The Beach Was Peaceful
Original Story
By: Rebecca Nowack

Finished: 1/27/03


The sun slowly sinks into the west, its last, dying rays of
light giving way to the coming night. It is quiet as I walk along the
beach alone. The visiting families with energetic children have left
for the day as the sun is now leaving. Every now and then, a traveler
walks by enjoying the quiet of the beach. I follow the path of sand
with its welcoming coolness and gritty feel as it gives way underneath
my bare feet.

The waves come to greet me over and over like a faithful,
friendly dog, gently nipping at my feet. The salty scent of the sea and
the gentle lull of the ocean take me away from the fast-paced world I
live in. A sense of calm replaces the stress and rush of the day. I
thrive in my own world, apart from the one I left.

I stop when I arrive at my desired destination, a secluded part
of the beach where few unexpected occurrences reach to shatter my
perfect world. The sand and the water are the same, and the only
difference is the natural barrier of a tall, steep cliff that hides my
sanctuary from reality. By day teenagers rule this haven as they have
fun in the sun; by night it is ruled by nature. My time to rule is at
the day's end.

I lay down on the sand as I let the scent of the ocean and the
song of the sea overcome me. The serenity of the beach is welcome at
the end of a hard day, and as I lay there, I am slowly serenaded into a
peaceful rest.


It's short. I know, but this is what my teacher required. We were
supposed to take a sentence (aka the title) and describe the scene
without using the sentence. Yet again it is a piece of work I am rather
proud of.

Rebecca Nowack