Oh my God. How am I gonna explain this to Jon? I thought as I pulled into the drive. At least he's not back yet, now you've got time to recover.

As usual, there were only 2 messages on the machine.

"Happy Birthday, Sweetie. Daddy and I decided that we'd let ya have the night of your 18th birthday to yourself. Behave and don't do anything stupid. We love ya." I punched the wall trying to get over my mother's insensitivity. Yeah, that's all I get, I thought. A lousy message, yeah, Happy Birthday Bec. I walked upstairs, totally forgetting the second message.

I filled up the old-fashioned tub with bubbles and decided I was going to forget about Jamie and Jon. They were 3 yrs apart and I couldn't stop thinking about either one of them. Jamie was only 9 months younger than me & Jon was 2yrs older. They were both so hot though, Jamie innocent and Jon so worldly, if only I could get the two of them together.

"Stop it, Becca." I ordered myself. "Corruption of a minor, remember?" I sat soaking trying to forget about my problems when I heard my CD player start. Funny, I thought, I thought I left that off. I got out of the tub and padded barefoot and naked down the hall to the bedroom which Jon and I shared.

No one was in the room and it looked like no one had been since I left for class that morning. "You're losing it!" I muttered and when back to my bubble bath.

This day has been so crazy. Sometimes I wish I could just disappear. I climbed back into the tub filled with bubbles and relaxed.

Twenty minutes later I woke up after almost drowning myself in lukewarm water. I climbed out of the tub, pulling the plug and watching my only treat to myself go down the drain. "God, I'm getting pathetic." I muttered, wrapping myself in my silk kimono. I walked down the hall, very tempted to call Jon, but I knew that he'd be out for the night on business.
It was 2 am when I finally climbed into bed, wishing for company, not knowing who to call. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

"I hear you've been getting into trouble," a dark voice whispered in my ear. I tried to get up, then realizing my hands were handcuffed to the far spread posts of the bed. My feet were tied to the footboard with satin ribbon, which strangely, felt good. "I guess someone's gotta straighten you out." I was under the complete control of a total stranger.I didn't even know how he had gotten into my house.

"What do you want from me?" I asked, trying not to show my fear.

"Why, Becca you should know by now what I'm going to do," he leaned closer and his hot breath caressed my cheek as he whispered. "I'm just gonna teach you not to cheat on your man."