Starry Hearts
By Me, Yuri Fan
Chapter Five: Life and Death

This is science fiction romance story involving two female characters falling in love. If you don't want to read about that, then don't read it and don't flame me for it. It is not a big story of smut, but it may have some adult stuff in later chapters.


It was only a week later. Nelly and Melanie were driving home from going to a movie (fortunately Nelly was able to temporarily hide her wings). They were talking, laughing. It had been a funny movie.

Nelly never saw the drunk driver coming. As their cars collided, Melanie saw Nelly get crushed from the impact.

"Nooooooooooo!" As the other car sped off, Melanie quickly got out of the car and pulled Nelly's bloody body from the wreck. From the amount of blue everywhere, Melanie knew she wasn't going to make it.

"I'm not gonna live through this, Melanie. At home I could but…your doctors don't have the proper tools…promise me…please promise me Melanie…" Melanie nodded.

"Anything, my love, just don't leave me…" Nelly shook her head.

"Promise me you won't use my spaceship to fly me home…they will kill you…and even if I lived I could never go on knowing you sacrificed yourself for me. I love you…" Melanie nodded, while inwardly calculating how long it would take her to get to space ship and if the car was in good enough shape to drive.

"I promise, just don't go…" Melanie saw Nelly fall unconscious, but she knew she was still alive. She quickly put Nelly in the back seat, got back into the car, and drove as fast as she could to her parents' house.

When she arrived, she drove around the back and carried Nelly up the roof and into her room through the window. She went to her closet and crept through the secret door, descending into the space ship.

"Nelly, tell this thing to go to Mars." Nelly, who had regained consciousness, shook her head.

"No, I won't…let me die here, in your arms…on Earth, where I know you'll always be safe…" Melanie felt tears streaming down her face.

"I'm not going to let you go! Tell the navigation to go to Mars now!" But Nelly closed her eyes again. As she scanned the room, something caught her eye. The pictures on the wall. Most of them had been moved to the apartment…but some of them…Melanie remembered that they had been pictures of Mars. She touched the picture, and the ship started to rumble into action. Melanie only hoped she was prepared for what was to come.

When Nelly awoke, she saw her mother's face drifting above hers.
"It's okay. You're back on Mars now. The doctors healed you just fine. No scars or anything. You're back with you're family now." Nelly had just enough energy to form 3 words.

"Where…is…Melanie?" Nelly's mother shook her head.

"She is, well she's standing trail. And it doesn't look good. They just found out something you may not know. She is an imposter. A replica. She's not a real person. She is a robot programmed to be a real human. We don't know why or how she was built, but it looks like our robot technology. But the thing is, she was programmed to think that she isn't a robot." Nelly was confused.

"What?" As she felt sleep start to cover her mind, her mother straightened her feelers."

"Sleep now, Nellomoolahlee. Soon, your Earth nightmare will just be a memory."

When Nelly had enough energy to walk, she came to Melanie's trial. She ended up being convicted on all fronts. Melanie, who was accustomed to having a chance to speak instead of the jury reading her mind, probably thought it was unfair, even if all of the charges were true.

She was an imposter robot trespassing on Mars without permission, she was guilty of taking a space ship without permission, and she was guilty of violating all of Nelly's death wishes by coming here in the first place.

Nelly was shocked that Melanie was a robot. She was her human, her soul mate…why? What did she have to gain? Was she a government experiment? Another alien's probe? The only bit of good news it that it had apparently been discreet enough to delete its memories of the bonding ritual.

But the penalty of the three combined offenses was death. Death, as pure and as merciless as Nelly knew it would be. Nelly knew it was futile to try and sway the jury. There minds were set, as they always were.

The sentence was carried out instantly. Nelly saw them shoot her head off right before her eyes. As the metal springs and chips rolled and bounced everywhere, by pure chance Melanie's head landed on her lap.

"Melanie-I used your strategyyyy…fzfzfzfzfz…POWER GONE. AUTO SHUTDOOOoooooownnnnnn…" Everyone could not understand a word of the alien language (English) but they just thought it was a malfunction.

As the head was taken away and the court was cleared, Nelly just sat there, thinking. Why had this happened? Why hadn't she taken her advice? Why didn't Melanie just let her die? What did "your strategy" mean?

Nelly only knew one thing. Her life was over. She was alive, but her life was over.

Her parents later admitted that it was their fault that she ran away to Earth because they did not give her enough personal space. They resolved to let her have more of that in the future.

Nelly knew that now she was old enough now to drive LO453^* type fuel crafts. And she was a skilled enough technician to rig it with an anti radar dome and a multi planet star drive. And she had time enough to do it, and she could very well make it look like she had killed herself. She could go to Earth again. She could be the land of the humans in a year.

But what would that give her? Her Melanie was gone. Her sweet little Earthgirl, with her poetry and her compliments and her dear innocence and that wonderful look of pure love and adoration in her deep brown eyes…she was so romantic, so tender, so soft, so wonderful, and she and she…she was gone forever…even if she was a robot, she still loved her.

Nelly was amazed that nobody noticed that her eyes had changed color. Usually Martians eye color change when they go through the wing ritual…but then, who knew her well enough to remember that she used to have blue eyes.

Without 1950's sitcoms or Japanese animation to entertain her, Nelly turned to Deathslice, the non-mainstream genre of Martian music about suicide and the oblivion that follows it. She could feel herself get lost more and more in the hypnotic promises of the end of pain every day…

As she held a dagger dangerously close to her wrist, something came up in her mind, something that came up often. She hadn't been able to decipher the message.

"I used your strategy." She couldn't even understand her loves last words to her. Some wife she was. Nelly put the dagger closer to her wrist. She would wait until the favorite lyric in her song had played, then she would to it.

"And it's over now, this joyride, gone forever with a flash of metal. The pain is finally finished…" Nelly inserted the blade into her wrist.

But before it touched the vein, she pulled it out. She finally understood. "I used your strategy." Nelly had built 2 ships to go to Mars. Melanie must have built the robot specifically to go to Mars in her place!

One year later…

Melanie Braiser looked up into the sky, as she did every night. "I love you, Nelly. I always will…" She had promised herself that she wouldn't cry, but…how reliable could a robot built from instructions in a foreign language be? Nelly probably never would come back…Melanie broke her promise and cried, as she did every night. She raised her arms to the sky.

"I can't live without you, Nelly. I need you…please…" Nothing. No twinkle in the sky, no ray of hope for the future. Nelly was gone, for good.
Nelly had tried to force her brain to go through college, but she just couldn't concentrate. She eventually dropped out (not telling her parents, of course) and just lay in a heap, day after day. She lived off of the money that Nelly got from her books. Melanie had even published a few of the stories and poems of her own.

As she looked out the window, crying, she heard a small beep from her laptop. She walked over to it, and practically had a heart attack from the message.

"Email from Martiangirl. 'look into the sky.'" Melanie did, and she saw a tiny spacecraft fall into the yard. She saw a small figure get out of it and hover to window. It was Nelly. And she hadn't changed a bit. She quickly opened the window and let the winged alien inside.

As Nelly looked at her precious Melanie, she smiled with the knowledge that she looked even prettier than she remembered. She held her in her in her arms and wanted to never let go.

"It's over…the wait…it's over…"

That is the end of Chapter 5: Life and Death. I hope you liked it. The next chapter will be up soon. If you would like to contact me, my email is: cow10001 I love getting email.

NOTES: The next chapter will most likely be an epilogue, and then that's it. I wrote this after finding out that my favourate cat died and my grandma was diagnosed with inoperable cancer (both in one week). She has 4 months to live. So that's why it's kinda morbid.