Love Bytes


Copyright 2003 Athalia


The love poems you sent me

In our secret code

Now rot in the trash bin

Of my Yahoo account.

You broke my heart,

I broke your retainer

With a swift kick to the jaw

To try to make your pain equal to mine.

I ripped open the plastic casing

Of those numerous cheap floppy disks

Where I stored the terabytes of your love

And cut up the inside with scissors.

And I scratched up that burned CD

With our favorite love song on it.

I used it as a Frisbee

And then stomped it to bits.

And I deleted all our saved Instant Message conversations

That I thought I'd treasure forever.

They were just taking up space.

I cleared up some space on my C drive

As I tried to forget what we had

Bit by bit and byte by byte

I purged myself of you.

And now I shall seek consalation

From the girls in my "Just For Teens" chat room.

I'll post a thread about the pain

The pain of nerds in love.


A/N: This poem is what happens when I start thinking to hard in Computer Literature class. Happy belated Valentine's Day!