7 Years Ago

Abby grinned and raised her hand, of course she knew what the answer was.

"Yes, Abby?" The teacher pointed at her, "Do you know the square root of 169?"


"Good job."

Ninth grade was a piece of cake and Abby knew that if the next four years went as smoothly as this then she'd be set for life.

At that moment the classroom phone rang and Abby had no time to get acquainted with the fact her life was about to change forever, that everything she had ever believed in had been destroyed.

"Abby, the office would like to see you."

Abby laughed and stood up, twirling her dirty blond hair around a slender finger. The office was probably just getting her parking permit that she requested. She bounced down the hallway and walked into the office passing the police officer holding the door for her.

"Thank you." She walked up to the desk, passing her best friends brother, Bobby, smiling at him and then looked at the elderly woman. "Hi, I'm Abby."

The secretary nodded and pointed to the officer who had now made his way to stand behind Abby.

She turned to the man and smiled, her usual cheerfulness bubbling with an eternal joy she had had since she was little. "Hi, can I help you?"

The man knew this was the hardest part of his job and he hated the thought that this bright young child would have to hear the news he had to tell. He looked around the office at the boy and the secretary who were both pretending to be busy.

"Can I speak to you out in the hall for a moment?"

Her smile never faltered. "Sure, although I warn you the bells going to ring in a moment."

He nodded and walked with her until the office door closed behind them. He turned to face her and fumbled with the hat he held in his hands. He cleared his throat and looked at the freshmen. "At ten o'clock this morning your parents were killed in a car accident." He held his breath as he watched comprehension settled on her features.

She was still smiling except it had become stiff and rigid, "You must be mistaken," but her lips and voice was already trembling, "they are on a plane, going to visit a friend."

He glanced at his hands. "Their bodies were identified. I'm here to take you with me."

She took a step back, her body shivering, and tears falling from reddened eyes. She shook her head. "N-no."

Abby fell to her knees and covered her face with her hands, her petit figure convulsing in sobs.

She didn't feel the arm that came around her or the chest that she buried her face in, only the fact that the police officer was playing a mean trick on her and when she went home on the bus this afternoon her life would still be there.

That afternoon she was placed in the care of a social worker.
A/N: First of all, I know I shouldn't start another story considering I already have a few angry reviewers that I'm not dedicating myself to my other stories, but this one kind of hit me the right way and I have great plans for it, so I hope ya'll like it.I know, it's not very happy beginning, but it came to me in my friends nightmare and I took it as an opportunity to make it a story. Please don't worry about the sadness because ya'll now me...I'll make it all ALLLLLLL better, just be ready for a ride because I'm ready to give one hell of a story if ya'll are up for it! So, please let me know what ya think!