^ ^ This fic is a little story I made up last year for a project, and I decided to post it...

its really short and its not that good, but enjoy!

Ben the Baker and the Biggest Strawberry Shortcake in the World

Once upon a time there lived a baker named Ben. Being short and chubby as most bakers are, he was also a very generous one. Whenever the poor townsfolk were hungry and starving Ben gladly handed out delicious bread. For not only was he kind, but he also made wonderful food.

One day, Ben decided to visit his aging mother who dwelled in a tiny cottage in the other side of the small village. She was very curious about liquids and never ceased to mix and blend potion after potion of them.

As Ben entered her cottage, he accidentally knocked over an entire table of glass and plastic vials filled with vivid colors of blue and red. At that very moment, his mother hobbled into the small room.

"Mother!" Ben cried, "I am very sorry! What can I do to repay the damage?" But Ben's mother didn't even seem to hear him. She slowly crouched closer to the mess. Suddenly, she shrieked with horror.

"Ben you are a bad boy!" She waggled a bony finger in his face." You have made a very dangerous and deadly potion! I am not allowed to say anything because of the curse it holds, but I can say be very careful."

A very confused Ben was told never let a drop of the potion spill on anything and was sent home. He hurriedly traveled home to put the precious vial into his special cupboard.

The next day, Ben was baking some strawberry shortcake for a poor couple whose children were starving. He opened his special cupboard, with the intention of taking out a bottle of special sweetened sugar, but took the potion instead! Humming to himself, he cheerfully poured every single drop of the potion into the bowl. Adding one delicious ingredient after another, he began to stir it all together. Then, after sliding into the oven, Ben smiled to himself, glad that the day's work was done.

He waited and waited, but the oven's timer would not "ping." Checking his clock, Ben worriedly peered into the oven. What a surprise he got! The entire thing was filled with strawberry shortcake! Ben quickly slid the pan out and set it on the table. His eyes seemed to grow with same quantity as the cake as grew larger and larger. It was then he decided to ask his wise mother for a solution to his problem.

When he opened his door, with mother in tow, Ben was faced with a bulging, yummy-looking strawberry shortcake ready to burst his entire bakery into shreds.

His mother just stood there, aghast, not believing what she was seeing. Suddenly, she explained to Ben that he had used the potion in such a way, so the cake would never stop growing.

Soon, news spread that there was a baker whose house was stuffed with strawberry shortcake, and would never ever run out. People came streaming in from miles around, begging for some of the sweet delicious strawberry shortcake. And so, that small village never went hungry again.

The End