Sadistic Smile
"I'm going to kill you, now!" he said with wile,
He smiles that bright, beaming, never seeming
Sadistic smile
Giddy, the onlookers watch, as he turns at their clapping
Boots clack clacking on the tile
With his non harming, charming, brilliant, shining
Sadistic Smile
He waves and they cheer and the boy, at his feet, cowering
(Ah, if he were not the third in the file!),
Simmering, simpering, trying to find a way of isolating,
And he can taste the bile,
Brought by the white, bleaming, teeth 'a' gleaming
Sadistic Smile
Turning, twisting, arms open in narcissistic need,
Teeming, screaming, clapping, laughing
Filling his sadistic need, waiting for the boy to bleed
Smiling still his brightening, heightening, daylight bringing
Sadistic Smile
Just a little knife
Shimmering, glimmering
(Oh, to take his life!)
The boy takes flight, skittering, skattering
in the light
His screaming, drawing the crowds keening,
break the night
The sadist walking, hawking, stalking
inducing the bile
Showing to all his bright, dreaming, scheming
Sadistic Smile
Biting, fighting for his life
Panting, wheezing, tears 'a' streaming
And the sadist licks the knife
And the crowd just laughs, chattering, bantering
Amongst themselves
As the boy, eyes pleading with them, from below
Asking, begging, needing them to save himself
(And the sadist in the background laughs a cackling bellow)
Smiling his bright, beaming, sunlight streaming
Sadistic Smile
Down flash the knife a gleaming
cracking the tile, blood replacing the bile
And the crowd goes wild, the sadist spinning
on the tile
Smiling still his jagged, broken, terror bleeding
Sadistic Smile