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The Amber hair of the tall, feminine, and soft spoken angelic moved in the slight breeze, "Dark, What happened to your apprentice?" Her soft chime like voice rang out, her eyes match the color of her hair, the latter of which she removed from her pale face.

"I know not what happened to her, Avrillian." A young grey haired woman with stunning black eyes replied, worry keen on her judgmental face.

"You know my true name is not to be spoken of in the mortal lands, Angelic of the dark." The Six winged, amber haired angelic replied as she walked next to the shadow covered angelic.

"Yes Peace, but I am distracted as of late, not only has my apprentice gone, so have the others of my order." The black winged judge said clenching her black cloak next to her deep blue robes.

The Angelic of peace halted, "What? Have even Chaos and Death fallen victim to the robbing of their apprentice?"

Dark nodded sadly, "Yes, ever sense we lost track of that little flame spirit, when she was lost a dark malevolent soul came into existence and the apprentices of the four ruling powers in the dark lands started to disappear."

"Oh no, that means we have a fallen, she had been appointed as an angelic days before her disappearance, if she is indeed a fallen and not just lost, the four orders will be disrupted."

"They already have been." The sweet but melancholy voice of a red haired Elven called out, her green eyes where filled with urgency as was her stride, her unusual white wings where flat to her back, preventing movement in that part of her Green mages clothing.

"Shall fin ay, Namanis." Dark said looking to the green clad immortal.

"The order of the mortal realms has been set into chaos, the immortals are disappearing, only I and The Black Angel remain." She said, her eyes held worry where the urgency had once been. "And as I see, the order of the dark Angelics has begun to fall as the Mortal and Immortal."

"Indeed it has, Red Angel." dark said to the elf, her eyes sad.

The fallen stood there at the mirror, she had changed, she was no longer a child, in three short weeks she had fully matured. Her dark copper locks fell softly to the ground, her burgundy eyes held hatred for the world and all that was in it. "I'll bring chaos to the land." her once young voice was now silky, And seductive. She was a tall woman, at least six feet, she had a small, spiral horn on her head, it was maybe an inch tall, she had wings still, but one was as a bats, the one that corresponded with her right hand, her left was as an angels. "All because you had to call out to me, all because, you allowed this to happen."

She felt the stabbing pain of the man forcing his clawed hand into her chest, her scream of pain rang through the air. She felt herself changing, changing to evil. A horn sprouted from her forehead, her left wing had changed into that of a bat. then came the voice that stopped it all, "Cease this, now!" A Girl, a girl stood beside the man, her eyes where cold and black, her red hair was long in the front, so long it reached her waist, whilst comparing it to the back of her hair, which was short, starting half way on both side of her head it was Extremely short and even. "Ah black angel." The man said before the obviously half Elven cut his hand from the copper haired fallen's chest.

As she started to turn around the angelic of peace's face shown on the mirror, Allinai sighed, "To cause chaos, it would kill you wouldn't Avrillian? Wouldn't it?" she sighed again, "I will not cause chaos for you, you accepted me, whilst the black angel cut the treads that bound me to your realm, I will cause chaos for her, I will kill her, but, I will keep you from it." She said now back to the mirror, her black silk dress moved softly on the pinnacle, even when she stepped over the bodies of the dead apprentices. "I will kill her for stopping me, being a demon or an angel, is better than being shunned by both, Die Black angel, and die slowly."


What do you think? Note that immortals are always elves or half elves, or Angelics but they have their own order, two actually.