This is for Billy. He wanted me to go out with him, when I was 13, and he was 18! He wanted me to tell my parents that I was going to the mall with another friend. And I couldn't do that. Cuz I knew that my parents would want to say hi to her/him, and they would want to take me. They would have found out. I was doing the right thing, and he's putting all the blame onto me saying that I was rude, a bitch and I fucked with his heart. Well I can't take it anymore, I tried being nice to him, SO I HOPE YOU'RE FUCKING HAPPY BILLY! YOU'VE GOTTEN ME TO STAY AWAY! HAVE A NICE MISRABLE FUCKING LIFE ASS HOLE!


You wanted me to lie
Tell my parents I was going
Somewhere I wasn't
With people I wasn't

When I wouldn't
You tell me
That I was rude a bitch
And I fucked with your heart

I know you
More than you're willing to admit
But that's not true
You just couldn't accept responsibilities

You put me through hell
Trying to get you to talk to me
Getting the blankest answers I have ever heard

I ask myself that a lot
Why you could care so much before
And because I did the right thing
You hate me for it

You want me to forget about you
But I won't
I'm truly sorry things didn't work out
I know you won't accept my apology

But all I can say is
I tried to be patient with you
But I guess all good things must end
I'm not going to try any more

It's up to you
If you want to talk
You speak first
Good bye Billy