The pain is there in my mind
It strains my mind so much
Don't want to think of it
I just want the blade
The sissor
Anything with a point
Even that pin will do
Yes, it will do well
But I can't now
I'll end up dead...
I'll want more
Just to end my pain
I feel to selfish
I'm only thinking of myself
Yet how can I cope?
I know no other way
the page of X'es
I tried that last night
It helped, I think
But I only want the blood
I don't care about my friends
Not now atleast
Why can't I escape it?
It's only more pain
But I escape that pain...
The mental pain
That I long to be free of
I can see it in my mind...
I can see the scars,
I can see the blood,
I can see the blade,
I can see it all
Yet I'm not blind
Everyone else is
They know yet do nothing
They don't understand
They never will
Then one day they will
But, I'll be gone