"Walking down the red sky"

A man is walking down the street, a guy jumps out and he's holding a gun.

While no one seems to care.

No one seems to care when the gun is shot.

And no one seems to care when the man is lying bloodied on the ground.

What good will it do, to try to rescue, the bloody man on the floor.


The innocents,

They deserved it too,

Walking down the red sky,

Walking down the red sky with a gun in hand,

And death right outta the blue.


No one seems to care,

Surely I dont,

The gun in my hand is whistling a little tune...


The children,


Why is death so easy?

Death is a gift,

Hold it true...


Walking down the red sky,

I heard a sound,

I am shot,

Laying on the ground,

I just don't care.

I hold my gift true.

A/N: A space shuttle exploded today. About seven people were killed. You know what else? Around five hundred to a thousend people died of other causes. Flame all you want, I'm stating the truth.