Bound by Blood Chapter One

Some people never thought I existed and some people thought that I had died along with my family the night my hometown was attacked by the terrorists. I was only ten years old at that time but I still feel guilty for not doing anything. My mother and four brothers died that day and the traitorous bastard I used to call father kidnapped my twin. That's right my father was actually working for the terrorists he had planned the attacked on the town which had killed everyone. Everyone except me but I guess I did die that night seeing the way I am now but what angers me most is that I can't remember how I survived or when I became to be the person who I am today.

At first I couldn't work out what this doctor had seen in me but now I know. I held determination in my eyes that no body else had seen before and revenge. Now I'm a soldier an assassin working for my teacher; Doctor M as I have called her for the past four years. Nobody would have ever thought that a girl fourteen years old with one bright blue eye and one bright green eye and blonde hair to be an assassin much less a soldier. To tell you the truth neither did I to think about it but that's what I look like now, I still have the same eyes though my hair colour had changed you see I used to have red hair. My hair colour wasn't fiery red but it did hold colours like gold, blonde, brown and so many more but not any more. But that's what confused everyone not very many half Australian and half-Japanese people had red hair but I guess I got it from my mother's side because she said that her sister had red hair like mine. I'm now 165cm tall and weight 52kg, when I first came here I used to be fat and well not that short I think I grew at least 13cm.

Then there's my scar, it's not a massive one but it's long enough, it went from just below my hairline to just above my eyebrow. My father had given me that scar just before he took Michelle. He gave it to me because I wouldn't let go of her, so he pulled out his knife and slashed it across my forehead.

But again there's something else, no one ever knew except for my mum, Michelle and I. Its really weird, mum said that its really rare and that is true because my sister and I were the only ones we knew of who had this well lets just put it gift. We're telepathic. I know its not possible but for some reason we could communicate with each other with our thoughts and we could read other peoples minds when we wanted too. It wasn't like we could hear everyone's thoughts and get a massive headache, no we'd have to concentrate on that person until we could, but the coolest part about being telepathic was that we could talk to people inside their head but never know who it was. I don't do it any more sometimes yes but not as much as I used to with Michelle.

Dr M told me that there are other people like me but only four but not in the telepathic way. Fortunately Dr M doesn't know if she did I'd probably but tested on and all that stuff, I really hate that.

We have all been trained epically for this because tonight we meet and take on the terrorists. I know I know you think we're nuts right, four fifteen year olds and one fourteen year old attacking the most dangerous people in the world, you'd probably think that we were worst then the children's crusade all those years ago.

The year is 2027, my name is Mary Jane but I've always been called MJ and I'm fourteen years old. To you now I tell you my story:

"MJ, you'll be meeting the others today" said Dr M as she walked into my bedroom. My room was quite large seeing that I lived in a mansion. It had a king-size bed in the middle of the room, which was against the wall with a TV in front of it. In the corner opposite to my bed was a desk where my laptop, printer, stereo and scanner. Then there was the doors to my balcony, the other doors, which were in my room, were the ones the led to the hallway and the other ones were where my bathroom and closet were. Dr M had black hair and green eyes and she always wears black pants and a lab coat, she's in about her early thirties, late twenties, I've never asked her age, knowing it's rude to do so. Man she needs a make over; I really have to take her shopping one-day.

"Alright, what time are they coming?" I asked but seriously I didn't care I wanted to do this mission myself but no there just had to be others.

"In about ten minutes"

"Great this should be fantastic," I said sarcastically earning a glare from Dr M

"Be nice"

"Fine" I said, slightly annoyed.

Suddenly we heard the buzzer go off and Dr M and I walked out of my room.

"This is going to be bloody fantastic," I whispered to myself.

"MJ" she warned.

"Fine" I sighed; bloody hell I hate being told what to do. Dr M nodded, and went to answer the door while I went to the conference room and sat down in a chair. This room was just as big as my room. It had a huge oval table in the middle with twenty seats seated around it. After about three minutes of waiting the door opened and three teenage boys and one girl walked in. They all sat opposite me then their doctors walked in and so did Dr M. I took each persons appearance. The first one had dark messy brown hair and Prussian blue eyes, which held no emotion; he was wearing black jeans and a grey tank top. He looks to be half like me. I've haven't met anyone whose half Japanese and half Australian in ages, but hey he's pretty cute maybe working with these guys wont be so bad. The boy sitting next to him had brown hair and Cobalt blue eyes; he was wearing black pants and a black jacket with a blood red shirt underneath it. He looks like he's Australian. And the only one who had blonde hair besides me had blue eyes and was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt; he looked so innocent compared to the others and to me I wonder why they would make him fight? But still I wonder what nationality he is because he looks Australian but also Albanian, that's really confusing me. Finally the girl she had light brown hair, which was pulled into a ponytail like mine, she had green eyes with a smile on her face and she was wearing tight black jeans with a sliver tank top and she looks like she's American. She looks nice enough but appearance isn't everything, Mum thought me that, God I miss her so much.

"Connor Yuy, Jarryd Maxwell, Steve Winner, Casey Barton I would like to introduce you to MJ Howard, she will be working with you on your missions" said Dr M

"Hi MJ" said Steve.

"Hey MJ" said Jarryd and Casey at the same time, while Connor just nodded at me, okay I guess he's not to hyped up about working with me, ahh who gives a shit.

"Hey guys," I said with a fake smile. Connor looked at me weirdly for a second before turning his attention back to the doctors. "Now to get down to business, for your first mission I want to destroy a the base which is situated on the south coast of America. Also I need you to get the information from there"

"What's the information on?" asked Steve.

"A new type of bomb, it can wipe out half the world with just one hit"

"So pretty much it's like the Atomic bomb," said Jarryd, trying to make their sentences less complicated.

"Not exactly it's called the Radiation destruction," said Dr J. Old man with grey hair and a lab coat, what more do I have to say about his appearance.

"I've heard about that," I said surprising everyone in the room except for Dr M who sighed.

"How could you have heard of that? The only people who knew of it were myself; the doctors and they were not supposed to tell their pulps about it. Oh and the creator who is Anthony Horris" said Dr K. This doctor was quite young in his thirties at least, had brown hair and black eyes, weird combination.

"I think I should explain something about MJ" started Dr M.

"No, I only heard about it on my last mission, they've already constructed it" I said but at the same time sending Dr M a meaningful look.

"What do you mean they've already constructed it? It wasn't mean to be start till December this year," yelled Dr J while I rolled my eyes how dumb is he.

"I'm saying that they started building it over five years ago," I yelled back at him. Whoops shouldn't have said that. It would probably make them more suspicious, shit.

"How do you know that?" asked Connor. Ahh so he can talk.

"I. umm over heard them, yeah over heard them," I said. Oh shit I couldn't have been more obvious. Everyone else seemed to have bought it, except for Connor. Bloody hell J must have trained him well.

"Okay well then the mission has changed, instead of getting the information you have to destroy it," said Dr B. Young woman with brown hair, which was in a braid, and green eyes. She wore glasses and a lab coat. What the hell is it with all the fricking lab coats?

"That's easy but one question is Horris going to be there?" I asked, hoping to God that he wasn't.

"We think so, but if you do find him we want him captured and brought here alive," said Dr B. Crap I was so hoping she wouldn't say that maybe Alex would be there. I gotta ask Dr M.

"What time will we leave?" asked Steve.

"Now" said Dr J.

"So soon I thought we'd leave tonight or something," said Jarryd. So did I that mean I have to get packed. Crap I hate packing.

"No, MJ go to your room and get packed up but only take your laptop okay and take all the others with you so you guys can learn more about each other" said Dr M. I nodded and got up, so did everyone else.

"And tell each other your code names alright" said Dr B before we all walked out the door.

"So?" I asked as we reached my room.

"Yeah let's start with you MJ," said Casey sitting on my bed.

"Okay what do you want to know?" I asked, easy enough, a few questions that's it.

"Well how come you were chosen?" shit that just had to be the first question.

"I was chosen because I was the only one to survive after the attack on my home-town"

"What's your real name?" asked Steve.

"Mary-Jane" I answered causally rubbing my scar hoping that they wouldn't figure out my real last name.

"How old are you?" asked Jarryd.


"How'd you get that scar?" asked Connor. Crap why'd he have to ask?

"I got it protecting my twin sister before she was taken," I said looking away from them as I packed my bag.

"Who took her?" asked Casey.

"I don't know" I lied. I really didn't want to talk about it but Dr M ordered to tell them everything but this I couldn't.

"Okay Jarryd your turn," said Casey.

"Call me Jazz," he said with a smile on his face.

"How come you were chosen?" I asked. I gotta find out why they were chosen.

"Umm well I don't know I've been training since birth"

"So have I" said Connor, Steve and Casey.

"How old are you?" asked Steve.

"Fifteen" he answer, "Is everyone here besides MJ fifteen?" he asked.

"Yup" said Casey. Bloody hell not again, I'm sick of being the youngest for everything.

"Where did you grow up?" I asked.


"Same" said Connor

"Same" I said. Why the hell did I say that? It wasn't important.

"Oh so you were the girl from the City destruction" stated Jazz. I nodded. Oh shit there gonna figure out who I really am.

"I heard about that, I'm really sorry they say that you came from a really big family," said Steve.

"Yeah I had four brothers and my sister but it's okay, I don't think about it any more," I said not looking at them as I did my bag up. Then I sat down on my desk next to Connor while Steve and Jazz were standing up.

"Okay Casey your turn" said Steve; thank God they changed the subject from me.

"Fire away" she said.

"Where do you come from?" I asked.


"Cool well I dunno what to ask you seeing that you were trained for this day one like us" said Steve.

"Yeah same I can't think of what to ask you either Steve," said Jazz.

"Oh well come on let's go then," said Casey getting up and walking to the door. I didn't move for a bit, I spaced out again. I hadn't even realised that they had gone until Connor tapped me on the shoulder. I shook my head and looked up then around.

"Whoops sorry I guess I kinda spaced out" I said. Connor was looking at me weirdly again. 'I wonder what's wrong with her because if she spaces out on a mission she'll end up dead' I heard in my mind, it was Connor.

"I won't space out in a mission, I never have and I don't intend too," I said, shit shouldn't have said that. Connor looked at me shocked. Damn it.

"Don't ask," I said as I walked past him and out of my room. How could I have been so stupid, I shouldn't have said anything, now he's going to know, CRAP. I walked down the hall then Connor was walking next to me but he didn't say anything. 'Please don't say anything to anyone Connor, I'll explain it all later okay' Connor jumped when he heard it then looked at me, he looked almost scared.

"How did you do that?" he asked. Shit, now I've scared the crap outta him, perfect.

"I said that I would explain later okay, just don't tell anyone because no body knows" I whispered to him. He nodded and began walking again.

"So you three get on the plane and I'll find MJ and Connor," said Dr M angrily.

"Ahh shut up M, were right here" I yelled as Connor and I ran to the plane.

"Connor get on I have to talk to MJ," said Dr M. I nodded and Connor got on the small plane.

"What?" I asked.

"Michelle's there"

"What?" I asked again, am I hearing her right?

"I said that Michelle's going to be at that base" I did. Oh my god I can't believe it, I get to see her again.

"I'm getting her out of there," I said with a determined look.

"I wouldn't except any less from you and you will be given some more information on your laptop about this mission when you take off alright" I nodded and walked up the stairs.

"Thanks Dr M" I said before getting on the plane. For the first time since the attack I was actually happy.