i'm being ripped and torn
there's just too many signs
telling me where to go
but which ones are the lies

being pulled apart
both my heart and mind
going totally different directions
i'm so confused and blind

i cannot see the right way
the course is completely unknown
noone has the answers
which makes me feel utterly alone

i wish i had a clue
on which path to take
i wish that i knew
what choices to make

should i just stay here?
or should i continue on?
is this some kind of game?
in which i am merely a pawn?

my brain is about to explode
there's just too much frustration!
but somewhere deep down
i've opened up a new sensation

is something wrong with me?
or is this totally normal?
this crazy mixed up daze
where most in life is horrible!

in a way i like it
in another its hell!
how do i fix up this mess?
i don't know, i can't tell

i'm not seriously insane
common sense is all i lack
so would you please just stop