AN: Yes this is the pathetic group of losers on our very first very weird. Very sick and disgusting fic. Yes we all suddenly decided to write a story. No this didn't turn out as some expected but fun none the less. Ya anyway we all have different " fonts" so you can tell the difference between our thoughts and ideas. By the way there are 7 of us in total but only like 5 f us writing this specific story. Molly Gill Stacy Katy Dana Just too tell you, later on in the story Katy and Dana dropped out of writing this specific story.

" I love hot sick ass and cheetos," said Molly. " Would it be rude to run away right now?" wondered Gill and she began wondering why molly never took a shower. Suddenly Stacy walked in, in a shower cap and thong holding a towel over her chest. " What are you doing talking about Gill's colored past? Its not her fault she was a hooker." The in walked Dana wearing a very naughty Santa Clause outfit. " You've all been very naughty girls! You deserve to be whipped like reindeer!" " It's not my fault that Dana's still a hooker! And her pimp Mike is such a disgusting asshole!" screeched Stacy as she yanked up her thong, her buttcheeks turning blue. She replied " I don't know why I quit." It seemed that Stacy was trying to give herself a hernia, they couldn't see the thong anymore, it was so far up her ass. Gill ran over and hit Stacy on the head with a chair. Dana looked completely appalled by what she was wearing and said " I would be much more at home in your outfit Stacy." And began to drool. Gill continued practicing her chair-smacking for her Friday night job as " Gilly Fishnet" on foxy boxing while Molly began dosing herself in 'eau de Molly', which was the scent of hot sick ass and cheetos. Suddenly Katy woke up from her dream screaming, as she walked into the room and was curled up on the floor with her ginormous ass skyward, her thumb in her mouth. The others turned and said together "I want to funk that!" Unfortunately they were all suddenly distracted as" Gilly Fishnet" started running around the room smacking her ass. Dana looked utterly disgusted and turned and started wanking while staring at Katy's round, muscular, clenched ass, it had been a long time since she had gotten any. Gill finally smacked all the itch out of her ass and started smacking Stacy's to get some circulation back in it, as she began to strip down to her rubber bra and g-string set. Suddenly Super-Travis walked through the room wearing his now infamous black spandex shorts(2 sizes too small) and his faded, stretched white tube top. Stacy quickly splashed on some 'eau de Molly' (since she thought it smelled like Gill) and started to dance around Super- Travis. Dana seeing that Stacy was taking her job started to blow him, harder and faster than she did even for her best paying clients. Nobody knew what Molly had been ding for the last little while, but Katy saw her lying in the corner rolling in a mixture of ' eau de Molly' and her own juices and bodily fluids, as gill began to do a lap dance for Katy. Katy got into the groove of things and began to grope Molly's picture while Gill Looked on jealously. Stacy, meanwhile, was getting now where with Travis because he knew that Stacy was total crap and started to fondle Gill who moaned like a whore. Stacy started being a bitch, barking disappointedly and licking herself. Luckily, just then Shane appeared, and they started going at it doggy style. Dana started to pole dance madly around Super- Travis, trying to seduce him with her new reindeer whip and clause hat. Molly was now finishing her mail order priest course when she saw shane and began to hump his leg madly and Gill saw what Molly was doing and wanted some action. Molly faced Gill and they began to stab Shane in the balls. Molly finished her priest course and passed with flying colors. She was just putting on her priestly garb when she was attacked by a horde of mad choir boys demanding sobomination. Gill shrugged and ran away to a desert island that was filled with thousands of rubber duckies. Gill like these duckies especially since they were rubber. Gill was just melting a few to make a bondage suit when God appeared in the clouds. " Molly!" he said, " this is your last warning, stop writing Jesus and God slashes and looking for hidden subplots in the bible or I will be forced to take away your bottle of 'eau de Molly"' God was angry and he threw a coconut at Molly's head. " Its true! The subplots!" Molly shouted, when God disappeared with a clap of thunder, taking all the 'eau de Molly' with him. " Nooooo!" wailed Molly," my precious scent!" "If you want redemption you must find the sacred ashes of Brianna the whore. She was the whore of whores, the greatest whore who ever lived." But Brianna was never a whore, she was a tree that horny foxy boxers liked to hump. In fact, Gill was rubbing herself up against it at that very moment, when magically Molly grew a third nipple. " oh, I forgot." Said god from the clouds, " you will get more and more... homely as you search. If you do not find the sacred ashes, you are doomed to be the fattest fatty of all time, for all time! Oh, and Gill, you've been very good." The tree suddenly in to James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) and ran away at the sight of Gill in her "Gilly Fishnet" costume, although Molly thought she was incredibly sexy and beautiful. She called to Gill " Come here, my love. We will make beautiful babies together. James Marsters, who thought Molly was talking to him, immediately obeyed because third nipples turned him on. Gill tried to convince him that the huge zit on her forehead was a third nipple but he rejected her. So she dug herself a hole to trap Stacy, her ex-prison bitch, in. Suddenly Molly sprouted a penis. " How are we going to make beautiful children with that?" asked James Marsters and he ran off and continued to make the beautiful television we all know and love. Molly cried and began to measure her penis. It was micro sized. God really didn't like her. But of course Molly being Molly, thought it was incredibly huge and tried to rape poor James Marsters, who loved it, even though he thought she suddenly bore a stunning resemblance to Gill. He looked and saw he micro sized penis ans screamed, it was Gill! Gill pulled off her Molly mask and laughed evilly. " You're mine forever now James Marsters!" But luckily Molly(the beautiful) came up behind Gill and clubbed her senseless with Stacy's severed head. " Ow cried Stacy who was amazingly still alive, like some sort of freak chicken. Gill ripped off her fake exact replica of Molly's penis and put Stacy's head in a pickle jar. The pickle juices immediately began their work and Stacy's head was miraculously ( and lumpily) preserved forever! Molly asked James Marsters if he would like her to rape him with her micro sized penis, and he replied the Gill was the only on who could rape him up the ass that way. Molly pouted in the corner and stroked her long Gimli like beard that suddenly appeared as God sat on his cloud laughing hysterically as Jesus forgave Molly for all her faults and made her Gill- like beard and penis disappeared. He then made a covenant with her that she would be able to have sex with whomever she wanted and Gill's deformities would start her head rotting making it look mare and more like Stacy's head, which was quickly becoming a necrophiliac. James Marsters suddenly realized what he had said and dislocated himself from Gill who was, um." latched" on to him. Then God came and read Jesus a passage from Molly's " Lead Us Into Temptation", a God/Jesus/Holy Spirit rapefic. Jesus immediately gave Molly back her beard and other homelinesses, and restored her sexuality( only with the aid of beer). Suddenly Molly, who had been raping Sean Bean, realized that she was again stuck with her third nipple, her Gimli-like beard and micro sized penis. Also she grew a very very large Adam's apple, sticking out through her beard.. God saw that Stacy was without a body and thought "she's been incredibly good," and granted her a beautiful body along with a beautiful face. Unfortunately, Stacy's head was still stuck in the jar. Jesus realized he had broken the covenant with Molly and immediately restored her to her normal two nippled, penisless and beardless self. NEVER TO HARM HER AGAIN! Jesus then discovered that the " Lead us into Temptation" rapefic was under a pen name and the fic had actually been written by Gill, who had been working and whoring for Satan all along. So God and Jesus banished her to hell, where she was forced to have sex with Kevin Spacey for all eternity. God meanwhile, made Jesus get tested for STD's because he had stood so close to Gill. Jesus is tested! Stacy, in her new body and her head still stuck in a pickle jar pleaded with God for help. God ignored her request , because she had committed the sin of all sins and had gone out with Shane. So she too was sent to hell and made to copulate with Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey was a very happy man and Gill was less scared of him because he had a much bigger penis than Molly, thus he was a much better ride. Gill wasn't that unhappy down in hell, she got to wear leather and poke people with tritons. Just like foxy boxing! She also occasionally sent Molly anonymous letters the intoxicating sent of 'eau de Molly' that would vanish after one sniff. Thus Molly was tortured for all eternity. Satan was very proud of Gill. After much Spacey fucking, Satan let Stacy take the pickles jar off her head and even let her keep Orlando Bloom as her sex slave, much to Molly's dismay. Molly didn't know who was sending her 'eau de Molly' filled letters, though she suspected God. One day she sent him a sham love letter form 'jesus'. It contained pick-up lines like " Make a covenant with me" and " you can test me for 40 days and 40 nights". It also contained all the hidden subplots she thought she had discovered in the bible. Daniel/ Darius, Moses/Ramses, Jonah/whale and many others. She was sure not to forget Cain and Able's tale of lust and revenge. She was cast back to Earth for being a perv. And even Satan didn't try to recruit her. That " Jesus is tested" incident in the Bible had too many slahsy possibilities. Molly also tried to bring a certain Mr. Bloom over to her side but he knew better than that and ran away at the sight of her, back to Stacy's loving arms. Gill became Satan's and finally after hours of torturing everybody, God decided to give Molly a harem of every hot actor she liked, like young Clint Eastwood and Stewart Townsend and people like that( well everyone except Orlando Bloom). Therefore everyone lived happily ever after.

The End