I stare in wonder at your reflection
As I ignore the pointless conversation
Your back is turned to me
And that's all I see
But I don't care
At least you wont be scared
Because I'm staring at you
Unable to tear my eyes from you
You move out of my sight
But still I stare out into the night
Thinking of the memory of your reflection on the window
But then I think, 'this is so low'
I stand and walk away from the conversation around me
I turn a corner to see what I can see
You back is turned but I walk up to the table to get some tea
You end a conversation and turn to look at me
You smile politely, I nearly faint
But I realize your no saint
You look down at my rabbit slippers and laugh
I blush furiously, afraid to laugh
What if your laughing at me?
Who would I be?
Especially to you?
Could you ever be true?
You look back up and throw me a genuine smile
You tell me you love them and that starts our conversation