The best teacher I have ever has been myself. God, the beauty of learning through my own eyes! How do people live, function at all with out knowing the things I've taught myself? William Blake's "Tyger" is the essence of all poetry, and should be mandatory in all schools. Everyone should spend at least a solid hour marveling at Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights". The orgasmic feeling of Francesca La Block's writing… it leaves me shivering to think of it.

Certainly, I am not the only one whose hunger for beauty and knowledge has brought them to seek it out themselves? School is merely a tool to school oneself. Never settle of only knowing what others have taught you. There are so many wondrous things out there they don't bother to teach you in schools.

They say romance is dead, that the world is jaded. Such claims are false and hurtful. Any proper self taught scholar will tell you that there is more beauty in the world that one could ever hope to comprehend, but nobody bothers to look anymore. Miracles do not jump up and bite you; you need to look for them to recognize them.

Woeful is the ignorance of the masses! My soul splinters at such a mass decaying of enlightenment! How willfully they thunder about life blind as sheep! What indulgent shepherd will come and coddle this piteous flock of mankind? I know not, but I wish for them that he comes soon.