My head so empty
I don't think about what I see
I just want this week to end
But I know time won't bend

Inspiration help me
So people will know what I can be
Help me sing a new song
I've been singing this one for too long

Time drags on and on
While friends sing me songs
I don't want to go on anymore
My hearts just one big sore

I've studied this before
Though, it's nothing about lore
I've been taught all of this
But it's not what I wish

Tell me I'm sane
To want a great dane
I know you won't let me
But you'll just have to see

I've taken all I've done
Under this great big sun
What does it add to?
What does it do?

The world is crashing down
Without making a sound
No one knows but me
Because it's only the world I see

I thought you used to care.
To hurt me you'd never dare
But you've left me to deal with your mess
You say it's not cuz you care less
But I know it's not true

this was just a whole bunch of poems I've started but never finished and now I've lost my train of thought so I cant finish them...thought I'd just post them to see what people think...