Now I've tried to write a few stories but most turned out pear shaped, and it will probably be the same with this one, so don't criticise too much… PLEASE!

Daniel Steels Dark Days, Light Nights

"But I don't understand" Danny protested.

"Come on!" Harvey said, the frustration was starting to edge into his voice "It's simple when you think about it, the man was IRISH, get it"

"Hmm, but how did he get there in the first place" Danny asked half innocently.

"Oh for gods sake, that doesn't matter, the point is, oh forget it, it's obviously wasted on you…. Hey Peely wait up, right, there was this Irish man"; Harvey called as he chased after Peely who was walking past.

Harvey was a medium sized lad who's face seemed much too thin for the rest of him, his pale complexion didn't do too much for him either. He was a bit of an oddball but Danny had known him since primary school and classed him as one of his best mates, he was used to his slight quirks.

Danny glanced over to where Emma had been standing, she wasn't there, he sighed "Oh well maybe tomorrow".

The sun was beating down on the collage; Danny wandered over to the café hoping to find salvage in the cool drinks. The heat wave was getting worse each day, the soil became more and more parched – bad thing, but the girls started to wear less and less – good thing.

Danny was a tall lad with brown hair, which most of the time he had gelled with a quif at front. He was a slender boy with a swimmers body (probably because he was one) and fairly good looks (or so he thought). But one part of him that he hated was his ears.

The buzzer went to signal start of lessons. Oh great Danny thought, another hour and half of being stuck in a classroom with temperatures of at least 25 degrees and doing accounts of all things. He managed to pull himself away from his cool Sprite and made his way to Accounts.

Well to look on the bright side he thought it was only 2 days to vacation. He and some mates were planning to go to Sunny Springs for the summer. Danny wasn't too sure who was going because it was organised at the 'Silver' a local hang out place, where, when not studying Danny spent most of his time with mates. He knew that Jonny (Jonathan Baker), Peely (James Peel) and Cherbetji (Adam Cherbetji) where going for certain, but the other 3 people where a mystery to Danny. As most things where

"If you look closer at the annual…", the teacher droned on in the background, turning away Danny gazed out of the window falling into the depth of his own thoughts.

"Daniel, DANIEL…" shouted the teacher snapping him out of a daydream, "Come on now pay attention".

Just at that moment the buzzer went, signalling the end of school. "Right class we'll continue this tomorrow, class dismissed" the teacher said discovering that most of the class had already left. Danny was the last to leave, slowly packing away his books.

"You'll have to concentrate more in class Danny, I know it's hard with it being the last day from vacation, but I don't want to see my star pupil slipping" said the teacher. Danny was pleased to hear the teacher say that,

"I don't think there's much chance of that" Said Danny, "Sorry anyway, it's just the heat it's getting to me" he continued.

"I know what you mean, it's difficult, but they say it can't last much longer, anyway you better get going, I've got work to do, seeya Danny, keep your study up over the holls"

"Yeah, seeya" Danny said already out of the door.

"Hey, Hey Danny" a voice floated across the corridor.

Danny looked to see who had shouted, he saw Jonny who was trying to negotiate his way across the bustling corridor.

Jonny was quite a chubby lad, but he insisted he was just big boned. At their secondary school Danny and Jonny where the best of mates but at collage due to their different lessons they had gradually grew apart, but they where still very good friends.

When he finally got across he asked, "Will you be going to the 'Silver' later"

"Yeah, maybe" said Danny silently totting up his homework, then added "Yeah" more defiantly. "Right well I'll see you later then there's a meeting at 'bout 7 for the trip so be there" Said Jonny as he started to chase Cherbetji who he caught out the corner of his eye walking down the corridor.

Danny sighed, the heat was really getting to him, he couldn't wait till the vacation, at least, he thought, he would get a chance to meet who else was going at the meeting.

Homework seemed to go pretty quickly, which surprised Danny, and he got to the 'Silver' at 5 – ish. He sat down at the bar, and ordered a cool Sprite, he noticed Cherbetji and Harvey sat it a shady corner, Harvey was talking away and Cherbetji, not taking a blind bit of notice, was trying to construct a tower from beer mats.

He thought about going over to save Cherbetji but then he noticed Emma sitting at a table alone, so he wandered over.

"Oh, Hi" she said as he sat down,

"Hi – I, I'm not intruding am I"

"No, no not at all", she said moving her bag off the table to make room for him. Her long blonde hair flowed down past her shoulders and moved so beautifully when she moved, her down to earth good looks amazed Danny.

"What brings you here, you don't come often do you" asked Danny trying to spark off a conversation. "No, I don't – how do you know?"

"Oh well I spend most my time here when I'm not working or doing school work, I've come to think of it as a second home really, I haven't seen you in hear before"

"No, I don't really come in here but Laura and Sarahlee put my name down for some holiday and I got a call before that I was a replacement, there's a meeting later at about 7, so I thought I'd get here early and see who else is going since Sarahlee and Laura are away at a course and might not be able to come" said Emma.

"Well I'm going" Said Danny, who was excited at the prospect of Emma going as well.

"Oh good, er I mean it's good that I know someone else who's going"

"Yeah" replied Danny "I'm surprised Jemma or Amy aren't going", these were Emma's best friends and they rarely did in things in singles. Amy and Laura were twins and had known Sarahlee and Jemma since primary school. Emma was from Sunderland and her parents had moved house recently so she had moved to their collage, she seemed to fit right in from day one.

"Well Laura and Sarahlee could be going as I said but there away" replied Emma

"How come Jemma and Amy are staying then" asked Danny

"Oh well Amy is going to a advanced school, and Jemma just didn't fancy it, we seem to be getting a bit distant recently "

Danny thought it best to not ask why, it was obviously none of his business.

The conversation went quiet, then Cherbetji seemed to appear out of no-where, and invited himself to sit down. Cherbetji was the same build as Danny and most people said they looked similar and identical from behind but they didn't see the similarity, Danny was slightly shorter had more of a tan and a squarer face. And Danny insisted that he was the good-looking one.

"Hi, has Harvey told you his joke?" he asked Danny

"Yeah, do you get it"

"No" was the quick reply from Cherbetji

"Good, at least I'm not the only one" sighed Danny, slightly relieved.

"So what are you two doing" Chebby asked

"Oh nothing" said Emma

"Yeah we were just talking about the trip to Sunny Springs" said Danny

"Ah right, you got the message then" Cherbetji said to Emma

"Yeah" she replied "I just got here actually"

"Who else is going" asked Danny

Cherbetji sat back in his chair "Lets see, there's us three, Sarahlee and Laura if they get back in time, and Harvey – we need his van and Jonny"

"What about Peel" asked Danny

"Oh he found out that he had to go on vacation with his parents instead, but the place there going is close to the cabin, the name escapes me now, but we might see him there"

"How come your in the know about who's going" Emma asked Cherbetji

"Well it's my uncles cabin that we'll be staying in and I need to know who's going to tell my uncle how responsible we all are and how we'll leave it in a better condition then what we found it in blah blah blah, oh God I've just realised you can't go Danny"

"Damn" said Danny, sarcastically hitting his fist on the desk.

Chapter One

"Can I have your attention everyone, Danny that means you as well, now let me do a head count" Cherbetji was saying stood at the front of the back room. "Now we've got Danny, Emma, Jonny, Harvey".

"I guess this means that Sarahlee and Laura can't be coming". Just as Cherbetji got the words out of his mouth Laura and Sarahlee walked in.

"Well great timing you two, I take it you got the messages I left at your houses"

"Yeah" Laura and Sarahlee said at the same time.

"Well that's it we're ready to roll, I take it everyone knows everyone, and there's no need for intro's, now before we get in the van there's a few rules I'd like to tell you". Cherbetji carried on talking to the assembled gang.

Danny turned round to Sarahlee and Laura who had sat behind him, "So you made it then"

"Yeah, we got back at dinner time so we had time to freshen up, just, by the look of it" answered Sarahlee

"Well it paid off, you're both looking as lovely as always" said Danny

"Thank you, but flattery will get you no-where" said Laura

"No but try flowers and chocolates, they usually work with me" Said Emma who had just joined the conversation.

"Is any one listening to me" Cherbetji asked standing with his hands on his hips, "Danny"

"Yeah, I was" said Danny

"Oh yeah, what did I just say then"

"Oh that ones easy, 'none of that dance music crap'"

"All right then so you were listening" grumbled Cherbetji

He droned on again.

"Psst, how did you know that" whispered Sarahlee

"Well if you've listened to Cheb for longer than 2 minutes he's bound to mention how much he hates dance music" replied Danny

"Would you like to tell us all that Danny"

"Well yeah I was just recapping for these lovely ladies what you were just saying about dance music".

It was yet another sweltering day, not a most ideal day to be stuck in a van travelling through the barren dessert, what should be countryside, but scorched fields. The van rattled on regardless.

Danny and Cheb occupied the back seat in front of them on the little table laid a pair of cards, which Danny was in the process of cutting.

Sarahlee, Laura and Emma filled the middle of the van chatting about whatever girls chat about, and Jonny and Harvey where sat at the front, Harvey was driving and jabbering on as usual and every now and the Jonny burst out in laughter.

"Right rummy, come on then Chebby, your money's mine" Said Danny dealing out the cards "You've got the eight"

"Right, and by the way get you're check book out mister, when the cards are dealt I'm the king" bragged Cherbetji

"Oh really, do you need me to remind you what happened last time we played"

"No not really but I'm out for revenge! So watch out"

"O.K 'king' Said Danny rubbing the ring on his finger, "It's quite nice this ring, I hope you wasn't too close to it"

Danny was rubbing it in, he had won it off Cheb last time they had played when Cherbetji had run out of money.

"So how was the course" Emma was asking Laura and Sarahlee.

"Oh well not bad I suppose" said Laura

"What are you talking about it was crap, stuck in a small, smelly hot room for hours at a time not really learning anything, with no cute lads" said Sarahlee

"Well yeah O.K it was crap" agreed Laura

"I suppose you're glad to be back then" Said Emma

"Yeah" agreed Sarahlee "Danny's not bad"

"Hey hands off he's mine" Said Emma

"Oh really, I don't see any ring on his finger" Said Sarahlee

"I do" Laura said laughing "Chebby's"

"Ha very funny" Sarahlee and Emma both said.

"Nah, seriously I'd have Chebby any day over Danny" Laura Said

"What" cried Sarahlee and Emma at the same time

"My God that's the first time you two have agreed on something and twice in as many minutes"

Cherbetji sat at the back of the bus looking very smug indeed. The ring lay on the table and Danny sat there looking quite glum.

"I hope you didn't get too attached to that ring Danny"

"Hey, hold you're horses, it's my go remember"

Danny gingerly took the top card quietly muttering "four of hearts, four of hearts"

He picked up the card.

"YES", he cried jumping out of his seat and slamming the cards on the table, "Read them and weep little boy, I'll be having this back" Danny said picking up the ring and the few coins that also laid around the table"

Emma, Sarahlee and Laura walked up to the table at which Danny and Cherbeji where sat.

"I take it you won then Danny" Said Emma

"Yeah, how did you guess"

"Oh, it was just a hunch"

"Do you want to join us" Asked Cherbetji

"Yeah why not" said Laura "What are we playing" she asked as they where all sitting down on the seat.

"Well, we were just playing rummy, but whatever you want to play"

"Yeah rummy, sounds good" said Sarahlee

"Great rummy it is" Said Danny dealing

"Er I don't know how to play" Piped up Emma

"Oh that's fine" Said Danny "You can be on my side, I'll teach you how to win, then you can go to Chebby and learn how to loose"

"Funny Danny real funny, Laura you know how to play right?"

"Well kinda, I think"

"Well you can go on my side then, just to make sure"

"Well if we're making it team thing we had better get Jonny, Yo Jonny, want a game of rummy" Called Danny

"Ya, why not" Shouted back Jonny "I'm not very good though"

"Oh, it's O.K Sarahlee will teach you" Said Cherbetji "Harvey how about you"

"Nah I think I'll sit this one out, besides this van don't drive itself"

"Right are we all ready to start" Asked Danny

"Yeah" Replied Cherbetji "Let's just make this a practice run, so everyone knows what we're doing"

"Yeah you need the practice Chebby" Said Danny picking up his cards, he looked at them 'nuts' he thought.

"Well wasn't that fun" Sarahlee was saying

"Yeah not bad" Said Danny "O.K so I didn't win but Chebby still lost"

"Right it's time to square up then, what's the damage? " Cherbetji asked

"Danny you owe nothing, but Cherbetji, have you got any money left" Said Sarahlee looking at her note pad.

"Yeah a little"

"Oh good you owe me and Danny, you can pay us back later if you like"

"How much is it?"

"Well Danny and Emma want a fiver, and I want a tenner"

"Great, that just about wipes me out, I can give you it now if you like" Said Cherbetji handing over the money.

"Oh well, never mind, maybe you could pawn some of your uncles stuff at the cabin" Laughed Danny

"I might have to" Said Cherbetji dryly

"Speaking of cabins there one up ahead" Harvey said, the first time he had spoke since they had started to play "Cheb is that your uncles"

Cherbetji leaned over to look out of the window.

"Yeah, I think so"

"What do you mean you think so" asked Emma

"Well it's been a while since I've been here, last time I was only 'bout 5"

The van rolled up to the old cabin. The window shutters hung on to the hinges by a thread, and the door casually swung open with the wind. The paint was chipping off the woodwork and the upstairs windows where mainly smashed.

"You have to be joking" cried Sarahlee

"Wait a minute I'll just look have a look around"

Cherbetji disappeared into the old cabin, and didn't emerge for a few minutes. When he came out he said "Well it's slightly different to how I remember it, but it's definitely my uncles"

"Oh great" mumbled the gang

"But there is a bright side" Said Cherbetji

"What" asked Danny

"Well, there is another 'cabin' around the back, well it's actually an old storage building but it's in better shape than the house and it's big enough for all of us"

"Yeah that's all very well, but what about beds, a cooker toilets and all the other comforts you usually have in a house" Asked Harvey

"Well with a bit of hard work us lads could have all the movable essentials, by night time" suggested Cherbetji

"Oh no you have to be kidding" grumbled Jonny "I'm not lugging around heavy furniture all day in this heat"

"O.K then" Said Chebby "Me, Harvey and Danny can do it, you can help the girls, clean out the storage shed"

"Erm I don't really want to do this but I can't help either" Said Harvey "because of my arthritis"

"Well it looks like it's just me and you then Chebby" Said Danny who wasn't afraid of a bit of manual labour, and it was a good chance to show off in front of the girls.

It was a hard afternoon for sure, but worth it, between them they got the old shed looking a treat.

"Well that's got to be it" Said Danny dropping his mattress.

"Yeah it's got to be" agreed Cherbetji

"Er, excuse me" interrupted Emma, "unless one of you are planning on sharing with me we need one more mattress"

"Well are you offering?" Asked Danny

"Come on then Danny" Said Chebby "one more trip for this little girl"

"Hey, one more comment about her height, and I'll" Danny caught himself, Emma stood there bash full

"You'll what" Chebby pressed

"Nothing" Said Danny "I just don't think you're very funny, come on"

They started to go out then Danny turned round "What do you want double or single?" he shouted

"Whatever suits you best" was the answer.

Danny and Chebby trotted off back to the house for one more trip, whilst Jonny, moved the mattress into position. The old shed was looking very neat, it had been divided into several sections. One resembled the form of a kitchen with a small stove, from the house and an old bucket served well as a washing-up bowl. Danny and Cherbetji had found a nice piece of wood in the house, which, when wiped down and stood on two old chairs made a nice counter.

A table had been rescued from the cabin and stood in the centre of the large room, next to the make shift kitchen, and a old candle holder and a bunch of roses from the garden, put there by the girls made it seem rather cosy.

At the far end of the room stood 6 mattresses, all arranged in circle, the last one still to come. A little gas light stood in the middle, this came from Harvey's van and produced quite a lot of light for it's size.

Danny and Chebby came with the last mattress, a single, for Emma. This was placed at the end of the last one and completed the circle.

"Well they've got this place looking quite nice" Said Chebby

"Yeah, but where are they all"

"Dunno, let's look outside, if they have any sense they'll be relaxing, catching some rays"

"Yeah sounds a good idea" said Danny who was in the process of taking off his top, Chebby did the same.

They where walking round the back of the shed which was facing the sun, when all of a sudden Danny heard something. He stopped dead in his tracks and put his hand in front of Chebby bringing his finger to his lips.

"What is it Danny?" asked Chebby

"I dunno, I thought I heard something"

"Yes, well that was probably one of the other 5 people that are sharing this shed with us that are probably all sat around this corner sun-bathing"

"No, it sounded like someone in the bushes, panting"

"Oh come on it was probably just a wolf or something after all we are in the country"

"Yeah I suppose your right, the heat must be melting my mind"

"Well there's not much to melt, so it won't be pain-full and I'm sure you'll hardly notice the difference"

"Very funny, come on"

They walked around the corner, and sure enough they was everyone Jonny and Harvey where sat under a tree and the girls where all lying down with their bikini's on 'catching some rays' as Cheb put it.

Danny and Chebby joined the girls, both determined to get a nice tan this holiday. Not that either of them really needed it, Cherbetji's dad was from Syria so he had a yellowey coloured skin and Danny always seemed to have a natural tan.

"Is all the moving finished now then" Asked Emma

"Yeah, you're mattress was the last, we looked for anything that could be any use but the rest is either un-moveable or of no use"

"Oh yeah if you need the bog you'll have to use the one in the cabin I'm not moving that"

"Well now that you mention it I need to go" Said Emma "Where are they"

"Er on the second floor, next to the bathroom"

"Where is the bathroom?"

"I'll show you" Said Danny.

Chapter Two

It was night and darkness filled the shed, Harvey lit a match, and his pale face seemed ghostly on the dark surroundings. He lit the little lamp and light filled the shed, Danny sat up and looked around his eyes just adjusting to the light.

"Cheers" he whispered

"Hurry back the others might wake up" whispered Harvey

Danny ran off to the bog taking the light with him. He had finished his business when he heard the old stairs creaking. He froze too scared to move, the creaking stopped he started to walk forward when he heard another creak, he blew out the light, and poked his head out of the door. Looking both ways he didn't see anything and started creeping down the landing, he was at the top of the flight when he heard a noise behind him he spun around to look, and met the cold feel of steel in his face.

The room was spinning when he woke up, when it stopped Danny saw the face of Emma leant over him, he was back on his mattress.

"What happened?" he asked still dazed

"I'm sorry, I hit you"

"You what" Danny shouted trying to sit up, the room started spinning again "What did you do that for" he said lying back down

"Well I saw a shadowy figure and thought it was a hermit or something"

"So you knocked me unconscious"

"Well yeah, sorry"

"Don't worry I can't stay mad at you for long, 2 days at least" joked Danny

"Cheers" laughed Emma

"Seriously, you was right to hit me otherwise I might of hit you! But did you have to hit me so hard"

"Sorry, again"

"And can you stop saying that you're sorry"

"Sorry" Emma laughed

"What time is it?" Danny asked

"Dunno, 'bout 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning, you wasn't out long"

Danny looked around, he saw all the others sat around the table, with the lamp lit, they all seemed to be whispering about something but Danny couldn't tell what they where saying.

"You better get some sleep" Emma was saying, "We don't want you tired tomorrow, big day remember" but Danny was all ready gone. She stroked his head and joined the others around the table.

"So tomorrow" Cherbetji was saying "We'll need to go into the town which is 'bout 10 – 15 miles away, Danny will need some pain killers I guess and we need to pick up some food supplies, don't worry I've got the money, my uncle gave me some"

"I thought you said that you where nearly wiped out" Sarahlee said

"Well yeah, I am but I've got some money from my uncle which I aren't allowed to use"

"Unless need be of course" Harvey said.

"Well I'd love to stay up all night and talk but I'll think I'll join Danny in slumberland" Said Sarahlee

"Me too" Said Emma in mid yawn.

Cherbetji sat there for a while making up a shopping list then joined the others in 'slumberland' as Sarahlee put it.

When Danny woke up the following morning he still felt dizzy and the side of his head throbbed, he felt as though it was twice as big, he got up slowly and wandered up to the table and sat down, he felt half hung-over half beaten up.

Emma placed a plate of toast under his nose and said "Think yourself lucky"

"What do you mean, do you usually burn it"

"No, but it's not everyone that I cook for"

"I feel honoured"

"So you should"

Danny started to eat it "Mm" he said, "Just the way I like it, very lightly toasted on one side"

"Yeah, Jonny said you like it like that, and he also told me how you take your coffee" She said just as the kettle clicked.

"Where did you get the kettle from?" asked Danny

"Oh Harvey had it in his van"

"Ah right, Cheers" Danny said taking the hot, black, sweet coffee off Emma.

"Any time"

"I'll have to get knocked out by you more often, I could get used to this, not that your looks don't knock me out all the time any way"

"I bet you say that to all the girls"

"Well your up then Danny" Cherbetji said coming in "We've been up ages, early bird and all that lot"

"Sorry I was knocked out last night, literally"

"You're never going to let me live that down are you"

"No, well not if you keep making me breckie' any way"

"Well come on then, the others are waiting in the van" Cherbetji said picking up his rucksack and heading out to where the van was parked.

"Come on then Danny" Emma said holding out her arm for Danny to rest on

"I think I'll be O.K myself" Danny said making his way out with Emma

When they got to the van every one was all ready sat in and ready to roll.

"What have you two been doing" asked Jonny

"Sorry I was just finishing my coffee, where we headed then"

"Well" started Harvey "We're going to head into town first to get some food, and aspirin for you, then I guess we'll take in some sights, go to a café for dinner or something and basically get used to the area"

"Sounds good, I hear there are supposed to be some nice sights and country walks in this area" Said Emma

"Great, I love a nice walk in the country" Said Danny

"Seriously" Said Sarahlee

"Yeah" replied Danny "When I lived at home, we went on some great holidays with some lovely walks"

"Me too" Said Emma

"Huh, I always found walks in the country boring"

"How can you, it's so calm and peaceful" Said Danny "Yeah" agreed Emma

"Yeah, precisely, boring"

"Well what do you do to relax then" Asked Danny

"Well, I dunno, just listen to my music, or something like that"

"Well this is a very interesting conversation" cut in Cherbetji "But can we talk about something else"

"Yeah" Said Danny. Who had also detected the hostilities between Sarahlee and Emma.

"Looks like we're nearly there" Said Harvey from the drivers seat

Danny and Laura leaned over the front seats to take a look, the van turned one last corner and they saw the town for the first time.

It seemed to be a pretty small quiet town, with just one main street with a few shops. There was a little café situated pretty much in the middle of the street with a little grocery store on one side and on the other a post office. The local police station was on the other side of the street, which seemed to be surrounded by houses. At the very end of the street Danny saw what he assumed to be a fire station. It was a little old building that seemed to be void of all life, probably run by the shop owners. An old fire truck was sat outside which seemed to match the building, old and void of life. It probably hadn't been used in years.

"Well I'll park the van outside the café then" Harvey said.

"Yeah, O.K then" Said Danny "I'll go to the store to get some supplies and the rest of you can sit in the Café or have a look around the town, not that there seems to be much to look at"

"I'll come with you Danny, you could probably do with a hand" Said Emma

"Yeah all right then"

"Well, I'm going to go to the Café" Cherbetji stated "I'm gasping"

"I'll join you" Replied Harvey and Jonny at the same time

"What are you two girls going to do then" Asked Cherbetji talking to Sarahlee and Laura

"Well I'd like to have a walk around the town" Said Laura "You know stretch my legs, and I can have a look to see what there is around this sleepy place"

"I might as well join you then" Said Sarahlee

"Won't it be too boring for you?" Asked Emma cleverly

"Come on then" Said Danny who was opening the van door.

The gang piled out. One by one they all got out and stood, stretching their legs.

"I say we all meet up in the Café later" Said Jonny

"Yeah" agreed Danny "'bout half an hour or so K"

Every one agreed to this and they all went there separate ways.

"Get some aspirin as well" Danny was saying as they where walking around the small grocery store. Danny was carrying the shopping basket whilst Emma was getting the things that Chebby had put on the list.

"Erm we'll need some Lemonade or Coke as well, Chebby can't of thought about drinks there not on the list" Danny was saying

"Yeah O.K then, which"

"Dunno whatever you think best"

"Coke then" Replied Emma reaching for the coke which was on the top shelf.

"I'll get that for you" Said Danny leaning over Emma to get the coke, she felt the power of his upper body over her, he looked down and there eyes met, they pulled away quickly and an awkward silence fell over them.

"There you go" Said Danny putting the coke in his basket

"Right what's next then" Said Emma looking at the list in Danny's hand

"That seems to be it" Danny said scrolling down the list "Yeah that's it, let's pay for these then we can go to the café with the others, I'm gasping"

"Me too"

They paid for the groceries and walked next door to the Café where they found Chebby and Jonny sat at a shady table in the corner, Harvey was at the bar sat over an iced drink.

Danny and Emma walked over to Harvey, and sat next to him.

"What you having" Danny asked Emma

"Sprite please, cool of course"

"Right, Two Sprites please, chilled" Danny said to the young lad behind the bar

"Sure" was the reply, the young lad, about their age, turned around and grabbed two bottles off the back of the bar.

"Cheers" Danny said sliding one over to Emma and taking the other one himself

"Lets go to Chebby and Jonny" Danny said taking his drink and his bag of groceries over to the cool corner.

Danny put his drink on the table and the bags under the table, and pinched two chairs from the adjacent table. He placed one next to Emma and sat on the other himself.

"Did you get the stuff" Cherbetji Said in a husky voice.

"Yeah" Replied Danny in the same husky "It's in the bags" Danny slid the bags over to Chebby under the table, Cherbetji looked under the table and peeked in the bags.

"Good" Said Cherbetji still in the same husky voice, he slid some money across the table.

"It had better be all there" Said Danny counting the money

"Nothings ever simple with you two is it" Said Jonny "Why can't you just pay him back for getting the groceries normally?"

"Well it's not fun that way" Said Emma answering for Danny and Cherbetji.

"Well what a boring little town" Said Laura as she and Sarahlee where walking back to the café.

"I dunno, it seems to be O.K, for it's size at least" was the reply

"Well, I think it's rather boring" Said Laura, she was adamant

"Looks like we're back at the café then, oh look Danny and Emma are back from the store"

They walked into the Café and sat at the table pulling up a couple of chairs from the neighbouring tables.

"So what's this town like?" Danny asked Laura as she sat down

"Well you can barely call it a town, other than this street there's barely any other shops or anything else for that matter"

"So not much to do then" Chebby Said

"No, not unless you like the boring life" Said the bartender who had become interested in the newcomers.

"Oh hi" Said Danny standing up to shake hands with the new lad

"Hi, my names Mark, Mark Brakefield"

"Hi" Said everyone almost together

"Erm I was just wondering, you all seem like the party going type, and there's this party at my friends tonight, well I call it a party but it's more like a joining of people who engage in general merriment and such like"

"Well we'd love to come" Said Sarahlee jumping up

"We would?" Said Jonny

"Sure we would, it'll give us a chance to meet some of the locals and kid's our age"

"Well it sounds like a good idea to me" Danny Said

"Yeah, me too" Said Harvey and Emma at the same time

"Well it's a date then, well not a date more of a meeting of people at a party"

"Yeah whatever, just as long as there's none of that crappy dance music you can count me in"

"No there won't be, I play in a band" Mark Said seeming quite smug about it

"Really me too" Said Chebby

"Yeah same here" Said Danny

Emma, Laura and Sarahlee heads swung around to face Danny and Chebby.

"You do" Said Emma

"Yeah, I told you there's a lot about me that you don't know" Danny said to Emma

"Yeah as a matter of fact it's the same band" Continued Chebby

"Yeah we both do the vocals and collaborate on the lyrics, I play the bass guitar" Said Danny proud

"And I play the electric guitar, our drummers back home" Chebby added in the same smug manner

"I didn't realise you two where so talented" Said Sarahlee

"There not" Said Harvey and Jonny at the same time

"Hey well I'm a drummer" Said Mark "We could maybe do something together tonight"

"Yeah maybe" Said Chebby

The gang where all back at the 'shed', Danny was in the house looking for a mirror, Chebby was in the 'bedroom' getting ready, and looking for his lucky guitar pick, whilst everyone else was stood around the kitchen all ready to rock and roll.

"Nervous?" Laura asked Sarahlee who was fiddling with her necklace, a thing she always seemed to do when nervous.

"Yeah, a bit" was the distant reply

"Found one!" Shouted Danny running into the room

"Oh Great" Said Jonny sarcastically

"Yeah, it is" Said Emma having a look in it, making sure her hair was straight at the front.

"Yep you look gorgeous" Said Danny looking at Emma

"As do you" She re-paid the compliment

"Well are we all ready then" Asked Harvey who had just brought the van around the front.

"No, I'm not" Said Chebby from the bedroom area

"What you looking for" Danny asked

"My lucky guitar pick"

"I thought you kept it on your chain around your neck" Said Danny

"Oh God" Chebby Said, he put his hand down his top and pulled out his chain – with the pick on it "Sorry everyone" he said rather sheepishly.

Chapter Three

The van rolled down the town main street, which was empty as it was last time. A humming noise seemed to come from the old fire station. Harvey spotted Mark standing on the kerb holding a bottle in one hand and he was signalling with the other for Harvey to park in the yard. Harvey drove the van to where Mark was pointing and when all motion had stopped the gang all fell out of the van one by one, each helping the one behind them. Emma was the last one to emerge helped down by Danny, they followed everyone into the station.

"How come it's here, in the station I mean" Chebby was asking Mark

"Well my Dad is the head fireman, and because it's such a small town this old place hardly ever gets used so every Friday night we use it for party's and the band practice here as well.

"I thought you and your Dad worked in the café" Sarahlee Said

"Yeah we do but we've got this place too" Said Mark opening the door to the station, the gang where flooded with music, laughter and talking. For a small town there where lot's of teenagers. Well about 20 but they seemed to know how to have a good time.

"So this is it then" Said Danny as he walked through the door

"Yep" Said Mark greeting the with a couple of beers

"Cheers" Said Danny opening his and taking a sip as he eyed the place up.

Emma walked behind him, quite timid at first but there was such a good atmosphere in the station she and all of the gang soon fitted right in.

Danny was talking to Mark and his mate, Greg when Chebby walked up to them and asked Mark if they could play – he had noticed a drum set in the corner of the stage and a two guitars.

They where setting up the set, tuning the guitars when Jonny and Harvey noticed them, they left the girls that they where chatting up, well trying to chat up, and joined them on the edge of the stage.

"Oh, come on the party's just getting started do you have to kill it so soon" Pleaded Harvey

"Yeah, we where getting quite far with those lasses, once they realise that we're with you and they hear you play we'll be done for" Added Jonny

"Well if it makes you feel any better you can choose the song, make it one we all know" Said Danny

"Erm, well let me see, how about 'Aliens Exist'" Jonny Said

"Yeah, great" said Mark who obviously knew it

"Cool" Said Danny, this was one of his personal favourites and played it better than any other, Jonny knew this and was thankful for it.

"Well what are we waiting for then" Said Chebby who was his normal confident self

Danny followed Mark and Chebby on to the stage kissing his shark tooth necklace for good luck.

"Hello Everybody" Shouted Danny into the mike adjusting the height at the same time.

"We're going to sing a song for you now, you'll probably know it so if you do know the words, don't join in because we want to do it by ourselves OK Ready" He said turning around to see Mark and Chebby giving him the thumbs up.

He started to play the opening rift when he caught Emma eyes across the room, he felt nervous but he seemed to play harder rather then loose it. They exchanged smiles then Danny became lost in the music and barley noticed anyone in the room.

Danny, Mark and Cebby Play 'Aliens Exist'.

The song finished and the place went up in a blast of cheers and whistles. Danny looked for Emma and saw her sat at the bar with Sarahlee and two other lads. He felt sick inside. He took the guitar off his shoulders and walked off the stage.

Chebby found him in the toilets a few minutes later leaning over the sink.

"Hey what's up" Chebby Said "They love us out there, they're asking for an encore"

"I'm sorry, I, It's the heat, I'll be out soon, don't worry I'm not going to escape out the window or anything"

"Glad to hear it" Said Chebby who thought it best to give Danny some space.

Danny walked out into the room after a few minutes, only to find Emma with the same lads. He walked over, he was just a few feet away when Emma saw him and practically flung herself on him, pecking him on the cheek.

"That was great, you where great"

"It was" Said Danny stunned

"Yeah, you always are" She said still clinging to him

The two lads shook Danny's hand and complimented on his performance the disappeared into the crowd.

"What was all that about" Asked Danny astounded

"Oh well, me and Sarahlee where just sat here when those lad's started to talk to us, at first it was just chat, but then they started chatting us up so I told them that I was going out with you, I hope you don't mind"

"Mind! No not at all, but next time we're going out could you please tell me sooner, anyway whose Sarahlee supposed to be going out with, Chebby?" Danny asked

"No" Sarahlee answered "I've got their numbers"

"Oh" Danny Said

"Come on Danny" Mark shouted from behind him, "We're on again"

"Well, I'll have to go now" Danny Said "This ones for you" Danny Said to Emma trotting off towards the stage. She smiled, and gazed at him as he made his way towards the stage.

"Love you" She muttered under her breath.

The band started playing again and the place was awash with music and cheers once more. Even Jonny and Harvey where impressed by how well they played, which was really something.

The evening went really well, from everybody's point of view.

Danny got to go out with Emma – well kinda, Sarahlee got two nice lads numbers, Mark and Chebby actually played well for once, Jonny met Judith, and Laura had a really good time.

They got back to the 'shed' at about 2 in the morning. The van rolled down the drive to the back where the shed was.

"Well that was quite a successful night wasn't it" Said Danny smiling at Emma

"Yeah" She Said coyly not really making eye contact, she turned slowly to look out the window "ARHHHHHH" She shouted

The van screeched, a shadowy figure ran in front of the speeding vehicle, Harvey swerved missing the fleeing figure by inches. The figure, recovering from his brush with death, ran, half stumbling, towards the bushes, Danny and Chebby leapt out of the van in pursuit of the man. He leapt over the bush into the undergrowth, Danny and Cherbetji followed the man. Leaping over the bush they found themselves immersed in thick undergrowth. Danny noticed footprints in the mud.

"This way" he shouted continuing the pursuit of the shadowy figure.

The prints led all through the thick trees, winding round trees and over some bushes, Danny and Chebby ran on relentlessly when finally the came out onto long path which lead back in the direction of the town from where they had just been.

"Come on" Shouted Chebby who had taken the lead over Danny

"You must be joking" Danny shouted back "He might not of even come this way, besides he obviously knows the area better than us let's get back – see if everyone else is OK"

Chebby be-grudgingly returned with Danny, back to the shed where they had left every-one else, it took them a while to find their way back through the heavy growth of trees but the finally emerged a few hundred metres from the shed. They walked to the shed together in silence, either too frightened to talk or too worried at what they might find back at the shed.

When they finally arrived back at the shed they found the others sat in the kitchen area. Jonny, Sarahlee and Laura was all stood in one corner, deep in discussion, their voices drifted over to Danny and Chebby, they seemed to be deep into a discussion of what happened. Emma was sat at the table cupping a mug between her hands and gazing forward, looking through the steam trying to see clearly, to make out what had happened. Danny's first instinct was to rush over too her, and see if she was all right, when she saw him approaching she leapt to her feet, nearly spilling her coffee all over the place.

"Oh thank God you're OK" She said to Danny rushing over to him.

They hugged, Danny gazed into her eyes, falling deeper and deeper into them, finally he snapped out of it.

"So you missed me then" was his glib remark

"You bet I did, you should have never run off like that" She said, obviously shook up by the whole experience.

"Well, you know me, always dashing off" Danny laughed, trying to make light of the situation.

"Well, Emma seems pretty shook up, but other than that everyone seems to be fine and the 'shed's' OK, as you can see" Sarahlee was saying to Chebby "Harvey's just looking around outside now too see if he can find anything the bloke has dropped"

"How do you know it was a bloke" Jonny Said

"Good point" Said Chebby, "but to outrun me and Danny, must have taken some going, besides he seemed pretty heavily built, I don't know what would have happened if we had caught him up, I reckon it was a bloke"

"That's a rather sexist comment, but I have to agree with you, from what I saw it looked like a bloke" Laura Said, the first time she had spoke since the conversation had started.

Danny walked up to join the discussion having just put Emma too bed safely.

"What you talking about" Danny Said, just after he got the words out he realised how daft it sounded, at that moment Harvey walked in he headed straight over to where everyone was stood.

"Find anything" Sarahlee asked

"Yeah as a matter of a fact I did"

The group of youngsters suddenly became alert once more, they all looked over to Harvey who held his hand out producing a small penknife in the shape of a fish.

"I don't know whether it's significant or not, but I found it near where the person jumped into the bushes, I'm guessing he dropped it, unless it's yours Danny". Harvey was well aware of Danny's love of fish and basically anything that swam.

"No it's not mine" Danny Admitted "However I wouldn't mind one like it" Danny said taking it off Harvey to examine it more closely.

"Well what are we going to do now?" Laura asked

"Well the best thing would be too get some sleep, we're all tired and we can discuss what we're doing tomorrow tomorrow" Danny Said

"I agree" Said Sarahlee

They all went to their beds and we're all soon asleep. All that is except for Danny, he was laid next to Emma, he lay there gazing at her troubled face, but still managed to carry the beauty it always had.

Chapter Four

The next morning it was Danny's turn too cook for Emma, who seemed in a much brighter mood then the day before.

"So what's the plan then" Harvey was asking as Emma walked up to the table, she sat down and Danny produced a plate of toast and a mug of coffee in front of her.

"Thank you" she said smiling at him

"No probs" he said "you did the same for me, I'm just repaying the compliment"

"Thanks" She said sipping the coffee "No insult or anything" She continued "But you can't make coffee"

"I know" Danny replied "Why do you think I have mine black, I never know how much milk too put in!"

Everyone laughed – it must have been nerves.

"Emma" Danny Said "Did you see the person, his face or any distinguishing features?" he asked

"No, not really, it was dark and I only got a glimpse, I couldn't even tell you if it was a man, never mind anything else.

"Well I reckon we should head into town, ask Mark if there was anyone who didn't turn up for the party, or who left early" Said Chebby. "I know it sounds daft" he continued "but I want to find out who it was, I don't really like the idea of anyone snooping around here, OK they didn't do anything this time but what about next time"

"I agree" Laura Said "We frightened him off by the look of it, but he could have done something"

"Yeah, I say we go now then, there's no time like the present" Harvey Said

"Well I think someone should stay here, too keep an eye on the place if nothing else" Danny Said

"Well, I reckon there's not much point in everyone going, Danny and Chebby you two should just go, after all you chased the person – you might recognise him if you see him" Jonny said

"Well I ain't letting either of these idiots drive my van, so you can count me in" Harvey Said, he was very protective over his van.

"I should go as well then" Emma Said "I might recognise the person, although I didn't get a good look it might come back to me"

"Right well that's it the" Jonny said who thought that there was all ready enough people going

"Come on then" Said Danny who put his arm around Emma and made his way to the door

Harvey went outside to warm up the van, whilst Chebby and Danny got their jackets and anything else that they might need, Danny put the knife in his pocket, and followed Chebby out, closing the door behind him. They all pilled into the van and Harvey started to drive down the side of the cabin, when he saw a figure walking towards the van, he slowed down and when they got closer it became apparent it was Mark, he stopped the van and wound down the window.

"Hey, we we're just coming too see you" Harvey said through the window

"You was, Why?" Mark Said

"We had a prowler here last night, nearly ran him over, Danny and Chebby chased him but he knew the area better then them and gave them the slip"

"Really" Mark Said amazed

"Yeah, we'll tell you all about it at the 'shed', race ya" Harvey Said, half jokingly

Harvey turned the van around in the driveway, when he was level with Mark, Mark set off at a blistering pace, running ahead of the van. Harvey accelerated quickly, but it was no use, Mark was all ready near the front door of the shed.

"Wow, he's fast" Emma Said

"Yeah very fast, there's only one other person I've seen run that fast" Danny Said not saying who that person was.

When they got into the shed Mark was all ready sat down, Laura was handing him a steaming mug; the scent of coffee filled the room. Before they had entered the room Danny had told them to not mention how fast Mark had run.

"You win" Harvey Said as he entered the room exchanging glances with Danny who half scowled.

"Who do you think the prowler was last night?" Mark asked

"Dunno" Jonny Said

"Yeah that's what we was coming to ask you" Danny Said

"What, I never even knew someone was here, never mind who it was" he Said hurriedly.

"Well we don't mean that, but was there anyone who didn't go to the party last night or anyone who left early?" Danny asked

"Well I didn't notice anyone missing but I suppose someone could have left early, you know what is was like, they all went mad"

"Yeah" Said Danny agreeing

"But why would anyone leave early?" Mark asked

"To come here obviously" was the snappy reply from Jonny

"But why?" Mark asked

"That's what we want to know" Danny Said

"Well it's got me puzzled, but anyway onto the real reason why I came, when are you leaving?"

"You want rid of us that quickly eih" Sarahlee Said

"No, no not at all, but I was wondering if you would like to perform at another party, this ones out of town, one of the neighbouring villages, someone heard you last night and loved you"

"Most people did" Chebby Said

"Yeah well anyway, it's next week and I was wondering if you would still be in town"

"Yeah we should be, unless anything crops up between now and then" Harvey Said looking to the others for agreement they all nodded

"Oh, Mark, I was wondering, do you know that bushy area behind here, what is it"

"That, it's the old swamp, due to the heat wave it's drying up a bit but yeah, it's the old swamp, Why?"

"Oh, no reason" Danny Said

"Well I had better get going now, give my mate a ring and tell him you should be able to make it" Mark Said standing up and putting his empty mug down, he started to make his way to the door when Danny said "Oh you dropped this".

Danny took his hand out of his pocket and seemed to pick something off the floor he handed it to Mark.

"Cheers" Mark Said "I don't know what I would have done without this for good luck" He said putting the item in his pocket.

When he got outside and Jonny was convinced he was out of earshot he asked Danny "What did you give him? I didn't see him drop anything"

"He didn't" Danny Said smiling "I think we've found our prowler, I gave him back his penknife!"

The room went silent. You could cut the tension with a knife. Sarahlee was the first to speak.

"So you mean it was Mark, no now I'm sorry I can't believe it"

"Well it was his knife, I say if the shoe fits…"

"So that's what you meant when you said you had only seen one other person run that fast, I thought you meant me" Chebby Said

"No, no I still can't believe it, it can't have been him"

"Why?" Danny asked "We've only known him what 24 hours, if that, we don't know what he's like"

"It could have been all perfectly innocent" Sarahlee suggested

"No now I'm sorry, he must have left early and ran all the way here, that can't be innocent"

"Well" Said Sarahlee trying to think of an excuse to protect Mark "I don't know" She finally added

"I agree with both of you" Jonny Said. Danny and Sarahlee both stared at him.

"Well on one hand, yeah it could have been perfectly innocent, but then again maybe not"

"Well what do you suggest we do?" Harvey asked who respected Jonny and regarded him as a 'wise' person.

"Well I say we sit it out, just try to have fun for this week, then at this party we'll ask around a few people what they know about Mark, we've got a full week ahead of us, come on lets have fun, that's what's this vacation is all about"

"I second that" Said Danny raising his hand

"Me too" Said Emma

Everyone else all agreed and went about there own business, Jonny went to a shady corner and got out his notepad and a pen and started to write a letter home. Danny wandered over.

"Hey, How you doing best bud" Danny Said sitting down beside him

"Not bad, how's about you, I see you've made some progress with Emma" He Said putting his pad down but still playing with his pen.

"Yeah, I'm rather pleased about that, it took me a while but, yeah"

"A while, it took you ages, If I had a penny for every time you was talking about her I'd be a rich man"

"Anyway what about you" Danny Said throwing the question back "Still dreaming of your ideal bird"

"Found her mate"

"What" Danny burst sitting up "Found her"

"Yep, I met her at the party the other night, she's called Judith"

"Judith eih, well done my friend"

"Thanks" Jonny Said, at that moment Chebby came running up

"Hey you two" He Said as he got there "We're setting up a court outside to play volleyball" he told them "Will you play with me" he added in a childish voice

"You mean will we hit a ball over a net whilst watching the girls jump up and down" Danny asked just so he got it right.

"Well, yeah" Chebby Said

"You can count me in" Danny and Jonny Said at the same time.

For the rest of the vacation the gang had fun and by the end of the week they had almost forgot what had happened at the beginning of the holiday. Most of the holiday consisted of hanging around the shed, either playing sports or sunbathing in the extreme heat.

One day they all had a run out in the van, just around the countryside but Danny had seen something very strange, he had told no-one at the time, as not to alarm them, however it had been on his mind ever since.

He had seen a long line of boys walking into a barn; he recognised most of them as people from the party. Mark was stood at the doorway directing them all in, when he first saw it he assumed they where all having a party or something, but the way that they all walked in a formal line seemed quite strange. Then he notice something that sent shivers down his back, Peely was there, he was one of them, whatever they where. For the rest of the holiday Danny had been quite uneasy, he always felt as though he had been watched.

Then the party dawned; it was about 2 hours before the party and the gang where quite nervous. Danny was siting on the edge of his mattress holding his head in his cupped hands.

"You OK" Sarahlee asked who was walking past his bed to get to her own where she kept her make-up.

"Yeah" Said Danny although his mind seemed to be somewhere else.

Sarahlee thought it best to not push Danny, he was obviously nervous, but about what Sarahlee didn't quite know, they where all nervous about what might happen tonight, but it seemed to be deeper for Danny.

"Got your lucky pick" Harvey asked Chebby laughing

"Yes, yes I have, it's round my neck" Said Chebby just before he realised what Harvey meant.

"Hey" Jonny shouted over to Sarahlee

"Yep" was the quick reply

"You phoned those lads yet?" He asked

"No, I thought I'd let them dangle a while, Why do you ask"

"Oh well I've got Judith's number and I wondered if I should call her yet" Jonny explained

"Well you might see her at the party, but if you don't you should call her, she wouldn't have given you it if she didn't want you to use it" Was the smart reply from Sarahlee.

"Well only one hour to go" Harvey announced a while later.

"Yeah" Said Chebby looking at his watch "We should be getting going now, we don't know exactly where it is so we may have trouble finding it, Where is it Harvey?" Chebby asked

"Erm, let me see" He said pulling a scrap of paper out of his pocket "Er it is at 'Hollow Ridge'" reading the name

"Hollow Ridge" Chebby echoed

"Yes John" Harvey Said, everyone stared at him puzzled "Oh come on" Harvey protested "John" He repeated, still no response "John Parrot, you know the snooker player, Parrot get it, he repeated what I said, oh forget it"

"Harvey" Danny said, "If you are going to make any more jokes, can you please make them more simple, you know for Chebby and Sarahlee"

"Hey" Chebby and Sarahlee said simultaneously "You never got it either" Chebby continued

"Yeah so" Said Danny "Did anyone"

"Good call" Chebby replied

"Well girls are we done" Harvey said to Chebby and Danny

"Hey, I resent that" Emma

"Why?" Harvey asked "Because of you and Danny or because you're a girl"

"Both" was the reply

"Lets get going then" Danny said and with that everyone left the 'shed' and made their way to the van, they all piled in and travelled to the village in stone silence.

The countryside roads where long and winding, luckily thanks to all the warm weather they wasn't too bad for Harvey to keep control, but he still had to very cautious on all the turns and make sure he kept an eye on his speed.

They finally arrived at a small village, which seemed very inviting and warm, at the end of what seemed to be a long footpath was an old house, the sound of music and laughter drifted to the van.

"Well, I ain't driving my baby down that" Harvey Said looking down the road / path

"No I agree" said Danny "We should walk down"

"Yeah" agreed Jonny

The gang piled out of the van and started the walk down the path to the old house, just before they reached the door Danny, who was leading the party turned around suddenly.

"Now then" He said, "When we go in I want us to all act natural, as if we don't know what we do, just mingle"

When they walked in the large house they where greeted by a wave of warmth, laughter and music, they had only walked a few paces when Mark spotted them and made his way over.

"Hi" He Said, "Sorry I didn't expect to see you this early, otherwise I would have come out to look for you"

"Yeah well we thought we'd come a bit early, just in case we got lost on the way" Danny said coolly.

"Good thinking" Said Mark "Even I could get lost on some of these roads, it's so hard to find the turnings, some of the roads are like footpaths"

"Yeah, you're telling me" agreed Harvey.

"Well I'm sorry to do this to you two" Mark said to Danny and Chebby "but would you mind if you went on straight away"

"Well can't we get a drink first, I'm parched" asked Chebby

"Yeah sure but you'll have to take it on stage with you" Mark said going off to fetch drinks for the gang.

Danny turned to Chebby and they had a quiet conversation, which no one else could hear. Sarahlee seemed to be about to interrogate him when Mark came back and handed out the drinks and took Danny and Chebby to the stage, Sarahlee saw Danny say something to Mark and he looked at Danny then seemed to laugh and nod his head.

They got on to the stage finally, and for some reason Chebby and Mark didn't go to their instruments, they stood next to the stage and just watched Danny. Danny made hi way to centre stage and picked up the normal guitar, which he rarely used. Jonny and Harvey started to chuckle; they knew what he was doing.

"OK everyone" Danny said "I'm going to lower the tone a bit now, this song is one of my favourites and I'm singing it for someone very special tonight, Emma this ones for you"

Danny Sings 'Amazed'.

The mass of people exploded in cheers, Emma ran to the front of the crowd and clambered onto the stage.

"Thanks" she said, "Now I think we should sing something together"

"What?" Danny asked Emma leaned over and whispered something in his ear, Danny smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

"Well" Danny began "This is another special song and it's going to be even more special tonight, It's called 'Private Emotion'" The crowd of people exploded again into cheers

Danny and Emma Sing 'Private Emotion'.

When the last note faded the crowd cheered as they had been doing all night, clearly loving the entertainment. Emma and Danny gazed into each other's eyes, felling as though that moment would never end, however inevitably it did. With and explosion, at first the gang thought it was fireworks, and Danny and Emma felt it was very appropriate for the occasion.

Chapter Five

What followed that no one could really remember, but after a few years the gang managed to piece together the following.

Danny and Emma who where stood on the stage saw the smoke billows coming from the back of the old house.

Harvey and Jonny (who had been closest to the explosion, baring Sarahlee and Laura who had been stood next to the wall itself, they would later remember nothing of the incident it was even a miracle, or fate that they had survived). Where both knocked over by the blast, Harvey knocked unconscious by a piece of flying debris, he later recovered in hospital, suffering from a heavy concussion and multiple stab wounds.

Jonny managed to crawl safe of the gaping hole in the back wall and got hid under a large table, safe from the intruders and it was him who saw most of the commotion and him who the police had to rely on, him who would have to bear the bulk of the memories.

From what he could remember the masked men came in through the hole in threes, about five rows, fifteen in total, approximately.

The first two rows wielded machine guns and they released a volley of fire throughout the room, getting those on the stage and some loose people throughout the room.

The remaining three rows had knifes in their belts or hands, these spread through the room gathering everyone into the centre, well almost everyone, among those missing where, Danny and Emma who had been brought down by the first blast of rounds from the dark guns. Chebby and Mark who, protected by the stage made their way safely round the back to get help.

The last 'dark man' to enter was the largest, he seemed to be the leader. He went to the group of people in the centre, and gave a laugh, a spine tingling laugh that went straight through Jonny.

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaaa" he laughed, Jonny thought he would never cease, the only other word he muttered before he ordered their execution was "Kids" followed by another laugh, it was that laugh that would haunt Jonny forever.

When Chebby and Mark arrived ten minutes later with the police they found they massacred bodies, laying in what seemed to be an endless pool of blood. This image would stay with Chebby forever; he now fears nothing, because he has seen Hell.

All of his mates dead or dying, all his happy times with them where forgotten and replaced with this image, this image is all he would see from now on.

Danny and Emma had been happy together and will be forever, they lay next to each other, in the cemetery of their ancestors at their hometown. This was the one consolation for the rest of the gang, they had been truly happy before they went, they all thought of them as being the lucky ones, they could rest without the memories which the others had to carry.

The second book may follow…

What am I talking about of course it will follow, I can't leave it like this!