Again I'm going through another boring day at work. When will it be time to close for the night? Damn, it's only 9:45; I've got another hour before I can get out of here. "Hey Becca," Jamie said through the drive-through headset. "Get your head out of your ass, before I kick it!" "Jamie, go fuck someone!" My God, why does he have to be so fucking hot? I start berating myself again. He's too young for you, Bec. His parents could have you arrested. "Only if it's you!" This time he was right behind me. "Do you think I'm crazy? Your parents could have my ass. It's called corruption of a minor." "Only if they find out," Jamie said, trailing kisses and bites down the left side of my neck. "And I'm not gonna tell them." "Hey, Lovebirds," Sam, the night manager said. "Get your work done or I'll squeal on the both of ya." "You're just jealous 'cause Jamie likes me more than you." I teased Sam 'bout preferences.

* * * An hour and a half later I was walking out of Burger King, really wanting to get fucked by anyone with a dick. "Do ya need a ride, Jamie?"

"Yeah, thanks." "Get in. I need to stop for cigarettes though." "Okay." It was great driving with Jamie in the comfortable silence except for the soft tones of my CD playing Cher. I pulled into the Uni Mart on Front St. Shawn already had my pack of Marlboro menthols and Aquarius lighter ready. "Thanks Shawn," I said giving him a $5 and wink. When I reached my Chevy Jamie was in the driver's seat. I walked around got in. "So, what do you think YOU'RE doing?" I asked, hoping for the right answer. "Takin' you up on that offer." He said meeting my eyes, his blazing with lust. BINGO! "Good answer," I murmured before crushing my lips to his. We were both breathing heavily when I broke off the kiss. "Drive."

As soon as we were out of the parking lot I was undressing him, starting with his shirt, kissing and nibbling his neck, broad shoulders, wide bare swimmers' chest, working my way down his happy trail until I reached the waistband of his work pants. He already had a major hard on and sweat was running down his face. "Getting a little hot Jamie?" I asked, kissing his neck again, skimming my hand down to the button of his pants. "Jesus Christ, don't stop." Jamie was having a hard time keeping his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road. "I won't," I said starting back down his abs and undid his pants' button with my mouth, "just talk to me." That was the last thing I said before I took his rock hard cock out of his boxers and into my mouth. "Oh, fuck." Jamie yelled as I slid my soft, warm lips down over his swollen head and circled it with my tongue. There was no way he could keep both of his hands on the wheel anymore. As I ran my tongue down the underside of his 8" shaft he stuck his hand into my thick auburn curls, so he could watch me swallow his entire length. "Shit," he yelled as his hot cum scalded my throat as it slid down before his cock popped out of my mouth, sending the rest of his cum cascading all over my face and in my hair. "Pull over," I whispered in Jamie's ear, liking his cheek. "I want you to fuck me." He was already hard again by the time we pulled into the elementary school parking lot. As soon as the parking brake was on, I straddled his lap kissing him. His hands were all over my body, pulling off my shirt with an audible rip, but I didn't care. Jamie deftly removed my bra and began worshipping my tits with his hands, lips, teeth, and tongue. "I wanna eat your fucking pussy." Jamie said, going down my stomach leaving a hot trail of kisses. My pants were off in seconds and he was pulling my black-lace bikini underwear off with his teeth. Jamie rolled me underneath him and began sucking the juice off of my thighs. I was moaning incoherently telling him how good he made me feel as he licked my outer lips and sucked my joy button into his mouth. I couldn't help but scream out with pleasure. "Oh Jesus Christ," I cried out as I came hard on his face. He kissed his way up my stomach leaving a trail of hot kisses. When he kissed me I could taste my love juice on his lips and tongue. "Please, Jamie. I need you to fuck me." I couldn't wait any longer. I reached into my glove box and pulled out a condom. "Always prepared, aren't ya Bec?" "Always." I pulled off his pants and put on the Trojan in record time. Jamie teased me with his swollen head and I couldn't stand the torture. "Jamie. NOW!" I cried out as he slid in to my hot, tight pussy with one quick stroke. Within seconds I came again, but Jamie wasn't givin' in. He began riding me hard and fast. I matched his rhythm and listened to his moaning, not wanting him to stop. Once again I felt the twitch start, and I couldn't wait. I clenched my muscles and bit down on Jamie's shoulder to silence my scream as I felt his cock expand and blow. Two minutes later when my breathing was back to normal I knew we had to get going. "Aren't your parents gonna worry 'bout where you were?" I asked. "Probably not." Jamie said, "but we better go anyway." We got dressed and I floored it all the way across the bridge to his house and back home. * * * * * *