Starry Hearts
By Me, Yuri Fan
Chapter Two: New Life

This is science fiction romance story involving two female characters falling in love. If you don't want to read about that, then don't read it and don't flame me for it. It is not a big story of smut, but it may have some adult stuff in later chapters.


Melanie awoke with a start. "What day is it?" Melanie looked at her digital watch. "Oh, yes, Saturday." There was no school on Saturday…she could go talk to Nelly again. But what about her parents?

First, if they didn't have a heart attack, they would probably call in the government. Then they would perform experiments on Nelly, and…nope, her parents couldn't know. She crept into her closet and though the door to find Nelly asleep on of the red sofas.

She seemed so peaceful…just lying there, sleeping. Slowly breathing in and out…Melanie did not want to wake her, but she needed to talk about the future. Where she would stay, what would she eat. And that was just the least of it. Melanie was graduating from high school next week. Where could Nelly go?

Nelly slowly stretched in her sleep, and then woke up.

"Good Morning. It is breakfast time yet?" Melanie mentally cursed herself for waking her best friend up accidentally and began to wonder what Nelly could eat.

"What do you eat?" Nelly looked puzzled.

"The same stuff you eat. Martian bodies and Human bodies are virtually identical. I mean, I have feelers, thicker hair than humans and blue lips. That's just about it." Melanie left and brought some food muffins and orange juice.

After a small breakfast, Melanie told her parents she was going to work on studying for finals (she had actually already taken them) and that she was going to stay in her room all day.

After eating breakfast (Nelly had a funny way of eating), they talked about school again.

"So I'm going to graduate next week, and then…I'll go off to college. And then…where will you go? Can you refuel this ship?" Nelly looked puzzled.

"Well, I don't think so…not unless you can split hydrogen…" Melanie shook her head.

"You could stay in my apartment if you want." Nelly immediately got happier.

"Thank you! That's great!"

The last week of school was not long for Melanie, and soon she was a high school graduate. Soon Nelly wanted to have a job to pay for her share of rent on the apartment.

Nelly said she wanted to be an author, which it carried a lot of meaning for Melanie. She had wanted to be an author herself, but she thought that the written word was too personal to be shared by millions of people.

She had told Nelly about this several times, but Nelly insisted that her work was not designed to betray herself to the text, but in fact it was created just to sell books. When Melanie finally agreed, Nelly finished the book in 3 weeks. She let Melanie view it before she published it.

The book was a first person narrative of a girl's heart being broken by an unkind boy in the 5th grade. It was not very long, but it was incredibly sad and depressing. In the end of the story, the little girl loses every value she has, as she hardens to the world. She becomes bitter and resentful, and hates life and everything about it.

Nelly had told her many times that this was not the story of her own life, but somehow…the book seemed to speak the word "honesty." Nelly told her that was just good marketing talking.

Within one week of the book being posted on the shelves, it sold out. Immediately second and third printings were issued, all of which sold out as well.

"How do you feel?" Melanie was holding out a newspaper that contained an article in which a reviewer had given Nelly's book high praise.

"He's awful. And so is my book, all of it. Not a single worthwhile word in there. People think just because a story is sad it is worthwhile, but they are wrong. It's not worthwhile at all. It is not real to make a story like this." Nelly held out a piece of paper to Melanie.

"This is real. This would never sell." Melanie read the words on the paper out loud:

"Love is when your tears never hit the ground. When I woke up that day, no pain could have stopped me. Love is a dream that only you will ever understand. I cheated an entire world for this love. Love is when dreams override obligations, and when happy endings are possible. Love is when the pain deep inside won't let you go on with your life."

Melanie was a little shocked. "So you fell in love with Earth?" Nelly nodded.

"So many people loved life on Mars; they thought nothing could ever be better. I mean, we had 1.2 billion of us, and the last suicide was 32 years ago. And nobody has ever tried to do what I did."

Melanie started to realize that Nelly's life was a lot deeper than she had let on in her previous conversations.

"But my book, it wasn't all fiction. I did have my heart broken in the fifth grade by that boy. But…but…I did not let it make me bitter…I want to be nice and sweet, never bitter…" Nelly started to cry, and Melanie pulled her close.

"Don't cry Nelly, you're anything but bitter. You're sweet and nice. You're the best friend I've ever had." Nelly's warm body hugged Melanie back, and she kept crying.

"Thank you, Melanie…you're the best friend I've ever had, too." Melanie felt a warm feeling wash over her as she continued to hug Nelly's. Her body was so soft…

"Would you like to watch some more Anime?" Melanie and Nelly loved Japanese cartoons.

"Only if we can keep hugging." Nelly spoke a few words of her native language, and two of the paintings on opposite walls of the apartment became TV screens, with Anime shows on them.

"Now we can both watch at the same time without breaking the hug."

And the girls did just that.
That is the end of Chapter 1: New Life. I hope you liked it. The next chapter will be up soon. If you would like to contact me, my email is: cow10001 I love getting email.