My Big Day
Original Poem
By: Rebecca Nowack

Finished: 1/27/02


I stood there
in my brother's old blazer,
vibrant navy blue color
a bright, white shirt with a clip-on tie
under it,
Nervously tugging at my navy skirt,
fiddling with borrowed shades.

The room filled up quickly.
Parents and grandparents,
to cheer some lucky children.
Darkness swallowed the room,
light shining only on our makeshift stage.

Three boys enter,
conducting a witty prologue,
slapping, miming, joking
about a teacher or two.
The story begins, the place set.
No more turning back.

It approached reaching my time,
my moment of fame.
Butterflies at full force, trembling like a earthquake,
I will do it.
Fear goes away, a smile in its place. I was
the breaker of the rules,
the little kid in a big kids play.
not the heroine, the hero, the villain
Or a king, a queen, a storyteller.
My part small, but my enthusiasm enormous,
I played the king's Secret Service
in a modern, Purim play.

Surprise, surprise. Another school assignment. I guess that's what
happens when you take a writing class an you start to actually like what
you wrote. This one is about a childhood memory, the second poem I've
written about one. Strange, that one was about a play I was in also. I
guess I'm obsessed with acting. No wait. I know I am.

Rebecca Nowack