***** Okay, this is not about me, and I do own these characters and stuff-well, except for the name Snow White, but I made up her character. I don't know anyone named Mr. Kingsly. All of these characters are fictional. My friend and I made up the island, and the name Fabeautier is a cross between the words fair and beauty. Mages are people with, well, magic powers, sort of. No, I don't believe in mages, or any of these 'powers'. I kind of got the idea from some books I read, a 4 book series called The Circle of Magic. None of this stuff really exists, and I know it's kind of a dorky story, but I was bored, so here it is for all you other bored people out there. *****************


My name is Snow White. I live on an island called Fabeautier (Fah-beu-twah). It is a beautiful island, just off the coast of Ireland. Everyone here calls it Fab. Most mages live on Fab or Ireland. There are not many of us left. Although all people have magic, no one believes in it anymore. That's why mages live in only select areas. We mages call Fab our island, though it is ruled by our king and queen. I keep telling my best friend, Alexander, that I would love to meet the prince. I have heard that he is very handsome. Alexander is very handsome, too. He has these sky blue eyes you could stare into all day, and short blonde hair. He is also kind, sweet, generous, loving, and . . . well, you get the point. WHat girl wouldn't fall for him? Of course, he doesn't know that.
Alexander is not a mage. He doesn't know I'm a mage, he just accepts me for who I am. You see, I go to Wilting Rose High School with Alexander from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays. He is two years older than my 16 years, but I have been moved up two grade levels, so we're both seniors.
But on weeknights, from 7 to 11, and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., I attend the mage school in Fab, Twisting Circle. Ordinarily, mages study only basic magic, but occasionally there will come along a special student who has a 'gift' for a specific thing. That student needs a tutor with the same ability. I am the only 'gifted' one in my level, and my private tutor, Madison, is so nice! She teaches me all about healing, but she can also read minds, and can, though rarely, see glimpses of the future, or have premonitions. Everyone hates me because she's the nicest teacher we've ever had. Everyone hates Alexander and me at Wilting Rose, too. I'm not sure why, but Madison says they're just jealous.
My mother died when I was very young. My father died soon after of a broken heart. Everyone said they were a bit strange, and were romantics, but everyone loved them. I am now under custody of our maid, Trudy. She is originally from Ireland, and has the accent to prove it. She doesn't seem too happy to be taking care of me. I don't mind though. When I'm not at school, I'm with Alexander.
Right now, I'm at school waiting for my gorgeous, blonde, best friend to get here.
"Hey, Snowy! Whatcha writin'?"
"I'm writing in my journal about how blonde you are, Alexander!"
What? I was!
"Oh, you know you love me!"
Yes, I do, but you don't!
"Okay, whatever you say, Alexander!"
Be as sarcastic as possible, Snow!
"So, meet me tonight after school?"
"Uh . . . what time?"
Please don't say anytime between 7 and 11, Alexander!
"Seven? We could have a picnic, you know, for dinner."
"Um . . . Alexander? I don't think I could do that."
"Why? Oh, is Trudy making you clean again?"
"Yes. But how does six sound?"
Well, she did ask me to tidy up a bit. Or rather, strongly suggested it.
"Six sounds good."
"Our orchard?"
"Alexander, iyou really should learn to speak less casually, you know they don't like it," I tell him for the millionth time, before the bell rings, and he sticks his tongue out at me. I stick my tongue out at him, just as Mr. Kingsly-our teacher-comes in.
Unfortunately, Alexander and I sit beside each other at our table in the very front of the room.
"Snow White, Alexander, do you have something you would like to share with the rest of the class?"
"No, sir," we reply in unison, but when Mr. Kingsly turns his back, Alexander makes a funny face at me and I start laughing.
"Snow White!"
"I'm sorry sir."
I hit Alexander on the shoulder when Mr. Kingsly turns away again.
"Oops! Sorry, Alexander."
I smile at him innocently. But the whole class had been watching and was laughing.
"Snow White! Alexander! I hate to do this, but you're going to have to stay after school today for an hours' detention."
Mr. Kingsly hates giving us detention, because even though we goof off all the time, we're the best students in class. We're his pets, but we don't really try to help him.
Alexander and I write notes to each other until we realize that everyone is leaving. We haven't forgotten our 'punishment', so we stay where we are. Mr. Kingsly turns to us.
"Listen, you two. You know the drill. No horsing around in class, and pay attention. I saw you writing notes to each other. You wouldn't get away with it if you weren't the best students in class."
We look at each other, wondering if our 'hour' is up yet.
"I'll be glad when you two get married and out of my hair."
"What?!" Alexander and I cry at once.
"What? Oh! Did I say that out loud? I'm sorry, I'm not thinking clearly today. You may go. Everyone should be home by now, they won't know you left early."
"Goodbye, Mr. Kingsly."
We gather our things and walk out of the room, even though only ten minutes has gone by. He walks me to my home, and there is an awkward silence for the first time since we've known each other.
"Is this weird to you?"
Alexander must have been reading my mind, for I was just about to ask him the same question.
"Yes! I'm glad you said something. This is about what Mr. Kingsly said, isn't it?"
"Yeah, did you hear him say what I heard him say, or was I dreaming?"
"I think we heard the same thing. What would make him say that, I wonder?"
"I don't know."
"Well, Alexander, I'll meet you in our orchard at six o'clock."
"Call me Alex, Snowy. See ya!"
"Goodbye, Alexander!"

3 Weeks Later

Well, it's been the same routine with Alexander and me for a very long time. I have been trying to talk to Madison about Alexander for as long as I can remember, but she always changes the subject.
Today, when I come in her building to start classes, I get a surprise.
"Snow White! I'd like you to meet my new student! She'll be having classes with you. Snow White, this is Dawn. Dawn, Snow White."
As Madison introduces us, I think of how nice it will be to finally have a mage friend. And a friend to talk about Alex. I mean Alexander. *hee-hee*
"Hi!" we greet each other, and Madison tells us to sit down.
"Now, Snow White, I've told Dawn about your training, so I'd better tell you about hers."
"She's not a healing mage?"
"No. She has premonitions."
After telling me all about Dawn's training, she said, "Now you both need to hear the rules. Why don't you summarize them to each other. So it won't be so boring. Snow White?"
I stand up. I haven't had to do this in a long time. I hope I don't forget any.
I clear my throat.
"Well, I can't hurt anybody with my magic, and my knowledge of plants and medicines and stuff. I can't . . . I can't use my magic unless someone really, really needs help . . and I can't . ."
"You can't exploit your magic or use it for selfish purposes?" Dawn adds for me.
"Yes! I always forget that one! How'd you know?"
"It's one of mine, too."
Madison looks as if she's enjoying herself. She tells Dawn to go on with her rules.
"Well, other than that one, I have to . . . keep everything I see between myself and my tutor, unless someone's in real danger, and then I can't keep it to myself unless I'm absolutely, 100% positive that I can handle it alone. But basically, above all else, I tell the least number of people possible."
"You girls got that? Okay, I think that today we'll just get to know each other."
"Dawn, why don't you get us started. You can ask either of us any question you want, and I'll decide if it's reasonable or not."
"Okay, um . . . Snow White, do you have a boyfriend?"
"Um . . ."
Madison looks at me as if she knows what is going through my mind. Wait a second, she does know what's going through my mind. Oops.
"Be honest Snow White."
"Okay, well, my best friend, Alexander, is . . . well, I'm not sure how to say it, but he's just . . . he's so . . ."
"Okay, well, Snow White, your turn."
"Okay. Madison, why do you always change the subject when I start talking about Alex? *blushes* I mean, Alexander."
"Unreasonable question. Try again."
She gives me a look which I know means don't push it.
"Okay, okay. Dawn, same question you asked me."
"Well . . ."
Madison gives her the same look she gave me, and Dawn blushes.
"There is this one guy, Laurence. He's a mage too. He's got black hair, and blue eyes, and he's so adorable."
She sighs, and I elbow her.
"Oh, sorry. Daydreaming."
"Well, it's your turn, Dawn."
Madison seems anxious to quit talking about our guys.
"Okay, Snow White. Is Alexander a mage?"
"No, he's not."
"Doesn't he ever wonder where you are all the time?"
"Well, he might, but he never asks. He just goes about his business, without question. He's really sweet that way."
We go on like this for the rest of the evening, and I find out that Laurence and Dawn are really engaged. We get married young here. Not too young, but we're usually about 18 or so. You see, we don't go to college here. Our schools are so advanced, we don't have to. Dawn and I became good friends that night, but I think Madison became a little uncomfortable when I started talking about Alexander. I just can't figure her out.

Nearly a Year Later

Dawn and I have talked a lot about Laurence and Alexander, and I have come to the conclusion that I . . . I just love him like . . . like a brother. That's right. And Dawn desperately wants to meet him. I have met Laurence, and she's right, he is adorable. I have also told Alexander about Laurence and Dawn-the girl whom my 'science' tutor is also helping-and he really wants to meet them.
Maybe, someday, I can tell him the truth, and introduce them all. I can only hope.
Right now, I'm at school, waiting on Alexander to get here. He's never missed a day of school in his life. In fact, I've never known him to be sick at all, and he's awfully late today. Maybe I should talk Mr. Kingsly into letting me go to his house at lunch to check on him. But that's no good. I've never been to his house before. We've always met in the orchard, or at my house. That's very odd. The thought never even crossed my mind before.
Oh no! What's Dawn doing here? She graduated from her high school last year! She looks terribly out of breath as she runs through the door.
"Snow White! Alex . . . trouble! The meadow!" she barely managed to get out, and when I realized she meant the meadow on palace grounds, I begin to worry.
"Dawn, just lead me there!"
We run down the hallway, almost knocking over a very confused Mr. Kingsly. He nearly said something to us, but he heard all the noise in his classroom and went to lecture everyone.

At the Meadow

On the way here, I realized something. How could Dawn know? She wouldn't be at the meadow, and she can't tell anyone what she sees unless someone's in terrible trouble. This makes me worry even more.
I see a white horse standing alone by the creek, and someone was definitely there by the trees.
I run over to see a horribly muddy Alexander, with his leg twisted into terrifying angles. Without thinking, I call up my magic quickly, because I know he's been hit on the head, and won't make it much longer if I don't do something.
While I wait for the effects of my magic to sink in, I get Alexander some water and ask Dawn to find Madison.
After he has drunk enough water to satisfy him, I can see that he is feeling much better already.
"Alex, are you alright?"
I'm so worried, I forget that I haven't called him Alex-as he wants me to-to his face until now, nad I don't know what his reaction will be.
"Hey, you called me Alex."
He grins at me, as best he can, and then begins to wonder how I could have known where he was and how I healed him. I can see all the questions on his face, and I am not quite ready to answer them. But I don't have to. I can hear Madison scolding him already.
"Alexander! What is the matter with you young man? Scaring us all to death like that, you should be ashamed of yourself!"
He grinned sheepishly at her. Then it clicks to me that they know each other.
"So that's why everytime I bring up Alex you change the subject! How do you know each other?"
"You talk about me?"
Alex smiles at me. Wow. I can't help but smile back at his mud-covered, yet adorable, face.
"Alexander, maybe you should handle this. Thank you Dawn, we're finished today. I think you seem a bit worn out, and I'm going to have enough to worry about. I'll walk you back.'
Madison and Dawn walk off, and I help Alex up. As I turn to the road, I see something rather interesting on his horse.
"Alex? Why does your horse have the Royal Seal on it?"
"Um . . ."
"And why haven't I ever been to your house before?"
"Well . . . I think we should go there so I can get cleaned up and explain. And you have some explaining to do yourself, young lady."

Inside Alexander's House

I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I can't believe it.
I guess Alexander must have told the cook to bring us a snack, because-
She turns to me and it looks like her eyes are about to pop out of her head.
"What are ya doin' ere, li'l missy?" she asks me in her thick Irish accent.
"Well, Alex-" I see the look she's giving me. "xander- is um . . ."
Here he comes, but he hasn't seen Trudy yet.
"Okay, Snowy-" he sees her. "Uh-oh."
"Uh-oh is right young man. What is the young lady doin' ere?"
She looks slightly angry.
"Well . . . we have to talk to each other. Privately."
"Alright, alright, ya don't ave to tell me twice," she mumbles as she walks out.
"Okay, I'll ask you first. Are you a . . ." he turns a bit red. " a mage?"
It's my turn to blush.
"Uh . . . whyever would you think that?" I ask him, laughing nervously.
"How else could you have fixed my leg and stuff if you weren't?"
"Okay, okay, I admit it. But, how do you know about us?"
"Well, Madison is my . . . mom."
"Really? WOw. Oh my gosh! I kept trying to talk to her about-and I-and-oh, no!"
"So, have you heard? Queen Madison's a mage."
I don't get it. What does he mean by-wait a second. The details are just coming together. Oh my gosh! But that means Alex is a prince! The prince!
"Oh, my . . ." I can't seem to get anything else out of my mouth.
"Yeah. So, I was . . .uh . . . checking up on some things in the library, and turns out that mages and, well, everybody else . . . used to not get along so well, so . . .*blushes* well, the heir to the throne always . . . marries . . . a . . . uh . . . 'special' . . . mage."
"*nervous laugh* Well, I hate to break it to you, buddy, but Dawn's already engaged."
"*blushes more* I know. But that means that you're the only . . ."
He looks so cute when he's embarrassed!
"The only waht? Freak?" I ask teasingly, but I see he thinks I'm being serious, so I add, "Just kidding, Alex. *long pause* So, hypothetically, what happens if they fall in love with other people? Say, the mage falls in love with another mage, but there is no other gifted mage, and the heir isn't in love with the mage in the first place? You can't really force someone into marriage, can you?"
"Well, I don't know. It's never . . . *looks up, startled* . . . .it's never happened before."
I sort of grin at him, not knowing whether or not he thinks of me as a sister, or . . . more. He confidently grins back, and I hope it means what I think it means.
"So, is this going to be the exception?"
Please say no! Please say no!
"Not if I have anything to do with it. *pause* It's not, is it?"
He's so adorable!
"Not if I have anything to do with it."
Okay, let's just say, he kisses like he looks. *hee-hee*

Later in the Palace

Well, I found out why Trudy was working in the palace. It turns out that I was really left in custody of Madison and the King, but Madison had a premonition and decided I should not grow up knowing all the traditions and things. So, she left me in temporary custody of their head cook, Trudy. That was why Trudy was never around. But now, since Alex and I know, I can stay in a room in the palace.
The school year's over, and I'm ready to start my life. Even though I'm only 17, I still have graduated. Alex is 19 now. It's almost time for him to be getting married. There is a ball being held tonight at the palace and the king will be announcing our engagement-Alex and mine. Of course, none of the horrid, snobbish people from school knew about Alex being the prince, and they will all be there to find out about the two of us.
I am almost ready for the ball. Just a touch here, and a curl there. Uh-huh. That should do it. 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .
Knock, knock.
"Come in, Alexander."
He comes in, looking charming in his fancy clothes. I never would have thought he could look better. Yet, wow.
"Shall we be leaving now, miss?"
He bows and offers his arm. I giggle. It's half because I'm frightfully nervous.
"Yes, your highness," I say with a curtsey before I accept his arm.

About 1 Year Later

Well, I finally got to introduce Alex and Dawn and Laurence. They love each other. I knew they would. Alex and I just got married, and Dawn and Laurence are about to be married.
Yesterday, when Madison, Dawn, and I were having one of our 'girls' night outs', Madison told us-although, she also told us to keep it 'hush, hush'-that in almost a year, Alex and I would have a son, and we would name him Charles-after his grandfather.
Then, in about 2 years, Dawn and Laurence would have a daughter that would be a mind-reader-Madison's next pupil-and they would call her Cindi. That's short for Cinderella, of course.
I asked Madison how she could tell us that without breaking the rules. But Madison just said, "Rules are made to break every once in a while. There's always an exception or a loophole."
So, for now, we all live