They Live On

By Kokeshi088

Those who died,

Those brave souls,

Something must be done.

A teacher,

And her comrades,

Before she got to see the stars,

She died,

But not in vain,

She died in heroic effort.

Before they came back home,

On Earth, their dreams shattered,

Their families cry in despair.

Why did they die?

Was it a mistake?

Was it their fault?


It never was their fault.

Their bravery lives on,

Their souls live in our hearts,

Bravery isn't about surviving,

Or doing the impossible.

It is trying,

They gave their efforts one last push,

They needed to get back to earth,

There was no time.

Death knocked at their doors.

Bravely facing their fate,

They are real heroes.


They aren't dead.

They live in our hearts.