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The Dragon's Lair


~* A Dragon's heart, if eaten, can cause immortality to the sword.~* ~KRAGEN QUOTE~


A cry filled the air.

Lafi jerked her head up.

The Dragons were calling her.

She quickly packed up a canteen filled with water and some bread, and hurriedly ran from her foster mother's house.

Climbing up the steep mountain side, she entered a hole, and nimbly climbed in.

Another cry pierced through her head.

=I'm coming I'm coming!=

She gritted her teeth, afraid of what she would see, although she already knew.

Jyma lay there. Her heart was torn out. An arrow pierced right in her stomach.

=Damn those men=

She cursed inside, soothing the mother dragon, while lovingly picking up the dead dracling into her arms. She put the heart into a bag and buried the dracling in the best soil she could find, and gave some meat to the mother dragon.

She stayed with the mother for three years, helping her, calming her, then returned.

Only to find a loss of her own.