"Working Emotions"
Milan Nelson

I've told myself to push away.
I can't get emotionally attached.
I don't want to ruin a good friendship.
Thinking with my heart, I will get into trouble.
I could get more than myself into trouble.
I could drive more than myself insane.
This is what it's like when you fall for a co-worker.
Nothing good can come of it, I know.
If they leave before you, a piece of you goes, too
Then returns the next time you see them.
The pain's not as effective when you leave
As the feeling's not mutual.
Everyone knows you like them and no one will dare to bring it up.
They know I'm defensive of all my actions.
They at least have that much respect.

Except for one who must always make trouble.
That one that delves into gossip as much as they spread it.
That one that I can easily outdo in the same task.
That one who seeks to destroy my good reputation.
That is the only one without respect.

Even my direct superior knows of my attachment.
Like it's not obvious!
I've the tendency to display a bit more affection than I'd like to.
The pain in my eyes when they leave for the day is apparent.
I know what company policy dictates.
I also know that I try my hardest to follow protocol.
It's not always going to work like that, I see.
I'm going to get burned more than before.
Because I told myself to push away and I didn't...
Because I got emotionally attached...