Chapter Two

We all sat in the plane in silence for about twenty minutes. Casey and Jazz sat next to each other and so did Connor and Steve. I sat by myself in the back row of the five-row plane. My feet were propped up on the top on the seat in front and I was listening to my discman. Suddenly a dot on my laptop started flashing red. I pulled out the tray and placed my laptop on it. I had an e-mail from Dr M, must be the instructions. It said:


Your mission with the others is to enrol at the Rosehill academy and act like normal students. Michelle is at that base where you are going as I told you before but she may not remember you! I except that you will finish this mission in seven weeks.

Also to destroy the bomb you have to blow it up, but make sure you use a concealing bomb on it because if you don't it will trigger the bomb and it will explode sending radiation through the air. But it won't only affect the area you're in; it will spread across the whole world!

Good Luck

Dr M

Great, I hate missions like this; the whole world depends on us. Why can't the government deal with this, not us! Oh shit we didn't give out code names to each other. Whoops.

"Hey guys what are your code names?" I asked.

"Saturn" said Jazz. Okay that one is a little weird, oh well

"Storm" said Casey.

"Chaos" said Steve. That name doesn't suit him; I wonder why he has it.

"Night" said Connor. Hey his code name suits him seeing that he is as cold as the night.

"What's your's?" asked Casey.

"Shadow" I said simply. "Did you guys get the other part of the mission?" I asked. I hope they did cause I don't wanna have to explain it to everyone.

"Yeah, we did," they said. Phew that's good. I sat back and watched as Connor pulled out his laptop again and began typing on it. I wonder what he could be doing? Why do I care? I shook my head and decided to get a drink.

"Back soon I gotta get a drink," I said with a wave before disappearing into the very back of the plane where a small fridge was located. I grabbed a bottle of coke and opened it, when I turned around I found myself starring into a barrel of a gun. Great.

"Do you mind?" I asked, I'm getting sick of this.

"Who are you really?" demanded Connor. Trust him, oh wait, shit dose he know? Crap

"Mary-Jane Howard" I said, my voice is almost breaking, shit.

"No it's not, I just looked up that attack it says that the only survivor was Mary-Jane Alexandra Horris" he said clicking the safety off. "For all we know you could be just like your father" That's it, he's gonna be the deadest man dead only deader. I glared at him then without waring I did a sidekick to his side. He was thrown into the wall then I pulled out my gun and pointed it at his head.

'If you ever compare me to that bastard again then I will kill you!' I said into his head. He looked up at me shocked. 'That's right Yuy I'm telepathic, so I wouldn't be thinking to many bad things around me' I said into his head in a deadly voice.

"How the hell can you do that?" he demanded.

"I just told you," I said with a smirk. I know I shouldn't do this but he's gotta learn.

"But how can you?" he asked.

"Bets me, it's in my blood, my mum could do it and so could all her mother's mother" I said sitting down next to him. Why am I being so nice, what the hell is wrong with me?

"So your father is Anthony Horris," he said.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna be the one to kill him" I said with hate in my eyes. God how much I hate that bastard. "I swear that bastard is going to pay for what he did to my family and everyone in the town"

"You can't kill him, you weren't given orders," he said with no emotion in his voice.

"I never follow orders, I never have and I never will," I said and it was true. That was the one thing the Dr M couldn't stand about me, I never did as I was told. "Sorry bout the kick, I just do that," I said noticing the cut on his forehead.

"It's okay, I kinda deserved it anyway," he said with a slight smile. I gave him a little smile and got up, I held my hand out for him to take. He took it and I pulled him to his feet.

"Come on I'll fix your head up, but I don't think I can do much seeing that your head was already damaged before I kicked you" I said pulling him to the sink, still not letting go of his hand.

"Shut up" he growled and I laughed. I grabbed a hand towel from the cupboard and wet it. When I put it on the cut he winched,

"Sorry" I muttered.

Come on how much longer will we be, it's been three hours already. I was sitting back in my place and was on my computer, finding out more about Rosehill academy. What I found out about it I didn't like and besides that bitch of a Princess and the bastard of a Prince goes there. Why did M make me save them?

"Guys I dun wanna have to go to this school," I said getting everyone's attention.

"Why what's wrong with it besides being school?" asked Casey.

"Because this bitch named Princess Melissa and her brother Prince Damien go there," I said in a pissed off voice.

"What wrong with them? I head they were really nice" said Steve.

"Then you heard wrong, I had to save them about three months ago and the bitch kept on bagging me out and her bastard of a brother kept hitting on me" I said angrily.

"Poor you" said Jazz.

"Thanks for the sympathy" I said pretending to be upset.

"We're here," said the pilot. Huh, already I didn't even feel touch down.

"Seriously, I didn't know," said Casey as she grabbed her back and got off. We all copied what she did and caught a cab.

"Excuse me miss, but we would like to enrol here," said Steve, to the lady at the front desk.

"Man she needs to loose weight" I whispered to Casey and she kicked me. What she kick me for I was only telling the truth and besides the whole side ponytail thing just makes me wanna be sick. The lady at the desk had blonde hair and green eyes, and she was massive.

"Can you pay for it?" she half asked/demanded. What a bitch!

"Do you really think we'd be here if we couldn't" I retorted.

"I guess so fill out these forms," she said practically throwing them at Steve. I took one from Steve and answered the questions and handed it back at her.

"You left some places out" they lady said.

"Yeah for a reason" I said how dumb is she?

The lady glared at me, "stupid little bitch of an orphan" she muttered.

"I heard that" I said through gritted teeth. The bitch looked at me and smirked. Oh how much am I going to screw up her computer. The others handed their forms and then lady handed over some sheets and boxes. She pretty much threw my box at me. "In there are you books, school diaries, uniforms and on top are you room number" she said. Great I'm rooming with Connor.

"Hey what room are you guys?" asked Jazz, as we all walked to the lift.

"I'm room umm 759," said Casey.

"Hey same as me" said Steve.

"877" I said at the same time as Connor. Damn I dun wanna room with him.

"Yeah I dun have to room with you guys" said Jazz as we got into the lift.

"Hey" said Casey and I at the same time and Casey punched him in the shoulder.

"Oww, don't do that, you know it hurts" he said rubbing his arm. Baby.

"Shut up Jarryd" I said as he got out of the lift on the sixth floor still complaining. When we reached the next floor Casey and Steve got off.

"We'll come up and see you guys soon okay" said Steve as the doors closed.

"Kay" I said. Then Connor and I reached our floor; we walked down to our room. Connor unlocked the door and we walked in.

The room wasn't that big but it had two beds, one on each side of the room, next to them was a bedside table. Opposite too each bed was a desk with a small light on it and there was a fridge situated opposite Connor bed. But next to each bed, above the beside table was a window.

"Neat" I said, Connor looked at me as if I was mad, I laughed.

"I get this side," he said walking over to the right side of the room.

"Okay" I said walking over to the left side of the room. Then began unpacking.

"What do you have first?" I asked, this room is too quite I need my stereo.

"English" he stated.

"Haha sucked in I hate English," I said with a laugh.

"What do you have?" he asked.

"Science and I hate that too" I said falling backwards onto my bed with my hands behind my head.

"We have mythology, maths, history, Gym, Japanese and lectures together," he said. Wow did he just talk to me when he didn't have too. I'm impressed.

"Hey they have mythology at this shit hole, yay" I said getting on up on my bed and jumping on it like a lunatic.

"Get down before you fall," said Connor walking over to me. Oh look he's worried, I feel so special.

"I won't fall," I said with a laugh. As I went down my foot slipped on the covers and I fell backwards. Expecting to hit the floor and the wall I closed my eyes and waited, but it never came. I looked up to see Connor holding my as if I were a baby.

"Nice catch" I said as he put me onto my feet.

"I told you," he said with a smirk. Why hasn't he let go of my wrist?

"Shut up" I said pretending to be mad then I stuck my tongue out at him. Connor smirked at me, but he wasn't any usual one it was almost evil.

"What's with that smirk, what are you going to do?" I asked. He lifted his eyebrow at me and then he began tickling my like anything. I fell to the ground, if it one thing I can't stand is to be tickled. Connor was kneeling over me, with that smirk still on his face.

"Stop it please Connor" I said each word between every breath.

"Will you listen to me from now on?" he asked as he stopped tickling me.

"No" I said but as soon as those words left my mouth he began tickling me again.

"Will you?" he asked again. I shook my head and he still didn't stop tickling me. After at least two minutes he stopped and asked me again. This time I was ready.

"Never" I said before I tackled him. We both fell backwards and I sat on top of him. We were both laughing and I was leaning on his chest for support.

"Okay, okay you win" he said.

"Yay" I said. I was still sitting on his stomach. He's really good looking, his blue eyes, messy brown hair he just so. stop it you idiot, thoughts like that will get you killed. I was mentally slapping myself.

"MJ?" he asked tapping me on the shoulder.

"Huh . oh sorry I spaced out again. Sorry" I said getting up off him. I held out my hand, which he took and I pulled him to his feet. His face is so close to mine. Shit.

"Well we'd better go to bed, we have school in the morning" said Connor. I felt he warm breath on my cheek passing past my ear. For some reason I felt almost light headed. I closed my eyes for a second and stepped back, and then I opened them. I looked at him and I thought I saw disappointment flash through his eyes. But I think I was too tired to consider it, it was probably my lack of sleep that was finally getting to me and besides why would he be disappointed? I walked over to my closet and opened the door. I got out a sleeveless black, hooded shirt and dark blue tracksuit pants. Then I went into the bathroom.

When I walked out I saw that Connor was sitting on the edge his bed with one of his knees pulled up to his chest as he read a book. "Hey do you realise that Steve and Connor never came up!" I said just thinking about it. He looked up at me and shrugged. He was only wearing dark blue boxes. Crap he has a gorgeous body. What? Where did that come from? I need sleep! Yeah that's it. I went over to my bed and pulled my covers back. Okay I had to admit my shirt was a little short, but it only showed some of my belly button, but why is he starring at me? I pretended not to notice and got into bed. Great I have school tomorrow, and I gotta be with those ass holes. Oh boy was tomorrow going to be a long day. I switched off my light and Connor copied me.

"Night Connor" I mumbled due to the fact I was falling asleep.

"Night MJ" I heard him say before I fell into a long awaited sleep.