," said Alisha. She turned around and walked out of Trina's room. Trina quickly got dressed and headed for the control room. Todd and Tristan were already there. Todd looked strangely pale. Trina nervously smiled and stood next to them. Then Varla stepped through the door and silently made her way next to the three. Bags were visible under everyone's eyes, obviously from thinking about the mission too much before bed. Alisha appeared and walked up to them. She studied all of their faces, trying to burn an image of their faces before they left. Alisha sighed. They really are just kids, she thought.
"Is anyone not ready for this?" she asked. The four looked at each other, then back at Alisha. "You may head for the arrival room," said Alisha. The four slowly turned around and walked. Then, Trina heard a familiar voice behind her, calling her name.
"Trina! Wait!" cried her mother. Trina smiled and ran to her. "Please be careful, Trina," she whispered. "And come back to me," she added.
"I will, mother. I will," replied Trina. Trina gave her mother another tight hug and slowly walked away. Before she disappeared into the arrival room, she took one last look at her mother, and then she walked into the room.

The four put on their gear in silence. While Trina was putting on her wet suit, Todd came over to her.
"Trina, are you scared?" asked Todd in a small voice.
"Well, maybe a little," replied Trina. But actually she was scared out of her mind. She couldn't tell Todd because he would get scared.
"I am," said Todd. He looked at the floor and Trina faced him.
"Don't worry, Todd. Everything will be okay," comforted Trina. She lightly punched him on the shoulder. Then a loud voice echoed in the small room.
"Please enter your suits at this time," ordered a robotic voice. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at each other.
"Let's do this," said Trina. Todd smiled while Tristan and Varla nodded their heads. Tristan and Varla headed for the west gate and stepped inside. Trina and Todd headed for the east gate and stepped into their mobile suits. Trina sat in her small seat and quickly turned on all of her lights and looked at the darkness. She closed her eyes and sighed. Then many other lights appeared through the darkness. Red and green lights shaded her face as she thought. I can do this. Then her mother's voice echoed in her head. Come back to me.
"I hope so," said Trina. Before she knew it the loud hum was heard and Alisha's voice was barely heard through the radio.
"Godspeed, all of you. And good luck," Alisha whispered. Trina now was descending down the dark path.

"Okay, Todd. Let's go to the oxygen tank," ordered Trina. They both slowly headed for the tank, both scouting the area for any creature that was lurking around. The tank became visible and Todd pulled out the materials. "Start fixing it and I'll keep watch," said Trina. Todd continued his work Trina scanned the area over and over again, only to see infinite dark blue water. It seemed like hours until Todd stopped his work and turned his suit to face Trina.
"All done," said Todd in his usual cheery voice. Trina smiled.
"Good job, Todd. Let's find that electrical box," said Trina. But before they could move, a scream was heard on their radios. It was Varla.
Trina and Todd jetted towards the tunnel. Both were alert and looked for Varla. Trina wondered what was going on. She couldn't believe something went wrong this soon. Another scream echoed inside her cramped chamber. Trina moved faster. Then a tunnel appeared through the darkness and no suits were to be found. Trina and Todd panicked.
"Varla! Tristan! Where are you?" yelled Todd. Both of them whirled around to look for them, but nothing was there. Then Trina felt something bang against her suit. Trina gasped. She whipped around to find Varla's suit in front of her. Trina heard a high-pitched laugh echo in her suit.
"HAHAHA! Thought you could be the hero again, huh Trina?" teased Varla. Tristan's suit appeared through the darkness behind Varla. Anger swelled in Trina's chest. She couldn't believe Varla would sink that low.
"If you call me, I'm not coming here to save you again," Hissed Trina. She shoved Varla's suit out of her way and headed back to the electrical box. Todd quickly followed her. Laughter was still heard in her chamber. Trina quickly turned it off and jetted back. She couldn't stand Varla. It's people like her who get everyone else killed, she thought.
"That was a little mean of Varla to do," said Todd in a small voice.
"A little! That could have ruined the whole mission! When will you learn that Varla is a total witch!" yelled Trina. Todd said nothing but just followed Trina. Trina then calmed down and realized what she said. She turned around and faced Todd. "I'm sorry, Todd" sighed Trina. "It's just all this stress from the past few weeks have been piling up and I'm already stressed as it is. Understand?" asked Trina. She saw his sandy head lift and eye her. Then a familiar smile spread across his face. Trina sighed. "Thanks."
Trina and Todd continued to head for the electrical box, looking at their navigational screens. Then, a large box appeared through the darkness and Trina headed for it.
"I guess this is it," said Trina. Todd quickly came behind her and looked at the large box. Tangled wires covered the box like a jungle. Todd could see the large dents all over the box. Todd quickly scouted the area, making sure the creature wasn't there. Trina nudged him and he got his tools out. "We'll take turns repairing and watching. I'll repair first while you watch," ordered Trina. Todd nodded his head and turned around. Sounds of electricity echoed through the dark sea. Nothing could be seen except darkness. Todd shivered. "Okay, your turn," said Trina. Todd quickly turned around and began to untangle the jungle of wires. Trina stood behind Todd and looked around. Darkness covered her vision. Then, the same fear of the dark crept up on her and she quickly turned on more lights.
"I wonder how Varla and Tristan are doing," said Todd casually. Trina growled and frowned.
"Doesn't matter to me," hissed Trina. She really wished they both got eaten already. Trina continued to look into the darkness while Todd continued the repairing.
After about an hour, the repairing was almost complete. Both took turns watching and repairing the box. Then, a dark outline of a bulky figure appeared through the gloom.

The figure quickly came closer until Trina realized who it was.
"Varla? What do you want?" hissed Trina. Todd whipped around and looked at the dark suit.
Varla was talking as if in panic but no sound was heard. Trina realized her radio was off and quickly turned it on.
"...and it almost got Tristan but he told be to call you but your radio was off so I had to come here and get you! C'mon Tristan is in trouble!" cried Varla. Trina laughed and shook her head.
"Sorry, Varla. I'm not falling for that again," said Trina. She turned around and began to work on the box. Todd looked at Trina and then at Varla.
"I'm not kidding! Some thing is gonna get Tristan! He needs our help!" Squealed Varla. "Please! He can't fight this long..."sobbed Varla. Trina whipped around and sighed.
"Let's go," ordered Trina. Varla quickly nodded and jetted away. Trina followed Varla as Todd rushed to Trina's side.
"Do you really think something has Tristan?" asked Todd in a hushed voice.
"I dunno, but we'll find out soon," replied Trina. Suddenly the noise of a struggle was heard through her suit. Tristan is in trouble, thought Trina.
Trina raced to the noise and found Tristan desperately trying to stab a large animal that resembled an octopus. It was holding Tristan in one of its large legs and flinging him around like a rag doll. Trina quickly pulled out her long knife and headed for the octopus. Varla and Todd swiftly mimicked her actions and raced right behind Trina towards the creature. Trina found a flailing leg and hastily chopped it off. The octopus wailed in pain and headed for Trina. A large leg wrapped around her suit and flung her around. Trina tried to chop the leg off but she couldn't steady herself. She desperately punched and pulled at the leg, but it wouldn't budge. Suddenly, the leg stopped thrusting her around and released her. She brushed it off and jetted away. It was Varla.
Varla turned around and chopped another leg off and looked at Trina. "Thanks," said Trina. She looked at Varla and quickly grabbed her
knife and hastily chopped another leg off. Tristan came behind Trina and started chopping legs along with them. Soon, Todd joined and aimed for the octopus's head. A yellow cloud appeared and the creature stopped moving. It began to sink into the dark sea as the three continued to chop.
After realizing it was dead, they stopped and watched it go down.
"Whew! Man that was close!" exclaimed Tristan. All four of them returned their knifes back into their suits.
"Tristan, how did you get away from it's leg?" asked Varla. Tristan smiled and turned around.
"Todd saved me," said Tristan, pointing to him. Todd smiled and blushed. "Thanks, man," said Tristan. He patted Todd roughly on the back as Todd's suit jerked forward.
"No problem," said Todd casually. They all smiled at each other and gave everyone a pat on the back. Then Trina remembered something.
"Hey Tristan, Varla. Did you fix the tunnel yet?" asked Trina.
"Yea, good as new," replied Tristan.
"Do you know what we have to do now?" asked Trina
"Umm..." thought Tristan. Trina sighed.
"We have to look for the creature."

All four headed for the danger area and began to scout the area. All of them looked around the area, hoping they wouldn't find it first. The area was totally dark; all they could see were each other. They continued to nervously descend down the dark path. Eyes quickly searched all around for the creature. Then they suddenly hit the bottom of the murky ocean and stopped.
"We hit bottom," said Trina. They looked all around them and found nothing. Trina sighed. "Well, I guess we can rest now. We will take turns sleeping, two scouting the area and two sleeping. We'll change every two hours. Todd and I will scout the area first. Varla, Tristan, you can sleep." And with that Varla and Tristan adjusted their seats and closed their eyes.
Trina and Todd stood behind each other's back and looked around.
"Well, I guess we can eat while we look around," said Todd. He quickly pulled out some dry biscuits and bottled water and happily ate. Trina followed him and pulled out her bottled water. They stood in silence, both watching for any signs of something moving in the darkness.
After two hours their time was up and they woke Varla and Tristan. They sat up and opened their eyes. Todd and Trina were now tired and they quickly fell asleep, dreaming of what might become of them.

Trina awoke by someone moving her suit. She heard hushed voices and slowly opened her eyes. She saw Tristan, Varla, and Todd standing in front of her, looking into the darkness.
"What is it?" asked Trina sleepily.
"Shhhh!" hissed Tristan. Trina quickly got up and stood beside Todd. Trina searched all over the dark sea, but nothing was there.
The four stood in silence, scouting the area for what they feared most.
"Nevermind, I thought I saw something," shrugged Tristan. Trina yawned and turned around.
"Well, if you find it wake me up," sighed Trina. Suddenly, a rushing sound was heard behind her and a great force hit her back, causing her to fly forwards.

"Ahhhh!" screamed Trina. The inside of her suit was filling with water. Sparks shot everywhere, and Trina panicked. Without thinking, she put on her oxygen mask, grabbed a couple of oxygen tanks, and quickly went outside of her suit.
She swam as fast as she could, trying to get away from whatever had hit her and her suit. Then, she spotted a figure swimming towards her. It was Varla. She madly swam away from her suit and towards Trina. Just then Varla was thrusted forward by the blast from her suit. A big mass of fire clouded the dark water as pieces of metal and steel flew across the sea. The loud bang rung in Trina's ears.
"What hit us!? What happened!?" cried Varla. She swam beside Trina and looked around.
"I dunno, where's Tristan and Todd?" Trina panted. They both whirled around, looking for them. Suddenly, two red eyes appeared through the darkness, making its way towards Trina and Varla.

Trina and Varla screamed and quickly swam away. Both kicked their legs as hard as they could, hoping they could escape the creature. Panic rushed through their bodies. The red eyes were coming closer.
Trina could hear Varla screams echo in her mind. Trina looked behind her and saw two angry red eyes staring back at her.
"AHHHH-" screamed Trina, but before she could finish a lit suit jetted sideways in front of Trina and Varla. The suit pulled out an electric rod and attempted to plunge it into the creature, but he missed. The creature jerked sideways and swam off into the gloom.
Trina watched the creature slowly disappear and faced the suit. It was Tristan. Trina started to thank him, but she remembered she wasn't in her suit so he couldn't hear her. Trina sighed and mouthed, "Thanks," and Tristan smiled and nodded his head. Then, a dark outline of a small body appeared and swam towards Trina. Trina looked closer and realized it was Todd.
"Todd, what happened?" asked Trina.
"When you and Varla turned around, the creature came from behind and ran right into you," panted Todd. Trina looked at Varla and back at Todd.
"Then what happened to your suit?" asked Trina again.
"After it attacked you, it slammed into me and crushed my suit. Tristan got away and saw you were in trouble," replied Todd.
Tristan watched the three talk and tried to figure out what they were saying, without success. Todd looked up at Tristan and smiled.
"At least we don't have to listen to him anymore," said Todd.
Varla was still looking around nervously.
"What was that?" asked Varla. Trina turned around and faced Varla.
"That was our first encounter with the creature," replied Trina.

The three swam around Tristan's suit and searched the area. All of them had their weapons out, ready for anything that might attack. Suddenly, another figure came beside Trina and she gasped. It was Tristan.
"What are you doing?" asked Trina. Tristan smiled and faced her.
"I was getting lonely and I figured we really didn't need my suit," replied Tristan. Trina's jaw dropped.
"Tristan, get back in your suit! It has everything we need to survive in there! If we loose it, we fail the mission," exclaimed Trina.
""I was just going to stay and talk for a few minutes, geez," said Tristan. Tristan turned around and headed for his suit. But before he could reach it, it flew forward and exploded into a million pieces, causing Tristan and the others to fly forward.

"What the..." yelled Tristan. Then, familiar red eyes stared at the four.
"Get your weapons ready!" ordered Trina. Everyone pulled out a long knife and Tristan pulled out an electric rod. The creature raced towards Tristan with incredible speed. Tristan held his rod tightly in his hand and got ready. Before the creature got to him, he plunged the rod into the creature and turned it on. Tristan swam away from the creature as blue sparks shot all over the place. Then, the creature jerked to the side and the rod fell out.
"No!" yelled Tristan.
Suddenly, the creature turned and turned its attention to Trina. The creature was moving at an incredible speed like a train. The red gleaming eyes were getting closer, like two red drops of blood. Long, sharp teeth glowed in the darkness, and the four were frozen. Trina pulled out her only remaining weapon and got ready. No use in running away, she thought. Better to stay and attack it. Suddenly, the creature turned and headed straight for Varla.
Varla frantically looked around for a weapon, but she found none. She looked into the red eyes that stared back at her. Oh my God, I'm gonna die, she thought. Tears clouded her eyes and she froze, waiting to be eaten. Visions of her past whirled in her mind and the creature was right in front of her. This was it. Suddenly, Varla was shoved to the side and she gasped. Everything happened so fast, nobody knew what happened. The creature zoomed away and Varla was surrounded in a red cloud. A familiar leg floated in the dark sea. Varla screamed.

"Oh my God!" yelled Todd. Todd quickly removed his mask and vomited in the dark sea. Trina stood where she had been, her hands covering her mouth. Varla froze in her position and began to sob. The red cloud had reached Trina and Todd, blurring their vision with the color red. Varla screamed again and held her head. She shook her head in disbelief and cried harder. Trina remained where she was.
"Varla! Are you okay?" asked Todd. He swam towards Varla and put his hand on her shoulder. Varla shook his hand off and covered her face.
"Please leave me alone..." whispered Varla. Todd nodded and swam towards Trina.
"Are you okay?" asked Trina. Todd nodded and swam beside her. "I just can't believe it. We're only halfway through the mission. All of our supplies are gone. All we have left is the things we have on our belts or in our hands," stated Trina. Trina shook her head.
"We don't even have a radio," whispered Todd.
"C'mon, let's get outta here. The creature might still be out there. We can't risk another person," said Trina. Todd closed his eyes and nodded. Varla remained where she was, still in shock. Todd swam over to Varla and ushered her forward. Trina swam ahead and guided the two down to the bottom of the ocean.
After about an hour's worth of swimming, Trina stopped and looked around the ocean floor. A large rock silently sat on the floor and Trina swam towards it.
"We'll stay here for the night, I think we all need a rest," said Trina. She sat next to the rock and closed her eyes. She felt someone sit beside her. I can't believe this, thought Trina. We probably won't make it. We have nothing...
Trina opened her eyes and looked at Varla and Todd. Their eyes were closed and their breathing became steady. Trina got up and looked around. Darkness. She quickly turned on a backup light on her mask. What will I tell them? This is not good, thought Trina.
After Trina was satisfied that nothing was out there, she sat next to Varla and closed her eyes, dreaming about every single thing that could happen to them

"Okay, so we have two long knifes, one dagger, one electric rod, a
mask and three oxygen tanks. If we use them wisely and carefully, I think we can survive for maybe a couple of more days," stated Todd. The three sat in a circle with all of there possessions in the middle.
"If we're lucky," said Trina. They grabbed their materials and placed them back were they belonged. Trina stood up and looked around. "Look, the best thing we can do is to go after the creature and try to kill it. We can't go back to the sea station because we don't know where it is and we can't hide and try to avoid the creature until we run out of oxygen. But we can help our community and destroy the creature so they can return to the surface. It's the least we can do," stated Trina. Todd looked at the floor and slowly nodded. However, Varla glared at Trina.
"You can't tell me what to do! I don't want to die! They did this on purpose! They knew we wouldn't survive! They were too scared to do it themselves! Do you really think we can kill some monster without our suits?
Do you think you'll be a hero if you sacrifice all of use!" screamed Varla. Varla lunged at Trina and attacked her. Todd quickly grabbed Varla and pulled her off of Trina. Todd held onto her tightly as she kicked and screamed.
"Then what can we do! Do you want to sit here and wait for the creature to come and eat us?" yelled Trina.
"Who died and made you boss?" hissed Varla.
"Tristan died," said Trina. Varla stopped kicking and Todd slowly released her. The three stood in an eerie silence and looked at each other. Varla slowly held her hands to her face and began to sob.
"Trina?" said Todd. Trina looked at his big puppy eyes and began to feel remorse.
"I-I'm sorry," stuttered Trina. "I really didn't mean that. I just don't know what to do," Trina sighed. Todd sat next to Varla and comforted her.
"I know, Trina. But all we have right now is each other. We need to work together. We don't need anymore arguments," said Todd. He was right. Trina sat next to Varla.
"I'm sorry, Varla. I didn't mean that," uttered Trina. Suddenly, Varla pushed Trina away from her and glared at her.
"I don't need any apologies from you," hissed Varla. "This is all your fault!" cried Varla. She got up and attacked Trina once more. This time, Trina pushed Varla and sent her flying away from her.
"Stop it, Varla. We need to stick together. You're losing it," panted Trina. Varla wasn't listening and attacked Trina again. "You're going crazy, Varla!" yelled Trina.
"Crazy? You think I'm crazy! Look who wants to kill us!" screeched Varla. Suddenly Todd came between them and pushed them away.
"Knock it off, both of you!" yelled Todd. "We all need to chill out and think about what we're gonna do. Both of you sit down, relax, and act like mature humans! Got it!" yelled Todd. Trina and Varla glared at each other and slowly sat down. "Good," uttered Todd. "Now, let's make a plan. How can we kill the creature?" asked Todd. Trina took in a deep breath and looked at Todd.
"Well, the rod wouldn't help very much because the creature would shake it off," thought Trina. "The only way the rod would really help is if someone holds onto it while it's on, but he or she would get electrocuted as well. So, the only luck we have is with our knifes, but I doubt any of us will live to get that close to the creature," said Trina. Trina looked at Varla. "Have any ideas so far, Varla?" asked Trina. Varla looked up at her and looked back at the ocean floor. "Todd?"
"Maybe we should cut its gills to kill it. It wouldn't be able to breathe then," said Todd. Trina thought about this.
"But how are we gonna get that close to it?" asked Trina. The three sat in silence, thinking about how they could kill it.
"Someone could distract it while the other person cuts its gills," suggested Varla. They looked at each other, wondering if anyone would volunteer for such a risky task.
"When the time comes, I'll do it," said Trina. Todd and Varla looked at Trina in silence. "C'mon, let's go," ordered Trina. Trina got up and started to swim away. Todd and Varla looked at each other and quickly followed her.
Trina looked around the dark sea for any signs of the creature. I can't believe I said I'd do it, thought Trina. I wonder if I'll be brave enough to do it. While Trina thought to herself, a high-pitched scream echoed in her mask. Oh, no, thought Trina. Trina whipped around to find a familiar pair of red eyes floating in the darkness. I didn't think it would be this soon, thought Trina.
"Get your knifes ready!" ordered Trina. The three pulled out their knifes and steadied themselves. "Okay, Todd, Varla. Both of you go to each side of the creature and slash its gills while I stay in front of it and distract it. Got it?" asked Trina. Todd and Varla looked nervously at each other and nodded. Trina swallowed hard and jetted towards the creature.

Trina could feel Todd and Varla close behind her as she headed for the creature. Oh my God, I can't believe I'm doing this, thought Trina. The red eyes were right in front of them. Suddenly, Varla screamed and turned around. Trina whipped around and saw Varla desperately swimming away.
"VARLA! GET BACK HERE!" yelled Trina. Trina made up her mind and followed Varla. Todd did the same. Trina looked back to see the creature right behind her. Trina screamed and swam as fast as she could. Suddenly, she felt something knock her oxygen tank and her mask off. Trina choked and grabbed her throat. She couldn't breath. Then she felt something cut deeply on her back and she yelled, but only bubbles came out. She saw a blurry cloud of blood and she started to float down. The habit of breathing overcame her and she drew in cold water. The salty water stung her lungs as her vision faded. She slowly closed her eyes and blacked out, knowing she wouldn't wake up.

A blurry figure came into her view as she opened her eyes. She realized she could breath, and that she was wearing a mask. She opened her eyes all the way and tried to make out the blurry figure staring back at her.
"Wha-, what happened?" asked Trina sleepily.
"Shhh, It's okay. You're alright," whispered a voice. Trina felt her eyelids drop back down and she fell asleep.

"Trina? Are you awake? Trina?" asked a voice. Trina slowly opened her eyes to see blue puppy eyes looking at her. Trina quickly got up and yelped in pain. It felt like her back was on fire. "Lay down, Trina. The creature slashed your back with its teeth," said Todd. Trina looked around and saw Varla sitting with her head down, her long auburn hair floating in the darkness.
"Wha-, how did you-
"I stabbed the creature with my knife and it swam away. After it was gone, I went after you," said Todd. "It's a good thing we had another mask." Trina smiled at Todd.
"Thank you, Todd. I really owe you one," said Trina. Todd smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Varla slowly looked up and started to sob.
"I-, I'm sorry I ruined everything I almost got everyone killed I'm sorry I just...I was scared I ruined everything please forgive me I can't stand this, I'm going insane..." sobbed Varla. Todd went over to Varla.
"It's okay, Varla. It's okay," whispered Todd. Trina slowly sat up and looked at Varla.
"Don't worry, we'll try again," said Trina. Varla just grabbed her hair and shook her head.
"SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP US! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! HELP!" screamed Varla. Varla pushed Todd away. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS!" She kicked and swam into the open sea.
"Varla! Come back! The thing is still out there! VARLA!" yelled Todd. Todd pushed himself and attempted to pull Varla back down. He missed and swam faster. Varla was frantically swimming, trying to get away from him.
"Todd! Varla! Get back here!" cried Trina. Trina growled and swam after them.
"Varla! You'll get yourself killed!" shouted Todd. He reached for her but she quickly swam farther away.
"Good! I don't want to do this anymore! I can't take it..." Sobbed Varla. Trina pulled Todd and pushed him back down. Trina quickly rushed to Varla, but she was so far away. Trina went after her anyway. Then, Trina saw the familiar red eyes and screamed.
"VARLA! IT'S COMING! GET BACK HERE!" shrieked Trina. Long sharp teeth headed for the small shadowed figure. Varla looked back at Trina and then to her side. Varla screamed and Trina closed her eyes. Varla's scream echoed in her mind. It was a noise that would haunt her forever. Trina slowly opened her eyes to see nothing but red. A delicate hand twirled in the darkness as her ring shined in Trina's face.
"VARLA!" screamed Todd. He stared at the cloud of blood and slowly headed down. Trina was frozen in Varla's blood. Suddenly, words echoed in her head.
I hope she gets eaten alive.
Aw, c'mon Trina. What if that really happens? I don't think you'll feel too great then.
Todd was right.

Trina and Todd sat in silence, watching the red cloud slowly fad away. Trina could hear Todd's sobs echo in the dark sea. Trina had a blank expression on her face.
I can't believe it, thought Trina. Who will be next? Trina looked at Todd. His blue puppy eyes became red as tears streamed down his face. Trina closed her eyes and sighed. It was exactly 9 hours and 23 minutes into the mission, and two people had died already.
"I-I can't b-believe it," sobbed Todd. He rocked himself back and forth, almost looking crazy.
"Todd, we have to remain calm and keep our heads straight," said Trina. Trina put her arm around Todd. "We can't risk anyone else."
Todd looked up at Trina with red eyes. "I don't want to do this anymore," sobbed Todd. Suddenly he threw his arms around Trina and sobbed in her shoulder. "Please, no more."
Trina held onto Todd and thought about this. Please, no more. It echoed in her head. Finally, Trina made up her mind and faced Todd.
"Todd, we don't have to do this. Let's try to find the station and abort the mission," said Trina. Todd looked at her in disbelief.
"Are you serious?" asked Todd. Trina looked down at the floor and then back at Todd.
"Yes, Todd. It's not worth the risk."
Todd looked at Trina and got up. "Well, I guess we should get going then," said Todd. Trina quickly got up beside Todd.
"Let's go," ordered Trina. Trina crept on the ocean floor and kept her eyes peeled. Well, I guess we can try again later. No use in getting killed for nothing, right? I mean, we can't kill it with only two people and without our suits. I guess we weren't ready, thought Trina. Trina looked behind her and looked at Todd. His head was turned to the side, looking into the darkness. His shoulders were round from defeat. Trina sighed and continued. Then, a small voice echoed in her mask.
"Trina, we can't do this. We can't just give up. I mean, we should do something, you know, for Tristan and Varla, and for the people in the station. We can't just leave like this," said Todd. Trina froze. He's right, she thought. She slowly turned around and looked at Todd. Trina smiled and nodded her head.
"I agree, lets do this for them. It's the least we could do, right?" Said Trina. Todd smiled. They stood their in silence, smiling. Then, a rushing sound echoed in Trina's mask and she turned to her side. The two red eyes gleamed in the darkness. Trina and Todd froze and stared into the creature's eyes. This was their chance.

"Todd! Go to the side and I'll stay in front!" yelled Trina. Todd
Nodded and quickly swam to the side of the creature. Trina puled out her knife and steadied herself. She was actually looking at the creature straight in the face. Then she forced her legs to kick and she slowly headed for the creature. Millions of thoughts raced in her mind. Fear crept up on her. It sent shivers throughout her body, causing her to shake. She tried to steady her knife, but she shook more. She saw Todd at the side of the creature, looking for its gills. Trina stared at Todd. He had his knife in his hand, desperately searching the creature. Suddenly Todd screamed and pointed to the creature. Trina gasped and looked ahead. Suddenly Trina felt something smash her mask off. Trina choked and tried to look around. Everything was a blur. Trina dropped her knife and covered her throat. Not again, thought Trina.
Then a lit figure appeared in front of her. Something was forced in her mouth, and she breathed in. It was air. Trina quickly inhaled more. She saw Todd's face and she gave him a thumbs up. She wanted to thank him, but all that came out were bubbles. She saw Todd smile. Her hair floated in the dark sea like seaweed. Todd held her in his arms and she felt him ushering her down to the ocean floor. The descend wasn't long, and she felt the sand beneath her feet and she sighed with relief. Todd was still holding her, and she was glad. Then Todd gasped and pointed to the side. Trina quickly turned her head and found the pair of red eyes glaring at her once more.

The creature was zooming towards them. Trina froze. We're gonna die; nobody will reach the surface. I failed, Alisha. I'm so sorry... Trina began to cry for the first time in years. Trina felt Todd's arms around her, almost as if he was protecting her. Trina had never seen Todd like a man, but as a kid. Now Trina realized that Todd really was a man. Trina would never look at him the same again. She had a newfound respect for Todd. Trina closed her eyes and sighed. She was glad she was going to die with someone she really loved.
Suddenly, the comforting arms disappeared and Todd faced Trina. He handed her his knife and his other oxygen tank. Trina gasped. She wanted to tell him everything, and that he couldn't do this. She shook her head and cried harder. What can I do? How can I tell him not to do it? Oh, please Todd! Please don't leave me...Thought Trina. Tears disappeared into the dark ocean. But Todd only smiled. He reached for her face and stroked it.
"Don't worry, Trina," whispered Todd. "I love you."
Trina grabbed his hand and cried harder. His words echoed in her mind. I love you. The creature was dangerously close. Todd smiled once more and turned around. He pulled out his electric rod and zoomed towards the creature. Trina tried to say "NO!" but only millions of bubbles came out of her mouth.
Todd sighed. Trina, this time I'll be the one to save you, he thought. Todd turned the rod on and plunged it deep into the creature. Blue sparks jetted out of the creature as Todd desperately hung onto the rod. Sparks covered his whole body as he violently shook. Smoke and blood clouded around the two. Incredible pain shot all over Todd's body, but he forced himself to hold on.
All Trina could do was watch the cloud of smoke and blood whirl around her. Her head spun. She watched in horror as Todd held onto the rod. Then, the sparks stopped. The dark sea was silent. Slowly, the cloud dissolved and a little dark figure floated in the mist. Big blue puppy eyes stared blankly into the dark sea. Trina gasped and covered her eyes. He's dead, she thought. Then, she looked back. The creature was gone.

Trina desperately kicked her legs as she went farther down the ocean. Panic overcame her whole body and it made her swim faster and faster. It's still alive, she thought. I'm next. With that thought she kicked her legs harder.
Trina looked all around her, hoping not to find those deadly red eyes. Darkness surrounded her like a black cloak. She couldn't even see her legs. Panic surged through her body. The same familiar fear overcame her, the fear she had when she first gets into her suit. But, the only difference was she had no light to protect her.
Trina whirled around looking for the creature. She suddenly stopped and remembered the oxygen tank and knife Todd gave her. She quickly looked at her tank to see it was about empty. She drew in a deep breath and quickly changed her tank.
When she was done, she let go and breathed new air. She breathed in deeply for a few minutes, calming herself. She looked at the knife carefully. This is the only thing I have left of Todd, she thought. She slowly placed it back on her belt and started to swim again. Suddenly, a pair of angry red eyes stared back at her.
Trina screamed and madly swam away. Bubbles surrounded her, making her more noticeable to the creature. She swore loudly and stopped. What am I doing? I have to calm done, she thought. She spotted the red eyes again and drew in a deep breath. This is it. It's better to die trying, right? Trina drew out Todd's knife and made her way towards the creature.

Millions of thoughts clouded her mind as she swam towards the red eyes. Thoughts of doubt and courage raced by in her mind. What am I gonna do? I can't do this, I'm gonna die. No, I can. Just be positive, I can do this. No, wait...She shook all thoughts out of her head and forced herself to keep on swimming. She couldn't believe she was looking at the creature straight in the eyes again. Two red spots of blood staring back at her struck fear into her chest.
Then, images came into her mind. It was Tristan, she watched as he bravely shoved Varla out of the way and sacrificed himself for her. Trina could never have done that. Anger rose in her body.
Now a vision of Varla came to her. She saw the horror in her face as the creature headed straight for her. Anger once again swelled in her chest. She swam faster towards the red eyes.
Then, she thought how much damage and trouble this creature had done to her and the people living in the sea station. It was the cause of their shortening food supplies, their oxygen supply, their electricity problems, and it was why they couldn't go back to the surface and why no one would come down from the surface and rescue them.
Anger flooded her mind. She kicked harder. The creature was getting closer. Then, clouded blue puppy eyes stared at her in her mind. This creature was the reason why Todd sacrificed himself. Todd didn't deserve to die. No one did. The image of Todd holding onto the rod as he tried to kill the creature made Trina's eyes sting from tears. This is all your fault. You're the reason we suffered. You're responsible for all these deaths. You killed my friends. It's all because of you! After that thought, Trina exploded with incredible anger and she swam faster than she ever had in her whole life. The pair of red eyes were very close now. In a few seconds she would reach it. Suddenly, a familiar voice echoed in her head.
Maybe we should cut its gills to kill it. It wouldn't be able to breathe then.
It was Todd's voice. Trina could do it. She held Todd's knife in her hand and all of the anger she had during the whole mission and her life came out all at once at this one moment. Instead of attacking it in front, Trina swam to the side of the creature. It was bigger than she thought, now that she was this close to it. Millions of scales covered its massive body. She also noticed how big its teeth really were up close. The creature suddenly jerked to the side and aimed at Trina. Trina moved out of the way just in time to avoid its long sharp teeth. Trina desperately looked for its gills. The creature bit the water as it tried to get Trina. Trina avoided its teeth by moving around it. Then, Trina spotted the gills on its side and quickly aimed for it.

Trina aimed the knife at its gills and headed straight for it. With quickness, she plunged the knife deep into the creature's gills and slashed it. The creature was in shock. It jerked from side to side, spraying a thick cloud of blood into the dark ocean. Trina rushed to the other side of the creature and slashed its gills once again. Another cloud of blood spread around the creature. It desperately jerked around and tried to breathe in.
Trina quickly swam away from the creature and watched it struggle. Anger slowly faded away from her. The creature now jerked every few seconds, and then it suddenly stopped. Dull red eyes stared blankly into the dark ocean as it slowly drifted away from Trina. The massive figure of the creature became a dark shadow, and then it disappeared into the depths of the dark, murky ocean.
Mission completed, thought Trina.

The bright sun glowed on the white sand, making it shimmer like millions of little stars. The light blue ocean gleamed in the sunlight as it rolled on the white sand, and then drifted back into the ocean. A slightly tanned figure lay on the bright sand, watching the waves crash against the rocks. Her slightly curly hair shined in the sun.
"Trina! Let's go!" ordered Alisha. Her long dark hair blew in the wind as she motioned for Trina to go. Her mother also motioned for her as she smiled. She looked younger and happier.
Trina looked at the ocean, remembering how evil and dark it could really be. She reached for her bag and pulled out a knife. She sighed as she studied it. I still think about you, Todd. Thank you for saving me, she thought. I will always remember you, Tristan. She looked up at the dark portion of the ocean. Then she smiled. I think about all of you; Even you, Varla.