A/N: I was inspired by the poems of "My Dream World" By Silent Anime Angel. Look her up some time
and read her stuff (fanfics too). Their pretty good. Thanks for the insperation Anji! ^^

The blue angel sings to little boy blue
As the sun begins to set
The time, it all disappears
And everything's left at
the mercy of eternity

The blue angel dances around
In the field of black roses
She closes her eyes and looks towards the sky
Knowing that they were wrong
And everything's left at
The mercy of eternity

The disguise of an angel is seldom wrong
But blood was shead along the way
Tears fell at last from wrong doers eyes
Yet hate inside, it still there stayed
They were wrong to throw her away

A/N: I might add more to this some time but I'm not sure.