~*Things You Should Know When Raising A Teen (A Father's Day Poem)*~

Sometimes you wish someone had said
"Minding a teen may drive you out of your head"
Maybe then you wouldn't quite
Feel so exasperated, as you very well might.

Sometimes you wish someone had told,
"Minding a teen will make you grow old,"
They'll scream and they'll shout to get their own way
And will never quite let you have your say.

You wish, sometimes, she'd remain as a child
Adoring, respectful, with a temper so mild
It often hurts to see her astray
Knowing one day she'll go her own way.

For her, you'd often go out of your way
To be rewarded with a headache and hair oh-so-grey
You think "Why bother? Does she even care?
"That I'm doing way more than is my fair share?"

Well, Dad, I know I don't often say
How much I love you, which I should every day
So I'll end this 'lil ditty with a simple 'thank you'
And I thank God for blessing me with a dad just like YOU!