The Play Pre-script

Students were gathered in the drama building of Kaze-kuto High School of Tokyo, Japan. This year's production was supposed to be something new. Just written, not well known, American. They were changing the play routine from the last year, as well. This play's production would last all year. People were wondering what kind of play it was, for that much devotion to be put into it. There were to be three practices a week, for three and a half hours. Also, the parts of the play were classified into levels. Depending on how many years a student had been in drama programs (they knew from the student's record), the students were placed into categories. Levels 1-5, 5 being the highest. Level one could fit twenty people, two could fit twenty, three could fit fifteen, four could fit ten, and five could fit five. The five main and most important roles were the level five ones. Then level four, and so on. Level one was just the extra people. Two had extra people, but they all had lines. Three had moderately important people. Four and five were the levels you wanted to be in, though.

Really, it wasn't necessarily three practices a week. That was by level as well, but the kids didn't know that yet. Level one had one practice every week, for one hour. They just needed to get the steps right. They also did props, sets, etc. Level two had one practice a week, for two and a half hours. They did lines and sets. Level three had two practices for two hours, as they needed to do roles and how to portray the characters correctly. Level four had three practices for three hours, they had major roles. Level five, however, had four practices a week (every day but Friday) for four hours. Their characters and actions had to be perfect. Though the play was originally in English, no one in America wanted to put it on, for. certain reasons. So, as the drama producer knew the person who wrote it, it was translated into Japanese over Spring Break and the writer was coming to supervise. Going to the play would show dedication as well, as they assumed it would be about five hours. With two intermissions.

It was a serious and humorous play. Romantic and trashy. Everything in one. Everything.

The students were sitting around the main stage, waiting for the names of the kids who had made it to come out. They had auditioned the day before. The lists would start with level one and work their way up. Finally, the moment arrived. The eight people doing casting walked out with their lists. Of the hundred and fifty people who had auditioned (roughly), only seventy would make it. Everyone was crossing their fingers. The caster announcing walked up to the microphone.

"Attention! There will be twenty of you in level one!" He then proceeded to name them. Then level two, then level three, four, five. "Level five actors and actress!" The crowd was shocked that there was only one girl in level five. "These five students can be traced back to lead roles all throughout Primary and Junior High School! They characters they will be portraying are: Andrew Williams, Michael Sanders, Joshua Larson, Aaron Miller, and Keila Orca. Now, for the five lucky students." The students in the auditorium knew who three of them would be. The three who always got lead roles. All of the other award-winning actors and actresses already had parts! There had to be two new students.

"Now, the role of Keila Orca is the only girl at this school to have been in every play ever done throughout her school career, she scored the lead role in the drama team's production last year: Kyoko Sugimura." The students cheered as the girl called Kyoko went up to get her script. She had waist-length black hair with bright red streaks and was of medium build. Her figure petite and extremely feminine. She had wide brown eyes and was wearing a crystal pendent with her school uniform.

"The role of Aaron Miller is a new student to this school, but, we've traced him and he's good, appearing on a broadcast to all of Kyoto! He is: Hioto Ryushima." More cheering as a boy with thick black hair in the style of a bull-cut walked up to get his script. He had narrow eyes and a physical build. Very strong. He looked very alert and ready.

"The role of Joshua Larson goes to a student we all should know quite well by now! He's out very own student leader, winner of the lead male role in most of our previous plays: Kyushi Makamuka!" Kyushi walked up to get his script amid the even louder cheers. He had short, well-groomed black hair and friendly brown eyes. He had an attractive build and he resembled a lot of J-Pop stars at the time.

"Another leading role this year goes to a boy we all love! He's shown us great ability to act and do things dramatically. We feel that only he could present this character correctly: Iiyaku Matsumo as Michael Sanders!" There were several wolf-whistles as Iiyaku went up to receive his reward. He had spiked short black hair and the deepest and darkest eyes you could have before they were black. They were alert and cheerful and romantic all at the same time. He had a small build, but was known to hold himself in a fight. Along with being such a great actor, he was the school punk. Known to beat up people who pissed him off. But, a great actor anyway.

"And the last lead role goes to a newcomer. Those of you keeping close track to the drama world should recognize his name, but probably won't recognize his face, as the other productions he's been in he's been professionally styled and had on make-up. He is Andrew Williams: Setsuna Soraiku." A hush fell over the students. They had heard of this boy. He had shaggy black hair, ranging from his ears to slightly above his shoulders, but below his chin. He had an odd feature for a Japanese. he had blue eyes. And those caught his fans. He had a slim build, and a sad (if not slightly aloof) face and expression. His works were very well known, but also known was the fact that he didn't like personal contact of any sort. He refused interviews and had gone to a private school. A very private school. Yet, here he was, walking slowly and normally up to get his script, and bowing when he received it. The perfect gentleman. But, the students knew who he was. The middle child in a family of nine children, all famous for something. He was beautiful, but aloof. Mysterious, yet average. No, anything but average. He was the most talented actor in the drama world right then, and he was only seventeen.

These five teenagers - Kyushi, Kyoko, Hioto, Setsuna, and Iiyaku - are the focus of this story. As well as the plot of the play. Follow along. Twists and turns are everywhere. Though these kids are relatively normal, they each hide a secret. Keep reading in Act One.