I've been working on this new draft for my new side project website. I'm posting it here, too, so as to not forget my roots.

It all started at music camp, where a new friend of mine and I came up with an idea. He came up with the idea of a male librarian super hero by the name of Slut Man, and I started giving him origins and stuff. There was also a side kick named Ho Girl I've purposely left out. Anyway, after I got back home, I lost contact with Matt. I really hope that if he ever finds this, he doesn't mind what I've done with it.

I was doing impressions of the hero. Then, I began running with the idea and sharing it with friends in story form.

One of my best friends, Ryan, came up with the idea of the villain, and again I fleshed out the character. He seemed kind of offended when I decided to use it. He also came up with the title.

So, this section is basically because I feel bad for using other people's ideas without asking. This has kept me from pursuing any goals of publication. But, at the same time, I think the story is too enjoyable not to share.