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{{{ Chapter One }}}

I know. I know it's wrong. But it feels so right.

He's perfect. No guy is perfect, but he is, he's more than perfect. Sighing to myself, I realise I sound like a lovesick fool.

He's gorgeous, he's romantic, sweet. He has a great body. And he is single. He's probably an amazing kisser too.

What more could you want?

The only negative, his only downfall. he's a vampire.

On the other hand, that could be an upper. It makes him stronger, more athletic, powerful than any of the other guys. He could beat any of them, while he was still sleeping.


I know. I know I'm insane. I got the number of a psychiatrist the other day. I haven't rung her yet, but I have her business card.

Looking over at him as he slept on. in my bed, I had a strange feeling that I would like to see him like that every morning. He seemed so peaceful, content and yet fragile and delicate, in a masculine way of course. Oh, and did I mention incredibly sexy. The black pants and no shirt helped in that department. Though I wasn't sure exactly what had happened to his blue shirt and his black trench coat. Looking back at him, I thought 'Yeah, I could get used to waking up to that sight on a regular basis'.

Though I don't want the same events to lead up to me waking up beside him.

Closing my eyes, I think back on last night.

~~~ Start of Memory ~~~

I had been walking home from work, when I felt it. I was tired, my eyes were half closed, and my senses weren't working properly. I vaguely felt another's presence. I didn't even think twice, I kind of just assumed maybe it was Haplo. I told Haplo where I work some weeks ago, since then he would sometimes walk me home. Or, my tired mind thought that maybe it was someone who wouldn't bother me.

I was wrong on both accounts. so very wrong. Deadly wrong in fact.

Suddenly the figure was in front of me and I was slammed bodily into the wall. Gasping for breath, my eyes opened wide as I saw my assailant. A vampire. One who was ready to kill me. I tried to struggle, but I was too tired. A couple of punches in my stomach and a few hits to my head and I was lying limply in his arms, pressed against the wall as he slowly lowered his head to my neck.

With a sudden clarity, I knew he was going to drink me. He would drain my blood until I was at death's door. For some reason I wondered if he would turn me or just leave me to die. Maybe he would turn me, and then maybe I could be with Haplo all the time. Thinking of him brought me strength. 'Help me please.' I pleaded, knowing that he probably wouldn't hear me. But the thought of him had given me strength. I brought my knee up sharply, into the groin of the vampire just as he was about to bite me. He let go as he stepped back in pain. Without his support though, I sank to the ground.

I didn't hit him hard, and I knew he would be back in a second, and angrier than before. I struggled to rise before giving up and crawling away instead. I got barely two feet away before he reached down. Pulling me up by my hair, he slammed me into the wall again. "Bitch." I heard him mutter as I vaguely heard a scream and realised it was mine. Feeling my world begin to dim from having my head thrown repeatedly into a wall, I noticed I also had blood running down my cheek as my eyelids slid shut.

I again felt the vampire's cold breath on my throat as I forced my eyes open again. I wasn't weak, and I wasn't going to die that way. As I opened my eyes, I caught a flicker from the corner of my vision. Black and Blue. Unexpectedly, the vampire was pulled from me. As I again fell to the ground, I looked up to see my savior.


The two vampires were fighting hard, but it was obvious that Haplo would win. He was a little bigger than the other vamp, but more than that, he was furious and his eyes shone with murder.

"I told you. I warned you all." Yelled Haplo at the other vampire. He was extremely angry. "No one is allowed to touch her. No one go near her. No one but me."

My head was beginning to clear as the adrenaline continued to rush through my blood. 'He warned them?' I thought to myself. He seems angry that that other vamp would hurt me. 'Hey, how come he's allowed to tell them what to do?'

"Your highness." Growled the other vamp. "We're worried about you and your infatuation with this. this human."

All the while, the two continued to fight. 'Your highness?' I thought to myself in amazement.

'Yes?' I heard him say. Haplo. he spoke, in my mind.

'Nothing.' I muttered back in my mind as I felt my consciousness slip again.

I don't know exactly what happened next. I know that he killed my attacker. My eyes briefly flittered open and I saw his ashes falling to the ground. My eyes were just beginning to close again as I heard him.

"Cacia!" He called out loud as he ran over to me. Kneeling beside me, he lifted me gently into his arms.

Forcing my tired eyes open again, I smiled slightly as I was staring into stormy blue eyes. "I'm okay."

I muttered slightly. I saw him smile a little in response.

"Ah ha. Sure you are." He agreed sarcastically. "That's why half your face is covered with your own blood."

"It is?" I questioned sluggishly.

"Yup." Came his sure reply. Pulling my body closely to his, he carefully stood up. Holding me tightly in his arms, he began walking the way I had previously been headed.

'Thankyou.' I thought as I felt myself drifting.

"Of course." He answered my thought casually. "You did after all ask for my help. Though I would have come anyway. I knew you were in trouble. I was on my way. I'm not going to let anyone hurt ." He growled lightly, under his breath.

I could feel him tensing as he got lost in his own thoughts. "Thankyou." I said again, out loud this time as I looked up at him.

Smiling, he relaxed a little. Looking down, our eyes locked for a moment. "It's my pleasure." He murmured. "Now." He began again, "I want you to do your best for me, and try to stay awake. I know you're tired, and you're starting to drift again. But you need to stay awake, I need to tend to your injuries, and we need to make sure you don't have concussion."

"Yeah." I muttered as I fought to stay awake.

~~~ End of Memory ~~~

Trying to think back now, I don't really remember what happened after that. I know we made it home. And he tended my injuries, mainly the cut on my brow. The rest would just be bruises and grazes. Thanks to him.

He just saved me, saved my life. I wouldn't be alive today, I wouldn't be able wake up to the world if it wasn't for him. I owe him everything I have. And last night, he. he was so, so protective. Sighing, I thought to myself, 'he's so confusing. and now I'm falling for him.'

I know we talked some more last night, after we got home, so I wouldn't fall asleep, until he was sure I'd be okay. And he told me who he was. Really I mean. That he was a prince. Not crown prince, he would never rule the vampire kingdom. But, by the goddess, he was a vampire prince. A prince of darkness.

"I'm not you know." he murmured.

"Not what?" I asked as I looked over at him. Wow. He really was. amazing. His black pants, bare chest and ruffled silky black hair all contrast to my plain white sheets. He looked well. sexy when he was waking up. what am I talking about. he looks sexy all the time.

Opening his eyes, he rolled onto his elbow facing me. A simple few inches away now, he whispered huskily, "I'm glad you think I'm sexy. Coz I think you are too." Chuckling at my expression, he pulled back, laying down on his back again. "But to answer your question." He began again, "I'm not the prince of darkness. Not of darkness. They only call me prince because they have to. I'm of their blood, I'm my mother's son. She loves me and won't let me go. That's all. I. I don't know." Confused, he turned his head, looking at me. "I've been. maybe cursed, maybe blessed. I have a soul, and a beating heart. I'm not one of them. not really."

"I noticed." I said softly, smiling at him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~