A/N: Everyone has a weakness, I wrote a poem about mine…Crying…

They stare at me as I weep,

Laughing inside.

They say, "It's ok…"

But it's not.

I make pretend I'm strong

Until I start to cry.

When I cry, I am but a lost child.

No where to go,

No one to turn to.

They'll all laugh at me.

My eyes sting as I try to hold them back,

I lift up my head,


But I do.

And I hate myself for it.

I'm so vulnerable.

No body thinks I am strong anymore.

They think I'm weak, fragile.

But they don't know I'm strong.

I try to be strong,

I try to stop the river on my face,

But I can't.

When will they realize,

I'm stronger.

I have the courage to let them know I'm upset.

But they don't see that, all they see is a crying little girl.

And I will show them that I can be strong…

After I quit crying…