hehe... here's another poem i thought you guyz might be interested in.

Blind Romance

What's so hard about love is
when you say that he's "the one"
And once you try to keep him,
you'll find it can't be done

You would share your secrets,
expecting him to be a vault
But when suddenly it's all spilled,
you would learn it's all his fault

You try to give your whole heart,
hearing all his "I love you"s
Yet he never understands you
thinking there's nothing to lose

He promises to be close
Still, he never seems to stay
He never answers your calls
as you wait all night and day

He constantly leaves you
He ditches you in school
When you two are together,
he treats you like a fool

He keeps saying that he needs you
Now it all sounds like a lie
How could it be he loves you
when all he does is make you cry?

You try to talk it out with him
though somehow he gets free
He always has excuses
None is more heartless than he

His embrace has no warmth
His kisses filled with lust
His voice no longer thrills you
All it gives you is disgust

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Second author's note: this is a better version of the poem previously