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Chapter Ten

'Connor can you hear me?' I asked him through telepathy.

'Of corse I can hear you, you dumb ass' he said back angrily.

'Well sorry mister I have a pole shoved up my ass' I said, amused. By now we had all spilt up and were looking for the bomb, I knew where it was so I was the one to go disarm the bomb. The others were getting the files, getting any of the innocent people out or setting the bombs up for when we blow this place up.

'Shut up MJ, you knew very well that I could hear you' he replied.

'I know but I had to make sure you could, oh shit' ducking out of the way just in time before a bullet was implanted in my skull. Pulling my gun from my waistband, I began shooting at the soldiers that were firing at me.

'That was to close for comfort'

'What happened?' he demanded.I could tell he was concerned by the tone of his voice even if it was demanding.

'Not now' I replied angrily. Shooting at the last soldier I sank back down against the wall, holding my side. One of the bullets hit me in the side. 'Surprise attack, but there all dead now' I said, hiding my pain.

'What's wrong? You sound hurt'" he asked worriedly.

'Its just a scratch, I'll be fine' though I knew it was more then just a scratch.

'If your sure. I'll see you when we get out and watch your back' he said before I cut the connection between us. Slowly getting up before I began running again to the lift at the end of the hallway. Walking into the lift I went straight for the floor numbers but put my key into the control box. Opening it I saw the button to the hundredth below ground level, pressing it the lift came alive and basically dropped to the floor. Holding my side as I flew into the air from the drop, I slammed into the ground as the lift stopped. Closing my eyes tightly as I groaned in pain. Rising to my feet I opened my eyes and looked around then I saw something just the control box that my mouth open and close several times, it was a railing. When the door opened, I dragged myself out the lift, knowing that I had broken or at least fractured a few ribs, trust me to find the railing on the floor after I've been down I thought sarcastically, angry with myself that I hadn't looked around before walking inside, it would have saved me a lot of pain. Holding my gun out before me with a shaky hand I walked closer to the control panel. There were three men down here, all with their backs facing me and in lab coats. Oh man now I'm pissed, first I get shot, then break a few ribs now lab coats, damn this place is so going up in flames! Suddenly one of the men turned around.

"Hey what are you-" Poor bugger didn't even have a chance to finish his sentence seeing that he now has a bullet five centimetres into his brain. The other two men didn't get to turn around I had already shot them. Stepping over the three dead bodies I approached the computers.

Hacking into the system was easy since they hadn't changed their passwords since I left, as I sorted through the files as more blood left my body. I knew if I didn't get help soon I'd die of blood loss. I was so caught up with the mission and my pain that I didn't even realise that someone had entered the room until they were standing right beside me.

"Hey MJ," he said. Snapping out of my concentration the turned picking up my gun at the same time, which was now held against Alex's head.

"Alex what are you doing here?" I asked suddenly scared. I didn't want to kill Alex, but if I had to well then I had no choice.

"Are you going to blow up this base?" he asked me, he didn't even to be fazed by the idea that there was a gun loaded gun with the safety off pushing into his forehead.

"Umm, well you see Alex, umm" I stuttered trying to figure out how to tell him as nicely as I could.

"I'll take that as a yes. What do you need help with?" I stood there in shock. I couldn't believe what he had just said. Shaking my head in disbelief, I put the gun next to me on the opposite of Alex and began typing again but keeping my eye on him as he watched as my hands flew across the keyboard.

"Well nothing really, I kinda got it all sort out. But why? This is you dad's place, why would you help me, especially since I'm trying to kill him?" I asked him without looking up from the computer screen.

"He's a bastard and I want him to die for what he did to Kate!" he spat angrily. My head snapped up to look at him.

"What happened to Kate?" I demanded.

"He attacked her and left her for dead. She's in a coma!" he whispered.

"I'll kill him myself!" I muttered. Again turning back to computer I began to type again, all my pain was forgotten, all I was focused on was killing that son of a bitch.

"Come on let's go," I said as I finished disarming the bomb, it had taken half an hour to completely make sure it was disarmed. I was still holding my side but now it was being hard to breathe, but I kept walking.

"Is Serenity still in this base?" I asked when we were in the lift.

"No, there at the James street hospital, Serenity's visiting her" he answered.

"Good, that's helps me a lot. Now all I have to do is plant a bullet into Mr Fowl's fat head," I muttered. This time I laid down on the floor seeing that when we will go up, I wont be able to stand and it would just hurt me more then I need at the moment. Alex quickly pressed the button before joining me on the floor. Closing my eyes all I could think about was getting back to Michelle and seeing Dr M. I don't see why they have these stupid lifts; they're a health hazard.

I opened my eyes when I head the door opening. Winching in pain I got up and walked down the hallway with Alex to Mr Fowl's office.

"You stay out here while I deal with him okay" I whispered to Alex, who looked at me and nodded. Closing my eyes as I started to feel dizzy, the blood loss was really getting to me now. I took a few steps backwards before ran at the door, slamming my good side into it. The door flew open and I ran in with my gun out. Mr Fowl was sitting at his desk and looked up when he was so rudely interrupted from his email.

"Horris, what the hell are you doing here?" he yelled at me. Lifting my arm up with great difficulty seeing that it now felt as heavy as concert and aiming it at Mr Fowl's head.

"Killing you, you son of a bitch" I yelled at him and fired. I saw his eyes widen in shock and fear but that all changed in a spilt second seeing that he slumped to the floor. Swaying a bit I almost dropped my gun, I felt so tried and dizzy that I just wanted to lie down on the floor and sleep. But I can't I have to get back to Conner.

I walked out of the room and saw Alex waiting for me. He looked at me concerned.

"Are you okay?" he asked. I nodded and began walking. He walked after me until we got to the lift. Getting inside we went to the bottom floor, which was easy seeing that it didn't have the killer drop.

As the lift opened there were guns pointed into our faces. Fifteen security guards were standing there. This isn't good.

'Connor, I need you help. Alex and me are trapped at the lifts. There are fifteen security guards pointing guns at our heads!' I told him.

'Where on it' was his reply. And true to his word Casey, Steve, Jaz and Connor ran into the lobby shooting at the guards. Everyone one but one turned around to them as they began to fire at each other. The one still with us fired his gun at my arm. Winching in pain as another the bullet entered, I pushed Alex to the ground as another bullet entered my leg. I cried out and lunged for the guy. He didn't have time to react as I pulled a knife out of my boot and shoved it into his stomach, twisting it as I went. I watched his face go from shock, to fear, to pain until he slumped down, our eyes still locked.

"That's what you get for being on the bad side" I whispered into his ear then pulled the knife back out. He fell forward, I knew he was still alive but I didn't care, he shot me the stupid asshole.

I grabbed my gun again and started shooting at the other guards then suddenly the ground shook and boy did it shake hard. No body could keep their balance so we all ended up on the floor wondering what had happened. Then I realised that it was the bombs that the others had set on the radiation destruction, I totally forgot about them. Connor, Casey, Steve and Jaz all jumped to their feet as more soldiers came thundering in.

"Oh boy this will be fun' I muttered under my breath as I jumped to my feet, pulling another gun out at the same time.

"Get out of here Alex, we can deal with them' I yelled. Alex looked at me as if he was deciding to leave or not, noticing my look I sent him he nodded and got up, I watched him for a spilt second, but unfortunately that spilt second caused my downfall. As soon as I turned my head back I found a needle sticking out of my neck. I felt fear and panic swell up in my chest. I pulled the needle out and looked at it, and realised that it was a sleeping drug. I remember back to my training that Dr M had said something about it.

'Now MJ, this is called stilnox-plus, it's a powerful sleeping drug that takes five minutes to affect, but once it dose you want wake up for a day and be careful when your handling this because it can affect you just as much as it dose the others' she had said showing me a small glass tube that had a yellowy/green substance. And also with this it makes you seem like your dead, it will stop your pulse and stop you from breathing but it doesn't hurt and they wont die' she said carefully making sure I understood, when I nodded she continued. 'The only way to recognise this is by its colour and drowsiness you feel a spilt second after it entered your system'

The memory was still clear in my head, even if I started to feel very tried.

"Oh Crap," I muttered as I felt myself fall to my knees.

"MJ" I heard someone yell. I looked up as I fell forward and saw Steve catch me. "Hang on MJ, we'll get you out of here!" he said, lying my gently on the floor.

"Leave" I whispered, I could tell that he was debating the idea but he didn't like it.

"No, I can't" he whispered back.

"Go, this stuff will…. It'll kill me, just go" I knew it wouldn't but it'll be ages until I wake up again and we just don't have the time to drag my worthless arse out of here.

"But-" he argued but I cut him off before he could.

"JUST GO" I yelled using my last bit of strength before I took refuge in the darkness.