Theme From English B
Original Poem
By: Rebecca Nowack

Finished: 1/27/02


The instructor said,

Go home and write
A page tonight.
And let that page come out of you-
Then, it will be true

I wonder if it's that simple

I am fifteen, a student,
a dreamer, a creator
I was born in Arkansas,
raised in Alabama
And now live in Kansas
hopefully to stay

Away from a home
with beaches and waves,
With Mardi Gras parades
through day and night,
The South stays with me.
Living, breathing, thriving.
From the cool sea breeze
On those hot, humid days
To wild celebrations that
are not always pleasant
The laughter, the cries, the hope, the pain
will always remain

I am the South, as it is me
But no longer can we
stay the same. We change and grow,
adapt and learn.
One can't always be who they were.
A new place to love, to be my home,
a new place to call my own.
I change and become
a new person each day
through acting and playing
and learning and fun
Though my journey of life is never done,

Because it has only just begun.

A writing assignment for school, how low can you get? This was based
off of Langston Hughs's poem "Poem for English B". The intro part
(first six lines) are his. We were supposed to take the intro and write
a poem about ourselves. I'm quite proud of this.

Rebecca Nowack