Starry Hearts
By Me, Yuri Fan
Chapter One: Arrival

This is science fiction romance story involving two female characters falling in love. If you don't want to read about that, then don't read it and don't flame me for it. It is not a big story of smut, but it may have some adult stuff in later chapters.


"No…no...please…no…" Melanie burst into tears. She felt like a knife had been stabbed into her chest. She could not get the horrible feeling out of her mind.

Melanie hated sad stories. She was very oversensitive, so little things like a story affected her greatly. If the story ended happy, she was happy. If the story ended sad…she was miserable.

Melanie Baiser was a skinny girl. In her mind, too skinny for her own good. She always thought that for an 18 year old, she should be a little curvier. A little softer. A little more womanly in a few important areas.

She had very pale skin and long, straight black hair. She had long eyelashes that framed her deep brown eyes. They were the kind of eyes that cried out, "There's pain in me, but I'm not bitter." Although she had never been treated that well by anyone, she always wanted to be as nice as she could to others.

Reading stories was one of her only forms of recreation. It was so important for the story to end happily. She felt crushed from the pain of the ending.

"Gotta get to a chatroom…gotta find someone to talk to…" Melanie quickly got to her favorite one, the romance chatroom.

There was only one person on besides her. A person she had only talked to a few times.

"Hello, Martian1. I just read a really sad story :( Any advice?" Melanie typed in her message. The reply was quick.

"*Hug Melanie89* That's too bad. Maybe you should think of the future. You'll be happier then. Think of that time when this story won't matter anymore."

"When was the last time you were sad?" As much as Melanie hated to admit it, her closest friends were on chatrooms. Most of the people she had met in school hated her, or wanted nothing to do with her. But a few people, like Martian1, were kind. It was too bad she would never meet them

"I was sad when I left my family on Mars." Melanie laughed out loud.

"LOL, really, when?"

"Not kidding." Melanie liked science fiction jokes as much as the next person, but this was annoying. She usually got great advice on stuff from Martian1. Before she could post a reply, Martian1 displayed another message.

"Would you like to meet me?" The question chilled her. Part of the beauty of an online friend was the fact that you would never meet. If you ever said something you didn't mean, you didn't have to really worry about it. Martian1 posted another message.

"When my ship landed, it landed very close to your house. Then I drove it underground. It should be very close to your room right now. Would you like to meet me tonight?" Melanie laughed again.

"Very funny, Martian1. Is this how you are making me happy, telling jokes?"

"If I was telling the truth, would you be exited at being the first Human to meet a Martian or scared of me?" That was an easy one.

"Exiting. I would love to meet the first Martian."

"Good. I am going to knock on your floorboards in 10 seconds. Put your ear to the floor. Ok?"

"Alright, but I won't here anything." Melanie put her ear to the floor just for the hell of it.

"This is silly, this is ridiculous…" Part of her brain scolded her for doing it, but the other part wanted to meet the Martian. To be the first person to meet a Martian…it was definitely exiting. But deep down, she knew it would not happen.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0" Nothing. Nothing at all. How completely…

Melanie's train of thought was interrupted by a quiet knock. She gasped with fear and excitement.

"You did that? You're real?" Her fingers were shaking so badly, she had to correct numerous typos in the sentence.

"Yes. I made a door in the closet. I hope you don't mind. Just go into the closet and look under your jackets and pull up the door." She ran to her closet and pulled away her jackets. Sure enough, there was a door on the floor. She pulled up onto it…and gasped.

She saw a sea of silver under her floor. Chairs, gadgets, control panels…what could only be the inside of a space ship. She had to contain a scream at what she heard next.

"May I come up?" A quiet, feminine voice that didn't sound quite right spoke. The accent was strange, almost musical. The words sounded warped, as if the person saying them was used to saying them backwards. But the voice sounded sweet, in a way.

"Are you Martian1?" Melanie's voice was shaking.

A soft laughed drifted up from inside the space ship. Melanie wanted desperately to see the alien, but unless she climbed down into the ship, she could not see the whole thing.

"No. My name is Nellomoolahlee. If you're scared, that's okay. I'm a little scared too." But fear seemed to be leaving Melanie

"If this alien wanted to hurt me, they could have already done it." Her mind had rationalized everything. She had to meet the first Martian.

"Come up. Don't worry, I'm not afraid." And Nellomoolahlee walked up the ladder and into the closet.

Overall she looked just like a normal human. There were a few differences, but it would take people a while to find them if they were not looking.

She had short, messy lavender hair, and from the top of her forehead grew two feelers extending about 3 inches in length. They were not insect like or scaly. The looked kind of like dark purple thick strands of spaghetti. They almost blended in with her hair.

Her long eyelashes and eyebrows were purple too. Her skin was white, but it has a blue like hue to it. Her full lips looked as if they were adorned by blue lipstick, but Melanie doubted that the coloring was artificial.

She was a few inches taller than Melanie (which was sort of a shock, as Melanie was 5'11). Her eyes were very large, almost too large to be human (which they weren't.) They were a deep shade of blue, almost matching her lips.

She was wearing black spandex like material all over her body except for her arms and her face. Her bodily shape was clearly visible. Melanie could see that this girl's body had everything she had ever wanted for her own.

She was not skinny like Melanie. She was not overweight either, but a skinny girl would rarely have a body like Nellomoolahlee's. In fact, she had a kind of curviness to her that was far more appealing then harsh angles and sinewy flesh ever could be.

"Surprised to see how much we Martians look like you humans?" Melanie nodded. She was unsure of what to think of the alien girl. She didn't look like an alien, but somehow…she did not doubt her origins. Nellomoolahlee just radiated a kind of awesome presence.

"We had the same father race as you. That's where the similarity comes in." Although she was sure this was important, her brain put it out her mind. She only had one question to ask.

"Why did you come here?" The alien girl took a deep breath.

"I came here because I hated it on Mars. Nobody loved me. I came to Earth to find love." Love? Why? Melanie did not understand.

"My ship's out of fuel, would you mind if I stayed under your house for a while?" Melanie could slowly feel herself recovering from the shock of seeing an alien.

"You can say here, Nellomool…um, can I call you Nelly?" Nelly laughed again.

"Of course you can! And thank you for letting me stay. May I know you name?" Melanie realized that she still hadn't given it to her.

"Sorry, it's Melanie. Melanie Baiser."

"Pleased to meet you. Would you like to see my ship?" Melanie let her curiosity defeat her fear as she nodded. Melanie and Nelly climbed down the ladder and into the ship.

It was much different than Melanie would have imagined it. There were red sofas everywhere, with silk like red blankets and pillows strewn all about. Melanie could see a TV (they had TV?) and several other objects that looked like things she thought would be exclusive to Earth.

There were also many paintings on the walls, all of the sky. On the frames of the paintings, there were strange scribbles written. Melanie guessed it was Nelly's native language.

"Did you paint these yourself?" Nelly nodded.

"Could you speak what it says on the frame? In you native language?" Melanie knew the question was a little invasive, but she loved to hear other languages. Whenever a foreign exchange kid went to her school, she always asked a similar question.

"Loonamelahmasemalalooneeleelayloomamellasana. It means, "The sky above Mars, longitude 45, latitude 47, daytime." Melanie was shocked that such a beautiful statement could have such a simple meaning.

Melanie then looked at the TV. Nelly noticed and spoke up.

"I made all the Earth projects myself. I always dreamed of going here, even when I was little. The TV even gets reception. That's how I was able to learn your language. I spent 3 and a half years traveling here.

"Our own astronauts could go to Mars faster. Why so long?" Nelly shrugged her rounded shoulders.

"I could only share the answer to that question with a close friend." Melanie closed her eyes and remembered her pains with her "friends."

"All my friends, the few ones I did have, did noting but hurt me because they did not like me. With this record, I am not a strong candidate for a close friend."

"You're the first human being I have ever met. You're pretty and you're nice, and I can see that you are not full of yourself. You enjoy chatrooms and you like romance stories, and you hate sad endings. I'd say we have a lot in common, and you would be a great friend." Melanie slowly nodded.

"Alright, we'll be friends…" For some reason, Melanie felt happy inside.

"It is forbidden for anyone to leave Mars, but everybody knew I was going to try to one day. So I built 2 space ships. At the launch day, I programmed the second one to crash. Everybody on Mars thinks I am dead. I even used the radar telelens to see my own funeral. I had to operate the ship on low power mode so they would not detect me. Needless to say, I can never go back, not that I would ever want to."

Melanie realized that she had actually met someone with as painful a life as her, for the first time.

"I'm sorry…that so sad…" Nelly shook her head.

"I made it, didn't I? It's not so sad at all." Melanie nodded her head.

"I guess that is one way to look at it. Do they have high school on Mars?"

"Yes, actually…" And for the next four hours, the two girls talked on and on. School, crushes, teachers, parents, religion, the meaning of life…It was 3 AM by the time they got tired. Before she went upstairs, something strange occurred to her.

"You know, Nelly, of all the people I have ever met, you're my best friend. I mean it." Nelly nodded.

"I think…me too, Melanie. Me too. I'll see you tomorrow." As Melanie climbed back into her room and went to sleep, a single thought crossed her mind. It was not "I met the first alien." Nelly didn't seem like an alien at all. It was "I found a friend. Someone worthwhile. Finally."

That is the end of Chapter 1: Arrival. I hope you liked it. The next chapter will be up soon. If you would like to contact me, my email is: cow10001 I love getting email.