If i could paint a verbal picture
of your glorious face
i would have to begin with your mouth.
your mouth is a cherry
your lips are soft like a blushing nude.
your smile causes me to stop and stare.
your eyes are two blue pools
deeper than the adriatic sea
and surrounded by a forest of lashes
lush and black.
your nose is that
of a grecian goddess,
delicate, small, beautiful.
your skin... oh your skin radiates
a divine light shines from you,
God has kissed your soul,
and made you a pure and perfect being.
your hair is a golden halo
once again showing
your divine heritage.
this love i feel for you
cannot e described
through any human ability
no words, no painting, no picture
can begin to describe how i feel.
when i am with you i am alive
and when you are not there
i feel as though a piece
of me has been ripped out.
but a thought fills me with sadness
you will never feel for me
as i feel so passionatly for you.
but let me tell you this
i do love you
i love you like the sun
and the moon and the stars
i have know you only for a year,
less even,
but i still have fallen in love with you.
do you know?
can you tell?
i pray that you do not.
the utter shame i would feel
at you, or anyone, being aware
would drive me to death
i long for you to know, however
this doublethink of the heart
mind and soul.
when will it end?
when i sleep at your house
next to you
in your bed
never have i been so close
to another being
but we are only friends
as i heard your breathing,
a soft noise, so comforting,
i felt calm and relaxed
and i cried to myself,
for that noise was merely
your breath.
not your love for me.
oh lord!
they say rthat love like this is evil!
is it?
tell me!
is this merely a phase?
am i just latching on to her
because i wish to be like her?
or do i just love her as a friend?
what is this?
I do love her.
I know i do.
I am so confused.